Around this time of the year, it’s normal to see hustling and bustling streets, cities, and provinces. Summer is truly one of the busiest times of the year. But right now, what we   have are silent and seemingly deserted neighbourhoods, business districts, tourist destinations, etc. Although we are experiencing some sort of “peace and quiet” around us, we might be feeling disheartened, depressed and worried deep inside. So, take some time off from news reports that are not helping our mental and emotional health and immerse ourselves with words we need to hear the most right now.

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What we need during the season of uncertainty

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We find ourselves in the season of uncertainty and we have little to no idea what future lies ahead of us. With this, falling into the pits of negativity and depression is easy. We are fighting against something we can’t even see, what could be more difficult than that? As much as we look at and listen to news reports about this pandemic situation, we should also learn how to save ourselves from the mental and emotional burden they come withLet’s fill our minds and hearts with strength from words that radiate hope and positivity. Doing that is not evading reality, not even being indifferent to it. It’s one way of helping ourselves survive this trying time.


Words we need to hear the most right now

1. There is beauty even during our darkest hours

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Beauty can be found even in the darkest times of our lives. If that’s not true, then why do we admire the moon and the stars in the night sky? A wise man once said, “there is beauty in everything” but we don’t always see it. This is why even when everything around us is not doing as well as they should be due to the on-going pandemic, I believe that they are happening for a reason, for a greater purpose. It may sound like I’m somewhere up in the clouds, but this time has its own beauty. 

Right now, we see and hear from the news how many people are trying to help others; how many brave souls are risking their lives to save our fellow citizens; how much our government is trying so hard to alleviate the hardships during this tough time. If that is not beautiful, then what is?

2. The experiences we don’t understand is God’s way of taking us to where we are meant to be

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There might some scientific explanation as to where the virus came from. But, I bet nobody knows why it’s happening. This season of uncertainty is something beyond our comprehension. We would probably go nuts trying to find an answer to something we can’t even understand. Pandemic aside, you may have encountered an experience that you couldn’t understand while it was going on. The only way to know is by living out each day until we all finally get through it. Days, weeks, months or years later, we might finally find the reason why such things happened to us. So, instead of stressing ourselves out by trying to understand why COVID-19 has entered and interrupted our lives, let’s believe that something good will come out of this tough season.

3. “There’s a reason for everything”

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We can’t explain something we don’t understand. And, just because we can’t understand what’s happening doesn’t mean it has no purpose. Whether it’s in the form of beautiful paved roads or dreadful rocky ones, there is a reason behind it. Wonderful things show us how amazing life can be while bad things teach us how to value what’s wonderful. The fact that things happen means that it’s part of God’s plan.

Think about how this pandemic has affected the entire world. For example, economies might not be doing so well right now but the environment is having a really good break from us. Have you seen the beautiful sky without smog lately? That’s just one. I’m sure there’s more good things brought upon by COVID-19 that will give us a glimmer of hope that this tough season is not taking us to doom’s day. Though we may be unsure of God’s real reason at this moment, I believe, someday He will let us know. 

4. Wait and let things fall into place

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At first, the quarantine was only until April 30. Then, it was moved to May 15. After that, I don’t think things will go back to how it used to be. We don’t know how long it’s going to take for everything to normalise but let’s be patient. Rushing to get things back to how it used to before the virus completely dies down might do us more harm than good. The COVID-19 will linger until we find a vaccine. 

I’m sure we all want to go out and live the way we used to before all this happened. But, what if more people get sick if our government allows that already? This is not being pessimistic. This is trying to be more careful so our efforts to stay home and keep safe for the past months will not be in vain. So, let’s be more patient and trust God’s timing. In His time, we will be able to go out, go to work, go to school, and travel the world all over again. 

5. Pray about everything

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During this season of uncertainty, we may find comfort seeing and talking to our friends, relatives via social media but not peace. God is the only one who can give us peace and comfort during this tough time. Whether you want it to rain because it’s too hot or you want this to be over already because this is just too depressing, pray. Whatever it is you want to talk to Him about, go ahead and pray about it. It may sound absurd, but it won’t kill you to try.

What we need the most: faith, hope and pixie dust

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We might have been dreaming of a sun-kissed skin and sandy feet, beautiful crowded places and smiling faces. And while this year, summer seems to have turned up-side-down, let’s remember to believe in the power of prayers and the magic of hopes and wishes. We don’t know when and how, but maybe if we all keep on praying and believing, God will surprise us with a better tomorrow.

Sending some good vibes to you guys. Stay safe and hopeful everyone!