The Struggles of Planning A Prenup Photoshoot and Wedding


Your wedding is fast approaching and you want to let your family and friends remember to SAVE-THE-DATE of your wedding. And you since you want everything to be perfect:

1. You want to do everything which can lead to taking too much responsibility.
2. You realize, you do have to work to pay the suppliers for your upcoming wedding (even though your parents agree to partially pay for some expenses… thanks my pamily!).
3. You look at your time and realize, “Omg! Ang dami ko pa need gawin…wala na akong time!“.
4. You get frustated because everyone seems to want your attention but you are too busy working out the details of the wedding.
5. You still have to exercise and look good sa wedding kaya you go on a keto diet and you feel all the energy is being sucked out of you. Good bye chocolate!
6. The fees. OMG! Ang daming gastos! You have to pay the wedding coordinator, photographer, videographers, mag book ka pa ng accommodation nila, ang transpo aayusin pa, and yung food bawal ma hangry! Talk about COORDINATING EVERYTHING!
7. Lastly, you realize ang hirap pala mag coordinate ng mga tao!!!


This is where we can come in Experience Philippines, we may not be experts in weddings but we know what we can do when it comes to sparking the love by providing fun and memorable experiences. Our Pre-Nup Road Trip just does that, you do not have to worry about that SAVE THE DATE video or photos, we got you covered there.

What’s more, we help focus on that one thing that matters – YOU and YOUR FIANCE!

There is no other company that offers what we do! You get more value and memories – a prenup photoshoot, a surprise mystery travel adventure, a 3 day 2 nights experience, your own glam team traveling with you, your own stylist, makeup artist and themed clothes to wear.


Celebrating Love Differently With A PreNup Road Trip

The PreNup Road Trip is a carefully crafted road trip for couples who are about to get married and who wants to do something different than the usual prenuptial or engagement photoshoot.

The prenup road trip revolves around the following:

Discovering some of the beautiful and romantic non-touristy destinations of the Philippines.
Experiencing different activities together through the EXPH Prenup Road Trip missions.
Trying out local Filipino cuisines together.
Dressing up for your themed photoshoot.
Getting an opportunity to meet and listen to couples from the local community who have been married for more 25 years to 50 years.
Having a memorable time together doing PreNup Missions on the road trip (and with Experience Philippines capturing every moment of it).


How does it work?

1. The couple registers for the PreNup Road Trip at the Experience Philippines website.
2. The couple select a schedule for their desired date of their prenup road trip. Standard duration is 3 days and 2 nights. And it can be done anytime of the week. Please note the the PreNup Bookings are done 2 months in advance in order for us create the perfect PreNup plan.
3. The couple chooses the package that fits their budget.
4. Packages include:
     1. I Do Package (Basic) Php 100,000 – Land Travel + Road Trip Fee +Themed Photoshoot + Surprise Experiences
     2. Walk To Remember Package (Standard) Php 120,000 – Air Travel + Road Trip Fee +Themed Photoshoot + Surprise Experiences
     3. Happily Ever After (Premium) P 150,000 – Air Travel + Road Trip Fee +Themed Photoshoot + Surprise Experiences
5. The couple submits their registration form via the Experience Philippines website.
6. An Experience Manager will set schedule a PreNup Planning Session with the couple either via Video call or personal meeting at the EXPH HQ to discuss the following:
     1. Background story of the couple – how they met, interests, dreams, heartaches, challenges.
     2. Theme of the Prenup
     3. Who will be the photographer and show his works.
     4. The flow of events of the road trip.
     5. The outfit the couple will wear.
     6. The deliverables of the PreNup Road Trip which are:
        - Raw files of the photos
        - Edited Video compilation of the photos.


What does the PreNup Road Trip Include?

The PreNup Road Trip includes the following:

1. Transportation – depending on the packing the couple chooses, the transportation will either be land travel or via airplane

2. Accommodation – to help out in the local community, accommodations will be billeted either through local homestays or standard resorts in the province.
3. Meals
4. Road Trip Experiences
5. Road Trip Missions – Activities designed to help the couple try new things together.
6. Surprise Mystery Travel Box
7. Experience PreNup Team
     1. (1) One Experience Manager – handles the coordination and logistics of the road trip. Also duals as the Mood Manager by creating romantic moments for the couple to illicit #kilig moments.
     2. (1) Lead Photographer – handles all the photo related activities
     3. (1) Assistant – mainly assists in the photographer in the lighting requirements as well assists the entire team in the execution of the road trip
     4. (1) Hair and Make up Artist – takes care of the make up of the couple for the photoshoot
     5. (1) Stylist – handles all the themed outfit of the couple.
8. Edited photographs
9. All the raw photos.
10. A video compilation of the photos.
11. Permits and fees.


About the Packages:

The couple chooses the package that fits their budget. Packages include:

1. I Do Package (Basic) – Land Travel + Road Trip Fee +Themed Photoshoot + Surprise Experiences
2. Walk To Remember Package (Standard) – Air Travel + Road Trip Fee +Themed Photoshoot + Surprise Experiences
3. Happily Ever After (Premium) – Air Travel + Road Trip Fee +Themed Photoshoot + Surprise Experiences

All the packages includes the Transportation, Accommodation, Meals, Road Trip Experiences, Road Trip Missions, the Surprise Mystery Travel Box, the Experience PreNup Team and all those thing related to the photoshoot.


- For the photos – (3) working days after the trip.
- For videos – five (5) working days.
- For photo albums, album design and printing is twenty (20) working days.


Spark joy with a non-traditional way of engagement photoshoot!

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