There have been countless articles written on relationships from how to find the perfect mate, to how to be the perfect mate, even to what to wear to find the perfect mate. And everyone has been trying to figure out the “rules” of love and courtship. But while those may hold true for a lot of people, a lot of relationships still blossom purely out of chance.

The notion of love being a product of chance, though, may not be entirely true. Or at least in this case, armed with knowledge of some mathematics and statistics, it may even be mathematically likely! In a charming talk, Hannah Fry talks about the mathematics of love from attracting a date to choosing a perfect partner to avoiding divorce!

Whether or not you put these mathematical tips to the test, we’ve always believed that you meet the best people while traveling. And that is the rationale behind our Singles Road Trip, but it’s not just to put people out there and maybe help them meet someone, but also to help them stop thinking of themselves as part of an incomplete pair, but empower them enough to love themselves as an individual.


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