Experience Philippines Website Launched!

After several months of hard work and building the Random Road Tripper Community, we are very proud to officially announce the launch of the Experience Philippines website.

Experience Philippines is originally a travel project of the awesome guys at Tara Let’s Go Asia, a travel community dedicated to helping working professional discover the personal and relational benefits of travel.

What is experience.ph?
Experience Philippines is travel concept that highlights on the experience of the trip over the identified Philippine destination. We don’t merely bring people from Point A to Point B. We put greater value on the memories created by the road trippers by partnering closely with the local community and local government emphasizing on the immersion of the participants on the customs, culture, ethics, politics and wildlife preservation.

It is through Experience Philippines we introduced the concept of Random Road Trips. Random Road Trips are trips where the destination and itinerary is usually kept secret and undisclosed from the participants until the departure. The idea for the random road trips is to encourage people to go out of their comfort zone by doing some adventure with the people you will only meet during the road trip.

Experience Philippines is about forming bonds among fellow travelers through communal meals like “boodle fights” to doing the crazy stunts such as “cliff jumps” to witnessing majestic sunsets and enjoying long journeys together.

We emphasize on leaving every destination with a greater appreciation of traditions and respect for cultural practices different from ours.


Website Feature

1. Simple Navigation
Experience PH Website Navigation

The website features a simple navigation so that you can easily browse, search, read, and discover everything about the Experience Philippines’ Random Road Trips. You can easily go to our different category Road Trips: (Random Road Trips, Romantic Road Trips, Random OUTings, Retro Road Trips, Quick Getaways and Special Road Trips).

2. Easy Road Trip Search
Experience PH Website Search

With our Road Trip Search, you can easily check out our Road Trip schedule. You can easily list a particular type of Road Trip you are interested in, e.g. Romantic Road Trip or Quick Weekend Getaways. If you are concerned about the budget, you can also search by maximum budget range.

3. Easy Booking/Reservation
Experience PH Website Booking

You can now easily reserve or book your Road Trip through a click of a button. It will either direct you to our payment system or to an email booking.

You can also see the details of the trip, i.e. dates, number of slots, and number of days duration.

4. Read Our Stories
Experience PH Website Stories

Joining a Random Road Trip is NOT for EVERYONE. Many still prefer they are aware of the destination we are going. However, for the brave few who took that leap of faith with us in joining a bunch of crazy travelers, they have #NOREGRETS. Under the sections of Stories, you can read first hand their own personal experience and life changing views on traveling.

Although the Experience Philippines Website Launch still in its infancy stage, we envision the website to grow and adapt to the needs of our Random Road Trippers so that they continue to enjoy and experience the amazing and wonderful island called the PHILIPPINES.

So… come and let’s travel differently.