Sa mga panahon na ito, dahil wala akong ibang mapuntahan, sa kusina tuloy ako palaging napapadpad. If you can relate, don’t worry you are not alone. Let’s not worry about eating way more than the usual these days; we’re going to need it for a non-stop adventure after the quarantine is finally over.


Now, let’s talk about breakfast.

I usually grab the fastest and easiest food to prepare in the morning before going to work. But, whenever I have extra time or during weekends and holidays, I really make breakfast a feast. And amongst all the good breakfast food all over the world, my top 1 is still the amazing Filipino breakfast dishes. No offence to the other cuisines, but, Filipino food is just so good that I don’t mind eating them even for lunch, merienda and dinner! Okay, enough of this and brace yourselves for some mouth-watering all time Filipino breakfast faves I’m going to feature today. 


#1 Suman

One of the best things to eat for breakfast is suman. This glutinous rice dish is usually dipped in sugar. But there are so many other ways to make your suman experience awesome. You can try dipping it in tsokolate tablea. It might be a little bitter, but trust me, it’s definitely going to be better! Eating it with ripe mango is also another way to spice up your suman. If you haven’t tried these awesome pairings, you’ve got to give it a shot. It’s definitely worth it.


#2 Champorado

This warm, sweet and chocolatey dish is just so perfect with a lot of powdered milk in it. Most would probably use fresh milk, evaporated milk or condensed milk but using powdered milk is so much better. What also goes best with this is dried fish like tuyo, dilis, danggit, etc. It might sound weird but you’ll never go wrong with eating something sweet and salty at the same time. 


#3 Lugaw/Arroz Caldo

One of the common breakfast food we can find anywhere in the country but one that you’ll never ever get tired of. In addition to that, it is also one of the go-to food of people who feel under the weather. Lugaw normally comes with a hard boiled egg. Although, it also tastes amazing when you eat it with Tokwa’t Baboy.


#4 Sinangag

The best rice to use to make sinangag is bahaw or left over rice. Imagine fresh off the stove sinangag with many garlic bits waiting for you at the breakfast table. Amoy pa lang nakakagutom na at pag naumpisahan mo na, sigurdong makakarami ka! 


#5 Scrambled Eggs

Although there are a lot of omelette and scrambled egg recipes out there, I still prefer the traditional scrambled eggs with tomatoes. I remember eating that from when I was a kid, so I’ve always associated this dish with childhood. Simple but delicious! Oh, the next time you make this you should try putting lots of onions on it too! 


#6 Sunny Side Up

I’m not sure how you like your eggs but, sunny side up eggs are our all time favourite at home. We like it when the yolk is over easy and the white with a crunchy rim. Then, we put it on top of the sinangag and mix it all together. You might find it weird or say that we should’ve just made scrambled eggs, but no way, the taste is totally different. Try it and see for yourself! 🙂


#6 Danggit/Tuyo/Dilis Atbp.

If you’re sleeping in on weekends, the moment you smell someone cooking dried fish, I bet you’re going to end up waking up already. It’s smelly, actually, way too smelly. But, whatever! Bahala nang mabaho, masarap naman!  Make sure you have vinegar right beside you when you eat this; it becomes even tastier that way. 


#7 Beef Tapa

I think a lot of people would agree that this is their go-to breakfast choice. It’s pretty popular and you can easily get it from a lot of places. Karinderia, fast food chain and even restaurants have this on their menu. 

Some like it sweet. Some might want it a little bit salty and savoury. But however you like yours, you should try dipping it in vinegar or eating it with atchara! It’s amazing how those two make the tapa taste even better.


#8 Tocino

Another go-to breakfast option is tocino. It’s sweet, tasty, soft and juicy. It blends so well with a fried egg and sinangag. Pork tocino is the most common but you should also try chicken tocino if you can find one.


#9 Hotdog

Hotdogs from other countries might be better, but I think, nothing beats Filipino-made ones. Hotdogs remind me of my packed lunch when I was in grade school. Tasty and juicy, but more than anything though, it’s actually something worth craving for every once in a while. It’s good with pandesal but better with rice and ketchup on the side!


#10 Daing na Bangus

Not everybody is a big fan of fish. But, if you are, I’m pretty sure you go gaga over daing na bangus! The “nuot-sarap” taste of vinegar and garlic make it an interesting. It’s even better when it’s crunchy because you’ll be able to eat the skin too. 


#11 Longganisa

There are so many different kinds of longganisa. Whatever kind you choose though, it’s just so good to the point that you will want to ask for an extra rice. I’ll share with you the “longganisa ritual” of my family.

We like the longganisa crunchy on the outside but still soft on the inside. Once it is cooked, we transfer it somewhere else. Then we put hot rice on the pan where we cooked it and make sure it becomes coated with the leftover oil on the pan. The last step is putting a teaspoon or two of patis on that rice. Mix that all together and start digging in. Eating from the pan itself make the experience better, by the way. I know it sounds kinda unhealthy and all, but you’ve got to try it! Just take it easy on the oil and the patis and most importantly, don’t do this everyday. Okay? 


#12 Biko/Bibingkang Malagkit

Some people might know biko or some call it bibingka with latik as a dessert. But, spending a lot of time in the province made me accustomed to eating it for breakfast. The glutinous sticky rice it’s made of will make you feel full after eating two to three slices. Therefore, you can call it really heavy breakfast.

This is best paired with freshly brewed coffee, no cream and no sugar. Just black. Try it soon! 🙂


#13 Puto

It’s soft, fluffy and mushy and best eaten when it’s warm. Some like it plain while some prefer having it with cheese and/or salted egg on top. You can buy freshly made ones if there’s a “palengke” near your place. But it’s also something you can easily make at home as long as you have a steamer. If both options are not favourable for you, I’m sure you can find another store that sells puto near you.


#14 Taho

I have to say that this is one of the best experiences you can ever have in the morning. Hearing the voice of the mag-tataho, seeing the way they put it on a cup and finally slurping that warm, sweet goodness is just wonderful. If you like hot taho, you might also want to try chilled ones you find in malls. They’re also good! 


#15 Pandesal

Save the best for last! One of the best bread ever made is Pandesal. You can eat it as it is; you can fill it with coco jam or whatever you like; you can dip it in hot chocolate or coffee too. However way you like eating your pandesal, it just never gets old. 

There are so many good food all over the world. There are so many options out there nowadays pero iba parin ang lasa ng pagkaing Pinoy. Talagang babalik-balikan mo kahit na ano pang trip mo!