#‎RoadTripperMonday‬ – a weekly feature of our very own Road Tripper.

And its Monday again! In today’s Road Tripper Monday, we will be knowing more about Lee Ejercito! Lee joined her first Singles road trip on the year 2015. She is an English Language Assistant in Spain. Lee would like to explore a destination by taking pictures of the tourist spots.

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1. What do you do for a living?

English Language Assistant in Oviedo, Spain. I’m open for other career options. Hire me please hahaha

2. What inspires you?

My next (travel) destination. No matter where or what that destination will be, I know I have to keep saving so that when the time comes, I’ll be ready.

3. What is one of your guilty pleasures?

binge watching K-dramas

4. What was your best experience joining the road trip?

best experience: when I jumped from the top of Anuplig Falls ?(Adams, Ilocos Norte) most memorable experience: our Sulu (mis)adventures ??

5. What is the title of the movie of your life?

Begin Again — not the romance part but more of the fact that shit happens in life and you just have to start over

6. If you could go back in time what would you tell your 16-year-old self?

Don’t go for BA or BAA

7. If you can be teleported anywhere around the world, where would it be and why?

Either Philippines, kasi miss ko na kumain ng unhealthy Filipino food, or Iceland because it’s Iceland

8. You, unfortunately, have been condemned to die, but fortunately, you get to have any meal in the world before you go. What is your menu?

a full course meal made by Grant Achatz and his team in Alinea

9. Which celebrity would you go on a “one-night-only-date” with?

Bill Gates, I think there is so much to learn from him

10. How would you explore a destination on your own?

go to the touristy spots first, take pictures, and then go to the lesser known spots and forget to take pictures

11. If you could trade places with anyone right now, for a week, who would it be and why?

yung mayaman na walang pakialam sa pera. i’ll transfer some of their money to my account ?

12. What is the best present you ever received?

when S insisted to join me for my Indochina trip ?

backstory: Solo trip ko dapat yun to celebrate my 25th birthday. I was hesitant at first kasi nga “solo trip” but he made my birthday more special just by being with me through long bus rides, the scorching weather, and 5 different countries. No fancy dinner or expensive gift could compare to his gift of time. I wouldn’t have it any other way. ?

13. If you could meet a famous or not so famous person, who would that be and why?

Trisha Velarmino, the blogger behind P.S. I’m On My Way. I’ve been following and reading her posts for quite some time now. I kind of see myself (or dream self) in her but I also wonder if I can be as brave as she is

14. How old should a person start traveling?

Whenever they’re ready. I mean may kanya-kanyang priority sa buhay ang lahat. I travel because I choose to travel but it may not be the same case for everybody.

15. If you could go back in time and to relive any moment in your life exactly as it originally happened, what event would choose to experience again?

nung gumawa kami ni crush ng snowman and naglaro sa snow HAHAHA

16. What is your best experience in traveling/living in the Philippines?

Traveling: best experience would have to be that time when I stayed in Siargao for a month ??‍♀️

Living: any time na kasama ko si S hihihi

17. In one sentence, how would you like people to remember you?

That I made a positive impact, big or small, on their lives

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