We interact with different types of plastics every day, from big supermarkets to our very own home but since there are many informal settlers in the country, most of them dispose their trash by simply throwing them into the river.

Photo from: GreenPeace (Reputational damage: Greenpeace activists campaign against multinational companies’ plastic pollution in the Philippines, 2018)


Because of toxic chemicals as a result of poor waste management, it destroys most of the home for aquatic animals, and don’t forget that not only those animals are ones who breathe down those chemicals, even us.

Photo from: Noel Celis


Those small plastic bags that you throw out on the streets can clog our sewage and cause flooding around our areas while some are being mistaken as food by our marine creatures and killing them day by day.

So just think how long before all those plastics can be collected and how much time left does that choking little critter have before it’s too late.

Photo from: SPOT.PH


However, the blame shouldn’t really be put on plastics but rather how it traveled there. You don’t need to be an environmental expert to simply pick-up that small piece of plastic in front of you and put it in its rightful place.

The world is evil enough as it is. So do your part in saving our mother nature. How you may say?


Experience Philippines is inviting you to help save our mother nature but at the same time offering you a fun and crazy environment as you learn surf under the sun til’ it goes down.


Beach + Eco Brick + Surf Camp
✔ Lectures and Discussion on Plastic Solutions
✔ Beach Clean Up
✔ Scavenger Hunt
✔ Eco Brick Making