Take Photos and Memories That Sparks Joy

Weddings can be the most exciting time for both bride and groom. Who would not be excited when you get to profess your love in front of your loved ones, you Creator and your soon-to-be partner in life?

One of the ways couples now commemorate their wedding is a prenuptial shoot. It is a special way of expressing your love in a creative way via the photos that you share with your family and friends. More importantly, is to have them is because you can show these photos to your children in the future to show the love that you share with your spouse (and how good you looked when you were young!).

In the Philippines, more and more couples are arranging for a prenuptial shoot that is creative and unique and representative of their love, their style and personalities. Many times you can’t just trust on your photographer’s creative freedom. You and your soon to be partner for life need to be proactive in the whole shooting process.


Here are some tips on getting you started on your prenuptial photoshoot:

1. Remember Your Story Together

Set a time with your partner to sit down and look back at your old photos together. Go through each others Facebook photo album and just soak in the nostalgia of how it all started. What were the highlights of your relationship? As you review the photos and recall those funny but romantic stories, you might remember a special incident or event that sparks joy which can be a good material for your prenuptial shoot.

2. What Do You Both Like or Dislike?

Both your interests are a rich source of inspiration. They can be random activities that you both enjoyed, such as traveling, eating, driving with no specific destination or just going to some random place to chill and talk. Or you do you have any fantasies or online video prenup inspirations? Your interests will not only make you comfortable with being in front of the camera but will also make it enjoyable for both of you.

3. Finding That Special Place For You.

The location of your shoot can be inspiring on its own. Whether it is a picturesque sunrise at the beach or on top of the mountain overlooking the sea of clouds, or the café at the corner of the street, these places evoke romance especially when it is a setting of a special moment. Perhaps it’s resembles the you both first met or the place where you got engaged.

4. Go outside the box.

To make your prenuptial shoot extraordinary, exciting, fun and memorable, challenge your ideas by going for something new for the both of you. Try the Pre-Nup Road Trip of Experience Philippines. It is a carefully crafted road trip for those wanting an extraordinary photoshoot while:

     1. Discovering some of the beautiful and romantic non-touristy destinations of the Philippines.
     2. Experiencing different activities together.
     3. Trying out local Filipino cuisines together.
     4. Dressing up for your themed photoshoot.
     5. Having a memorable time together doing PreNup Missions on the road trip (and us capturing every moment of it).


Spark joy with a non-traditional way of engagement photoshoot!
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