Around this time last year, you may have been somewhere out there trying to have a summer to remember. But I bet that this year is a first for everybody. A summer without an ETD and an ETA. A summer without sandy feet and sun kissed skin. A summer without crowded places and long lines. A summer to be spent stuck at home because we can’t go out. This is what our summer feels like right now.

We are all unsure when this will all come to an end but let’s not be too sad about it. Instead, let’s embrace the idea of spending it differently this year and create a different idea of how summer should be like.


Summer: Like we used to

By now, sometime last year or other summers ago, we might be on our way to some place nice already. We might have arrived at our destination, started to unpack and getting ready to go on an unforgettable adventure. Picture here, picture there; we might have more than enough until our next trip comes along. I bet you must’ve made an effort to wake up early to watch the sunrise and had a silhouette photo of you taken at sundown. Then, after beach bumming all day, you go and pig out at the night market. Do you remember the crowded places, busy streets and long lines? Now that we can’t go anywhere, you might be reminded of the things you did last summer.


Summer: One of a kind this time around

You might have already made plans and you might have been looking forward to doing something fun and awesome but COVID-19 just had to ruin it. It’s okay, you’re not alone. I’m sure many people had to cancel their trips this summer too.  It’s alright to feel disappointed and sad about it. Just remember not to dwell on it too much and keep thinking on the bright side. 

While summer this year is definitely one of a kind, we don’t have to spend our days as bored as these cuties look like…  If you can’t have an adventure outside, why not bring it inside your home? There are so many ways to have an awesome time at home; we just have to be creative. 


Tips to have an awesome Summer at home

#1 Netflix and Chill

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As cliché as this sounds, binge watching is something that never gets old. Have each member of your family browse through Netflix/iFlix and list down 3 movies or series. One has to be something they like, the second one has to be something they’ve heard of but never watched, and the last one has to be something they know nothing about. Write every title in a small piece of paper, roll them up and put them in a container. Then, draw lots and everybody has to watch whatever gets picked. You can also make it interesting by giving the person who falls asleep while watching a penalty. Try the Netflix Party as well in case you want to bond with your friends or other relatives who live somewhere else.

#2 Playing Cards

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Playing cards (minus the drinking because of the liquor ban) is another way to have fun at home. If there are kids around, I guess the safest would be UNO so they can also participate. To make this a lot more exciting, list down some chores before starting the game and the loser of each round you play will be responsible for a particular chore. 

#3 Have a chores party

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What better way to hit two birds with one stone is to bond while having a cleaning party. Get everyone at home to do chores all at the same time. Someone in charge of the laundry, sweeping, mopping, etc. Cleaning becomes extra difficult when you have to do everything alone. But, when you have other people to do it with you and some good music blasting from the speakers, then I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t be fun.

#4 Glamping

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Whoever said we can’t have glamping at home? Bring out the child in you and try to remember building tent makeshifts out of blankets when you were younger. Try building an Instagram-worthy one this time around. While you’re at it, include skincare activities or have a Netflix Party with relatives and friends. 

#5 Bring out the Master Chef in you

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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Have you ever cooked before? Whether you have or not, good at it or not, improving your skills in the kitchen is one way to make spending summer at home worthwhile. Investing in your cooking skills is not just a way to kill your boredom but also a way for you to get to improve yourself. So, start with meals that are easy to make if you’re a newbie. It’s better to use recipes on YouTube because you’ll be able to see how to do each procedure. If you already know how to cook, challenge yourself to make creative meals for this quarantine season. Remember, don’t be afraid and just keep on trying. You’ll never know, you might become good at it by the time COVID-19 goes away.

#6 Make your home an Instagram-worthy space

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If you’re worried about not having anything to keep your Instagram feed up and about because you can’t go out, try seeing your home from a different perspective then. Turn you home into an Instagram-worthy space by being creative enough to show the beauty of the spaces and things inside the house. You can also have your own photoshoot at home if you want. Try working on your modelling skills or a think of a concept and take your photos based on that. Check out EyeEm, Pinterest or even Instagram for some inspirations and start shooting. 


What Summer Feels Like

It’s alright to miss and reminisce about the things we did last summer and the precious moments we shared with family and friends. Although this summer feels different (honestly, one of a kind), let’s not be too disheartened or disappointed that we’re not able to go out and have fun. Let’s be creative instead and spend an awesome time with your loved ones at home. I’m sure you can find better ways to make the most out of it!