Have you been left by the person you really love the most? Did someone gave up on you and later on find someone else to replace you? Here are some advices to make you forget and unlove someone easily!


Tip #1 Distance Yourself

There’s nothing wrong about distancing yourself from the person you want to unlove. Being distant will definitely lessen the risk of thinking about the past you had together. Not being in the same place with same feelings could help you from moving on. Enjoy being with friends, don’t look back at the person who already turned their back from you.


Tip #2 Limit Seeing The Person You Love

If you’re on the process of unloving someone, you should spend a little time seeing or hanging out with them. You may also find another route on your way home to avoid seeing them. If you keep on meeting them even with friends will still make you heart flutter and remember things you’ve done in the past.


Tip #3 Cut Off Any Unnecessary Communications With Them

You must cut all the things that can connect you. Delete their number, unfriend of unfollow them in any social media accounts. This could really help you to move on, you can also avoid drunk texting or calling. Having communication with someone you still love is a risky situation, there will be time that you can’t help but to message them and tell “I miss you.”


Tip #4 Avoid All Your Old Spots

Spending around the places you used to hang out together before will not help you to move on. Find another places to hang out with and make new memories with your friends and/or family. You can go back there when you finally moved on, where memories are the only thing that last, not the feelings anymore.


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