No matter if you’ve been together for one week or six months, your first road trip together is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of each other. The confined space and shared goal of reaching the destination offer you chances to sort out disagreements, gracefully accommodate your companion, and work as a team.

If you both still like each other at the end, pat yourselves on the back and squeeze each other’s road-weary hands extra tight; you may have found the love of your life.


A COUPLES ROAD TRIP is an adventure road trip with you and your loving partner. Spend a “sweet weekend together”. Deepen your relationship with your partner through fun and funny road trip based activities. Get to know your partner more while having a fun weekend together.

What to expect in a Couples Road Trip?
Without revealing too much, expect the following:

- Romantic Dinner date
- Hilarious activities to test your partners’ ability to get crazy.
- No mobiles phones on the road trip. You are only allowed to use it at certain times or occasions of the day.
- Unforgettable sunsets.
- Wild rides.
- And a lot of cheesy, adventurous, funny stuff more. ^_^

Is it open to all kinds of Couples?
Yes, the Couples Road Trip is open to all forms of relationships. Same-sex couples are more than welcome to participate. We believe Love is still love no matter what gender or preference.

When is the Couples Road Trip?
Please check out the Registration Form below.

How much does the Couples Road Trip cost?
It really varies depending on how epic our activities and location will be! 🙂

What is included?
It’s all-inclusive, meaning once you hop on our van/bus/jeep/plane whatever with us, we got all bases covered from lodging, transport, food, environmental fees, equipment, the works! The only time you’re gonna be needing your wallet is for the occasional snack (snacks are included, but in case you have a big appetite) or souvenirs.

What do I need to bring?
As each trip is different, we will be sending all registered paid participants what they need to bring. But we do require you bring LOTS OF JOKES and a SENSE OF HUMOR! 🙂

When and where is the meetup point?
Venue and time of meet up will also be sent upon successful paid reservation.

Where are we going?
A: Like our signature Random Road Trips, we don’t tell you where we’re going. We want people to focus on the people they’ll be meeting and the experiences they’ll be having instead of focusing on the destination.

I am interested, how do we sign up?
Awesome, just fill out the form below and we will give you firsthand information when the next Couples Road Trip schedule will be.