We cherish surprises.

They say that Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars. Yet, like everyone else, we are happy to receive gifts and we cherish surprises.

When giving gifts, it should be both romantic as well as useful. When it comes to celebrating anniversaries, you cannot go without making your loved feel special with a heartfelt gift or a surprise celebration idea. There are unique and creative anniversary surprises that we all cherish for all our lives, irrespective of our gender.

An anniversary is something which every couple bears in mind and strives to fill it up with celebrations and happiness. Gifts are always an integral part of any special celebration, be it a birthday or an anniversary. These special days bring in added pleasure if a surprise celebration idea is thrown in, especially for your loved one on your anniversary.

Here is a list of our Experience Philippines best 5surprise ideas to make your man or your woman feel special on your anniversary:


1. Give him a ‘just because’ gift.

Give a “Just because” gift.
Sometimes we don’t need a reason to give someone we love a special gift. An occasional “just because” gift can help remind your partner that you love and cherish them and that you think of them in a special way.


2. Take your hubby or wifey (or special someone) on a passport adventure.

Go on a passport adventure.
A good way to surprise your loved one is to go on a passport adventure where you randomly book a ticket somewhere outside of a country and go on random adventure. Just make sure when you book your airfare the country you are visiting does not require visas.


3. Try an activity that you have been wanting to try.

Try something crazy like tandem paragliding.
Enough with the usual (and easy) dinner date. Movie date. Sunset date. Spa date. Go and try something wild that you always wanted to do with your partner. Go together. Try a cooking class together. Explore you and your partners’ kinky side. Trying out the same experience together will definitely help get to know your partner more. Shared experiences will always be memorable.


4. Spend the day together.

Nothing beats spending a day together.
Arrange your schedule so you both are not working that day. Don’t answer the phone, and stay off all mobile devices – your emails can wait. Spend time talking and falling in love all over again.


5. Book A Surprise a surprise weekend getaway.

Book A Suprise: Where Your Adventure Starts Inside A Box
Try the Experience Philippines Book A Surprise adventure. You just register on the website, indicate your budget, set the date, set the delivery address and the Experience Philippines team will take care of the rest.

You will break free from conventional do-it-your-own travel planning. Experience Philippines takes all the hard work of planning, reserving, booking etc. THE ONLY CATCH IS… EVERYTHING IS A SURPRISE. It is all part of the company’s vision that it is the experiences that matter the most. Coz we are that crazy startup that puts together unique experience where you can appreciate all things Filipino – from food, culture, traditions, activities, and people.


What is Book A Surprise?

BOOK A SURPRISE takes the same travel concept of our Random Road Trips (where the destination is a secret and the activities a surprise) BUT this time:

1. You can travel on your own (or with someone)
2. You can choose the date of your travel.
3. You RECEIVE a MYSTERY BOX that contains your long-awaited destination, your personalized itinerary, and some fantastic gifts from us and our partners. (Check out our Instagram Stories for some live action – https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17867933842203083/
We wish to rekindle the joy of traveling by keeping the destination unknown until you are at the airport, bus or boat terminal, or meet up point by removing all preconceived (mis)conceptions of travel. You get to dive right into the spontaneity by embracing the journey, the experiences more than the destination.

By allowing travelers to step out of their comfort zone of conventional trip planning or traditional set tours, we opened up a new dimension to travel. Travelers now learn…

1. To let go of control.
2. To have a better understanding what they can and can not do.
3. To make new friends from once strangers.
4. To appreciate the unexplored and non-touristy.
5. To enjoy unique transports like tricycles, habal-habal, jeepneys, lampitaws, RORO, etc.


If you know anyone who would love this or is thinking of doing something different by traveling differently, please share this page with them and let them discover that there is magic outside our comfort zones. 🙂