UPDATED May 26, 2017 – Version 1.0 – After the successful launch of the games app in Facebook Messenger, one of the most played games now is called EverWing, a social gaming app that has gain millions of subscribers over a few months time perhaps beating Pokemon Go. Its primary function aside from having lots of gaming fun is engaging with your friends in Facebook, completing quests and raid.

And since many of our Experience Philippines road trippers are players of this game we decided to come out with our Tips, Trick and Hacks for Everwing.


Here is our EverWing Tips and Tricks 101:
Wifi Connection

EverWing only plays when you have a wifi connection. However, you can override that with a simple hack.
For Android and iPhone users, you can download this app at the APP store – Turbo VPN.
For Google play link here (Turbo VPN Google Play)
For iOS App Store link here (Turbo VPN App Store)



Who are the characters to use?

For main grinding, use Aurora. Among all the fairies, she has built in magnet that can attract coins. She is only available when you are level 19 and she costs 150,000 coins to purchase. However, she is well worth it as you can instantly get rich with her magnetic personality. LOL

Aurora Everwing

For coin hoarding, bring Sofia to the quests as she earns 2x the experience in completing quests. It affects both her and sidekicks. sa starters, once maunlock nyo n si fiona, wag nyo na gagamitin si alice, isend nyo lang sya ng isend sa quest

FullSizeRender 3

For starters, once you unlock Fiona, send Alice to do quests.


Legendary Egg

- Collect as much trophy for Legendary Eggs. Legendary eggs cost 3,500 trophies. Note: Best and fastest way to collect trophies is to do Tournament Missions and Boss
- DONT SELL you eggs if they are not MAX LEVEL because it will only give you gold.
- For 1 star dragon Max level 10
- For 2 star is level 20
- For 3 star is level 30
- If you get the same dragon, DONT EVOLVE it immediately. Make sure use the same zodiac sign for EXTRA BONUS!


To be continued for BOSS RAIDS…..

Note: Something to look forward to:

Weekly Tournament – Fight for the high score within your group each week for more opportunities to earn trophies. There’s a new challenge every week for the top spot, with the winner earning bonus trophies! ⚔️????

Power-ups – New power-ups (Time Freeze, Speed Rush, and Arcane Blast) are now available for purchase as soon as you start a game. Time Freeze slows down time for a brief period of time. Speed Rush activates immediately after purchase and allows the Guardian to charge ahead and destroy everything in battle. Arcane Blast mows down all enemies with ease, including Meteors! ????⌛????

Improved Game Notifications and New Gamebot ????????– Get notifications for your Boss Raids and see how your friends are doing on EverWing, and even which guardians and sidekicks they are using! The new Gamebot will also notify you of important game events within Boss Raids and Quests. You can even claim treasure ???? and manage your Quests using the Gamebot.

Legendary Bonus ????????– The Legendary Bonus increases your chances of getting a Legendary sidekick from an egg. When someone from your group receives a Legendary sidekick, the game will share the Legendary Bonus to everyone in the group. The Legendary Bonus lasts for 1 hour after the notification. ⌛

New Settings ⚙️– You can now choose between low and high resolution graphics if you are experiencing performance issues or crashes. You can also adjust your Guardian’s movement speed in the new Settings menu to better dodge Meteors.