Are you the one to always set the date for your outings with your friends and at first many of them will tell you that they’re joining the trip and in the end, out of 10, only 3 to 5 will join the trip? Well, here’s the process of successfully inviting your barkadas on that dream road trip you’ve been aiming for!


1. Let Them Know What’s Up

Hit them up on a direct message one be direct. Most people don’t like it when you talk too much so ask them straight to the point.

Answer the 5W’s (Who, What, When, Where, Why) and give them the benefits of going to the trip. They also want to know who are coming just in case they get out of place and mostly they would like a trip with people they are close to.

You also need to segregate your friends because some are spontaneous but would back out in the end while some want things more planned out or they want to be informed ahead of time.


2. Learn The Constraints

Not all of us are happy go lucky. Some parents are strict with their children so these might be a challenge. So you need to be a good communicator with the parents and establish trust from them.

Some of your friends might not also be lucky with their wallets, so if you’re going to be the host, make sure you can lend some or if you’re feeling generous, give. It’s always a “G!” when they hear “Libre” (free)

Remember, There’s nothing wrong in investing for moments that you will never forget.


3. Confirmation

Once you have checked out all the constraints and solved them, it’s time to know who you will be dealing with for the trip. Have a list of goers and be persuasive. Remember that sales talk is a must for your friends. If they are still hesitant on going, use the PABEBE/TAMPO effect. It works for some people. Just pretend that you’ll hate them for not going and start moping around. It will trigger a sense of guilt in them and if you pull it off the right way then they might just come.


4. The Last Minute Invite

It is possible that some people you’ve invited and rejected you might have a second thought and go. So make that last minute invite and make sure to sway them into saying yes to the trip. At this point, bribery would help.


5. The Final Countdown

A day before your trip, you should be ready with your things and of course the people you’ll be hanging with. Unfortunately, the day before the trip is also the most crucial day because this is the moment when some of your friends might be messaging you that there could be an emergency or another reason for them to not come. So make sure to have that final countdown and immerse yourself with spirit of patience. Also, don’t forget to have backup plans for your stood-up friends.

On the other hand, remember that you invited them for sole reason of bonding and reconnecting with them. It doesn’t matter how many will come but how many memories you can make with each of them. Someday you’re going to be proud of yourself for planning a trip that you and your friends will never forget.