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Experience Philippines 2017 Road Trip Schedule

 2017 Road Trip Schedule

Announcing the 2017 Experience Philippines Road Trip Schedule.

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A ROAD TRIP designed to CELEBRATE LIFE AND YOURSELF.  As the saying goes, “If you are not happy being single, you will never be happy in a relationship. Get your own life first, then share it.” There is nothing wrong with being single. Who knows you might find yourself this time. If not, we guarantee, you will end the travel with CRAZY NEW FRIENDS.

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Random Road Trip is a travel adventure where the DESTINATION is a SECRET and the ACTIVITIES are a SURPRISE. The idea for the Random Road Trips is to encourage people to go out of their comfort zone by doing some adventure with the people you will only meet during the road trip. Sometimes it only takes a crazy adventure to bring out the best in us. In these road trips, we usually learn new things about people, culture and neighboring provinces we visit.

rrt40 rrt41 rrt42 rrt44 rrt45 rrt46 rrt48 rrt49 rrt50

Quick Getaways are short trips usually done in one day of the weekend. These are just relaxing trips from the hustle and bustle of work and street. It is a travel designed to help you relax, recharge, and rekindle by exploring nearby destinations.

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ROAD TRIP specifically designed to the LGBT (and friends) Community. It will have all the flavors of our usual Random Road Trips except we have prepared exciting activities for the LBGT Road Trippers. For most part of 2017, we are only catering to an ALL BOYS ROAD TRIP since there has not been much interest for an ALL GIRLS ROAD TRIP.

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Not all HEROES wear capes and can fly. They are the silent individuals making sure we have the best in our lives. Eat, sleep, drink and discover the lives of the amazing people who provide us with food on our tables and roof on our heads. Discover ways to continue to protect and care for our environment and the people who provide this nourishment on a day to day basis. ^_^

hero3 hero4 hero5 hero6 hero7 hero8 hero9 hero10 hero11 hero12


Luna Sea: A Ran:dom Road Trip Full Moon Party (Para sa mahilig mag party at gumala). This is a ROAD TRIP that PARTIES during the FULL MOON. It is filled with fun destination where we culminate the event with a full blown party at a private beach with your DJ, Band and entertainment.

lunasea-square lunasea-4



Haunted Road Trip: A Halloween Spooky Road Trip (Para sa mga gusto ng scary adventure).  A Road Trip meant to discover the “other world”.  Visit haunted and scary places around the neighboring provinces of Manila.



Super Mega Awesome Random Road Trip: A 9 Day Road Trip  (Para sa tunay na Kaladkarin – Beach, Rivers, Lakes, Volcanoes, Mountains, Caves, stargazing, bonfires, karaoke nights, food trip… let’s do it all!).  A ROAD TRIP that has it all. Explore different provinces and cities in the Philippines while immersing in their culture and lifestyle. Perfect for those wanting to explore and discover new places.

smarrt-2smarrt-3calayan-1 tawi



These are the upcoming THEMED and ACTIVITY based ROAD TRIPS. There is always something new to learn, to explore and to have fun with along the road.


10 Responses
  1. Fatima Ocenar

    Hi! Just wanted to ask how much yung Tawi-Tawi trip ninyo. And if included na yung airfare dun sa payment. Hope to receive your response. Thank you! 🙂

    1. ExperiencePH

      Hi Fatima, we will announce the details this weekend. Check our announcement in our FB page for the details. Cheers!

  2. Karen

    Hi i tried to click the link for singles roadtrip for june but it keeps saying page not found. Please assist.

  3. Yanna Diavane

    Hi! Just wanted to know how much the Open Water Diving, Cooking Class, and the Treasure hunt road trips are and when they’re going to be. Thanks! Links are unavailable, you see.

    1. ExperiencePH

      Hi Paul, we dont usually have weekday events but we are studying it how we can help those who want to travel on the weekdays. ^_^

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