It’s Friday! Oh wait, do you still recognise the days of the week? Or do you only just know daytime and nighttime nowadays? Well, I wouldn’t be so surprised to find out that you no longer know the difference between weekdays and weekends. When you have no choice but to stay home 24/7, boredom will probably hit you hard; especially if you normally go out and explore before all this enhanced quarantine happened. Even I, who actually loves staying at home, honestly feel a little tired of being just here for weeks now. Believe me, we are all dying to know when this is going to be over. But, from a homebody’s point of view, fun doesn’t actually stop just because you’re confined to only one place. Fun is a matter of perspective and not something you get only when you step out of the house. Don’t worry, we’ll help you say goodbye to boredom and say hello to awesome!


Forget about what you can and cannot do, just do it

Here are some ideas on how you can entertain yourselves during this enhanced quarantine period. I learned from a podcast lately that if you want to learn something new, the first thing you have to do is forget. You need to forget the limitations, forget what you think you know about it already, forget your prejudice and just go ahead and try. Immerse yourself in doing something new or in improving something you actually suck at. You’ll never know, you might end up enjoying and becoming good at it.


5 Things to Try to get rid of your boredom

#1 Read one book a day

stack of books on a desk

I love reading but I have this habit of hoarding books but never really making time to read them. So, they just keep on piling up and accumulating shelf space without actually contributing anything to me but clutter. If you’re like me, hi friend, now is the chance to turn that pile of clutter into additional grey matter. Pick at least three to five books or magazines, put it on your desk and challenge yourself to finish one a day. I’m up for it! Are you? 


#2 Binge watch with a twist

Binge watching dramas is nothing new. You’ve probably been doing this long before COVID-19 interrupted our lives. But, what can spice up your Netflix and chill session is to try watching something totally different from the genre you’re usually into. It can be a series or just movies; what’s important is that it’s not your type. For example, I prefer Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese rom-coms or romance dramas. I rarely give action films or popular American series a try. They’re really not my style. But, for a change, I will give Riverdale a shot. What do you think, guys? Is it a good choice? Oh wait, I wanna find out myself. What about you, what film/drama would you pick?


#3 Discover the inner celebrity in you

Being an introvert, I prefer writing as a way of sharing whatever’s on my mind. Video blogs; TikTok; mukbang shows; podcasts; they’re so out of my league! But, forget it! When boredom strikes, I guess one of these days I might actually end up making one of those. Ever made a video tutorial or a podcast? If you haven’t too, then let’s do it! 

Image by Joe007 from Pixabay

Here’s a video of how an entire family came up with an interesting way to keep themselves entertained during this enhanced quarantine season:


#4 Food Trip

banana on a plateWhy do I feel like I’m hungry more  often nowadays? Is it just me or may be you too? Anyway, if there’s one place in my house I never get tired of exploring, that would be the kitchen. I cook and eat a lot (and actually get blamed a lot when my family eats more than one serving of rice). If you know how to cook, then go  ahead and make something good out of limited ingredients, give left overs a do-over or try what’s trending. If you don’t really know how to cook, then now is the best time for you to practice. Come on, don’t be shy and most importantly, don’t be scared. Remember, good cooks didn’t become good overnight. So, don’t be scared to mess up; what matters is that you tried and you’ll keep on trying. Just don’t burn down your house, okay? 

Let me know if you wanna give cooking a shot and I’ll be more than happy to give you tips on what you should start learning with. 

dalgona coffee

#5 Learn something new

korean writing on white paperWith so much time in our hands, one good way to use it up is by learning something new. There are so many tutorials on YouTube and online classes from other websites nowadays, making it easier to actually pick up something new. I use Pinterest to learn a new language and familiarise myself with it. I repeat after what I hear from K-dramas to practice my pronunciation. It sounds weird but it’s actually effective. Choose whatever language or skill you want to learn, look it up online and practice. Who knows, maybe after this quarantine, you can consider yourself a pro at something new!

Image by 동수 김 from Pixabay


Bonus Suggestion 

For those who like doodling, drawing or lettering, you probably do it on paper, on a canvas or maybe even digital. But, have you ever tried doing it on a wall? If you haven’t, go ahead and grab your art materials and create your own mural. Pick a wall or just a part of it (make sure it’s somewhere inside your house, okay. Doing it somewhere else is a different topic) and bring out the Vincent Van Gogh in you. Sounds like trouble, but just do it anyway! Worry about defending yourself and your work of art later on.

painting of northern lights on door

Don’t let boredom give you a death sentence 

We all have different tastes and ways of living. More than that, we all have our own boredom problems as we spend summer inside our homes 24/7. However, it’s up to us to find ways of entertaining and keeping ourselves busy. The suggestions above are only a few of the various tips you can find online. Whatever you decide on doing, what’s important is your willingness to try. Just keep on trying and know that one way or another, it’s helping you momentarily forget about the stress COVID-19 is giving all of us. 

We’ll be happy to hear about your #challengeaccepted updates and how you say goodbye to boredom. Cheers to an awesome weekend everyone!