We’ve gotten a great response for our Febevermore Travel Giveaway photo contest, and our contestants have sent in truly spectacular photos, as well as the wonderful stories behind them. With the Giveaway winding down in its last few days, let’s have a quick look at what our contestants have been sending us in the past few weeks.

Disclaimer: the photos shown on this post does not reflect their standing in the contest. You may view and vote for your favorite photos in our Facebook Album.


Some of the Photo Entries

Batong Sapatos by Jonah Chavez
This beautiful photo of Batong Sapatos in Romblon just spectacularly shows the interplay of sunlight and seas, with the monolithic rock formation beautifully reflected on the still waters below.

Sunrise at Mt. Binacayan by John Silangil
Breathtaking! John seems to have a knack for hanging of precipitous ledges, and this photo shows him daring to step on just one foot on the limestone wall of Mt. Binacayan with a beautiful forest below as his backdrop.

On the Trail to Anuplig Falls by Jonathan Roque
Photographers often have to tap into their artistic side and look into the world differently than most people would see it, and they call this “seeing with the mind’s eye”. Photographic mastery notwithstanding, the photo also reflects one of Experience Philippines’ core beliefs–it’s not about the destination, but the journey. And in our Road Trips, we’ve found that sometimes the best memories we’ve made with our Road Trippers are those moments in between destinations.

Laswitan Falls by Lanie Espejo
While not a true waterfalls in the sense, Lanie describes the waves as a drumroll before it kisses the boulders and splashes skyward, before crashing back down to the limestone rocks, forming a waterfall into the lagoon. This photo captures that moment perfectly under the light of the sunset.

Kalanggaman Island by Genre Gato
From the words of the submitter himself, “travelling with the person most important to you can make the experience even more special and really worthwhile, It’s as if you wanted to grasp the moment and never let it go”. In our Road Trips, we also carry the same belief, that it is the experiences, rather than the destination, with the people that matter to you (whether you’ve just met them or known them forever) that truly makes a trip memorable.

Cabugao Island by Aly Bernasol
Nothing screams Philippine paradise like long, white, sandy beaches, clear waters, verdant hills, and coconut trees! And this photo has all of them together minus the drove of tourists! This photo just takes out of the Metro and just lay out on the beach!

Hulugan Falls by Alfred Larosa
We received quite a few photos of waterfalls, and this is one of two photos of Hulugan Falls! What’s not to like about waterfalls? It’s a visual spectacle, has clear, freshwater, you can take a dip in its cool waters, have a massage under its powerful rush, and in some of them you can even do cliff dives! We really do love the many hidden waterfalls the Philippines has to offer, maybe even more than the beach, and if you’ve been to the many Falls we’ve been, maybe you would too! And Hulugan Falls, just a few hours from Manila, is an excellent place to get you started.

Chapel of La Virgen de Milagrosa de Badoc by Teta Joson
Travel in the Philippines has almost become synonymous with beaches, Falls, rivers, and mountains. And why not, with our abundance of natural resources and untouched vistas. But travel in the broader sense also means experiencing our rich Philippine history and culture. Not as numerous as the number of islands we have, but still a lot, are the churches we have in our country. Old and new, stone or wood, above ground or even under, we have it! All it takes is some itchy feet and an eye of wonder!


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Whenever you’re at your office slogging through the week, these photos would be perfect to put in a frame (proper credit to the owner of course), and you simply need to look at them to transport you to a faraway place! So what do you think of these photos? Do you have a favorite photo not in this selection? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to vote for them here!