Last year, we pushed our boundaries by creating Random Road Trips that went further and farther, going as far up North as Aparri and as far down South as Antique. We created our longest Road Trip yet with the Super Mega Awesome Random Road Trip, taking people around all of Central and Northern Luzon on a NINE-DAY road trip. And we also introduced new and novel kinds of Random Road Trips like the Singles Road Trip and the Luna Sea full-moon party road trips.

It was truly a spectacular year, but we are never ones to leave good as it is. We are always exploring what else we can do and what other new experience can we create for our present and future Road Trippers. This year, we will be experimenting even further and create more unique experiences for everyone.

If you’ve taken a look at our 2016 Road Trip calendar, you may have noticed a little green plane icon beside some of those trips. That icon simply means we will be taking to the skies to even farther destinations, and airfare is already included in the Trip Fee.

As with any Random Road Trip, the destination is still going to be a secret, at least up until the check-in counter. We’re very excited to fly to new places where we’ll begin our Random Road Trip, taking everyone to more beautiful hidden places in the Philippines, and we hope that everyone gets a chance to join us on these special trips.