What’s It Like To Go On A Canon Photo Adventure?

The Canon Photo Adventures are really awesome road trips! But whenever we launch something new, it’s not always easy for our would-be participants to have the confidence to join them. Case in point, on our very first Random Road Trip, we had only 9 participants! After all, not everyone would be willing to go to a random place, doing random things, with random people. It’s no different with these Canon Photo Adventures–“who would be the Canon Brand Ambassador and what would he be teaching?” “Where would be going?” “I’m more of a photographer than a backpacker, how would this fit me?”, and so on. So it was really wonderful when a couple of our participants sent us their testimonies on what they learned and experienced when they joined, and here are some of them compiled for everyone.


Lia Gonzalo:

“It was my first time joining a road trip with Experience Philippines and although I was a bit hesitant to sign up, in the end the opportunity to learn from professional photographers was too good to miss. I’m still new to photography – I only learned how to use a DSLR about a year before so I could document fieldwork for my job. I’ve since bought my own Canon camera to take travel and landscape photos but felt that I wasn’t getting the most out of it so the 1st Canon Road Trip that focused on landscape photography was really perfect for me. Everyone in the crew was friendly and they started giving us helpful tips as soon as we found a good location or subject. I learned what techniques and accessories to use in a variety of situations and I also discovered some features on my camera that I never knew were there! It was truly a fun and unforgettable experience where I met wonderful people and came away with great ideas for future outdoor shoots ????”

Lois Caronongan:

“It was hitting three birds with one stone for me. Travel. Shoot. Go solo but with a group. ExperiencePH gave us the best experience for a photography workshop. Hearing it from the experts and applying it with where we are will make the tips and lessons more retainable and memorable. We get encouragements on the spot and enjoying every bit of trying to get the best angle of anything we see worth shooting. Sir Jijo and his team were an inspiration. ExperiencePH was the best host. Yep. The mystery of not knowing where we are going, the idea of going “off the beaten path” will really make you want to take photos of the experience.”

Dondon Reyes

“The Canon Photo Adventure was an amazing experience. It has opened up an entire new world to me, the street photography. As a hobbyist, I started in landscape/portraits photography but this was a stepping stone in expanding my horizon and instills my enthusiasm as a photographer.
Sir Jijo was a tremendous instructor. He teaches his point of view and provides insightful tips. He has the ability to stimulate your mind and find your creative potential in visualizing and processing the image that is desirable to your perception.
The workshop also has gained me some friends and the unforgettable bonding experience we shared. The people from Canon were also very friendly and supportive to the participants and this event. Overall, this was a great experience and would love to be part again.”


Are you ready to join the next Canon Photo Adventure?

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