What we missed, we miss

I was waiting for my photos to be uploaded on my EyeEm portfolio a few weeks back and I read one of their articles featuring the famous photographer, Kate Phellini. Her work revolves around showing the most “beautiful moments that we don’t notice in regular life that many of us often miss.” It made me think about life and ended up telling myself, “she’s right.” Those moments are what we actually end up missing the most when they’re gone.

door open sunlight gushing in

After pondering upon what’s going on around the world right now, I realised that the effect of this pandemic goes beyond what our eyes can see. It’s scary, it’s deadly and it’s making people suffer. Although, we may have just received the best gifts the world needs now, which are Time and Healing.  And we probably owe it to COVID-19.


Our non-stop reality

The reality around us: stressful day-to-day traffic, fast-paced and continuously changing lives, deteriorating environment, etc. Because of that I’ve heard many people say that they don’t have time, they’re busy, exhausted, and so on. Whether we admit it or not, it’s true. We are in dire need of a big pause button in our lives. And even the environment seriously needs a break from us too.

With the pandemic giving us no other choice but to stay home 24/7, we now have so much time on our hands. Think about it. Isn’t that a blessing in disguise? Isn’t that what we’ve actually been wanting to have this whole time? 


Don’t save the most beautiful moments for later

Once upon a time, I let myself forget what meant everything to me. I drowned myself with unhealthy busy-ness and kept on pushing precious moments for later. Before I knew it, my world came crashing down and ended up losing what I could never ever get back in this lifetime. Only then did I wake up from the crappy reality which I thought was the way to achieve happily ever after.

view of the sky in betweenen two buildingsPhoto by Jake Macapagal

We should treasure the abundance of time we are currently blessed with. Start looking at the “beautiful moments that we don’t notice in regular life that many of us often miss.” Grab this opportunity to focus on that because you’ll never know if it could be your last chance at something.

For those parents who don’t get to spend a lot of time with their kids because of work. now is your chance to make them feel loved more than ever. Financial support is important, but for your kids, no amount can match your presence in their lives. For the younger generation who spend most of their time exploring what’s out there, now is your chance to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. For those who feel broken but puts on a brave face every single day just to make it to school or to work, now is your chance to catch your breath and heal yourself from everything that’s hurting you.


Some of the most beautiful moments ever

sunrisemoon silhouette

“Yung gigising ka dahil sa sikat ng araw at hindi dahil sa alarm clock mo…Tapos, sa gabi may energy ka pa para i-enjoy ang view ng moon…”

“Yung nagkakagulo kayo sa kusina tuwing umaga tapos sabay-sabay kayong kakain na may halong asaran at tawanan…”

“Yung mas masarap uminom ng kape habang nagpapa-araw ka at hindi ka nag-mamadali…”

Those are some of the beautiful moments we often overlook as we live out our busy lives. Simple lang, kaya napakadaling balewalain. Pero kapag wala na, saka mo lang mapapansin at hahanap-hanapin. 

So if there’s one thing I want to say to anyone right now, think about what you’ve really been missing out on, stop making excuses and start paying attention to it before it’s too late. #sentisaturday