This is a guest post from one of your fellow travelers, Jason Laurence Tenebro, who we just fondly call “Tenebs”. He joined us in both Luna Sea 1 & Luna Sea 2. Read on to see his look back on stepping out of his comfort zone, joining Luna Sea for the first time, and forming new bonds of friendship on a Road Trip with people he’s never met before.


2 years ago today, I embarked on a new and exciting trip with a group of people I don’t know at all. This trip was brought to my attention by a friend GJ, who I’ve known since 2006. In addition, my friend from our IBM days who I have not seen for 5 years or so, Hari, was joining this trip! Coincidence? I think not, maybe it could even be called serendipitous.

The funny thing is that, during this time, I had just been recently #FunEmployed and was in a bit of a dump from family, relationship and friends problems. Easy enough to say, I was down in the dumpsters, and I needed to reset. And a Random Road Trip was just what the doctor ordered.

Luna Sea Collage

Looking back right now, I had the same doubts and curiosities which other people had. Will it be safe? Will I feel OP? Is it worth the money? What should I prepare for? Who are these people? What the hell am I doing here? Haha Yes! We had a few if not all of these cross our minds. But you know what, it was soooo worth it. I was pushed out of my comfort zone, forced to feel again, made to experience new and adventurous things, see amazing sights I haven’t seen yet and just let go and be a part of the group!

Luna Sea

This trip re-ignited the wanderlust in me, I have been travelling before but always looking for the comforts and amenities that money can buy, but with Experience PH, come what may is actually much much more appealing and satisfying. Haha Since then I’ve joined a couple of RRTs, KRTs, MORTs, etc. And I’ve even wandered even more to places not frequented by the general public, just for the experience and for the memories. Thank you Giancarlo & Jeffrey for making a difference in our lives. More happiness and success to you both as well as to all the Travel Managers.

It’s messages like these are what keeps us motivated especially during hard times, and reminds us of our mission and why we keep doing this. Thanks for sharing, Tenebs!

Photos courtesy of Jason Tenebro and Dave Debien Photography

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