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Experience Philippines and the First Travel Hostel Bus

Experience Philippines and Betsy – the

First Travel Hostel Bus

Oh..hello. We like to introduce to you, BETSY – First Travel Hostel Bus in the Philippines.

Betsy will rally people into a revolution, a travel revolution where it is the journey, the experiences, the laughter, the adventure and misadventure, the friendships that make up that memorable and “stories-I-will-tell-my-grandchildren”travel experience.


Imagine you are on a cruise ship but traveling by land and exploring the 7,107 islands of the Philippines.

It is travel transport tour concept that highlights on the experience of the trip over the identified Philippine destination. We don’t merely bring people from Point A to Point B but through A, B, C, D… all the way to frickin’ Z. After all the alphabet has 26 letters.

Our dream is to LET YOU experience and explore the beauty and charm of the Philippines Islands by cruising at NIGHT and spending more time exploring destinations by DAY.

The Travel Bus features:

  • 14 comfortable full-sized beds
  • a toilet
  • a kitchen
  • pantry
  • living room
  • wi-fi onboard
  • and even a multi-purpose roofdeck (for night out dinners or lying down to watch the stars)

You will get a chance to witness how the travel hostel bus will journey across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao to explore lesser known Philippine destinations. And along the way with your help, we bring about positive social impact by partnering with local government units and engaging the local community to stir the grassroots economy.

With our travel hostel bus and our brand of adventure, travelers don’t have to worry about itinerary, transport, accommodation, and food.

So, would you like to hop in for a RIDE?

Tell us who you would like to travel with and why you want to travel on a travel hostel bus  by commenting below. And you might get a chance to be the first to experience this EPIC ROAD TRIP of a lifetime.

Check out our Road Trip Schedule here.

Get to see her up, close and personal at the LUNA SEA: A RANDOM FULL MOON PARTY!

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Let’s Go Travel Differently!

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A non-conformist who is setting his own rules by living his legend and helping others find theirs. Founded Tara Let's Go! Asia because he believes anyone can travel. Whether you are a student, a teacher, a freelancer, a 9-5 working professional, a janitor, a saleslady, a jeepney driver, a taxi driver — you can travel the world. You can make it happen. And you can make a difference.
357 Responses
  1. Pau Santos


    1. Pau Santos


    2. Hussain

      I’m trying to find filipino worker who can make bus conversion into a caravan to work overseas


  2. pau bato

    I would like to experience travelling with my friend who saved me from depression. This could be the best way I could say thank you.

    1. Mc Gill Contreras

      I would like to travel with 15 random people to whom I can share the fun of travelling around the Philippines.

  3. Richeĺle

    I would like to travel with my husband and my baby. This is the best experience ever if we will be given a chance to try this new hostel bus. We are currently staying in Dubai. After 4 years that we never seen the Philippines, we will be having our vacation this February to March. So I think this is one of the extra-ordinary experience that we may enjoy with my family as well as to fascinate again with the beauty of the different sceneries in our country.

  4. Paul

    I would like to travel with my girlfriend not only because this would be a sweet graduation gift to her, but also this would be an awesome addition to our great adventures! 🙂

  5. Paul

    I want to travel with my girlfriend not only because this would be a sweet graduation gift to her, but also this would be an awesome addition to our great adventures! 🙂

  6. I would like to travel with my buddies in the traveling world and bloggosphere and experience this epic journey for the very first time. Good thing that Mindanao is included as part of the tourist destinations so i could also share how beautiful the Land of the Promise to my friends who have never been to Mindanao.

  7. jane

    Id like to travel with my family (7 siblings, my mom, dad, husband and baby). It has always been my dream to take them in a vacation but I could not afford it yet coz i am sending my sister to school. It will be a great gift for my bday (march 26) if you could make my dream come true. 🙂

  8. Myna Calangi

    Count us (me and my boyfriend) in! I want to explore all that the Philippines can offer.. the sea, mountains and especially the people and their culture. And what’s best is we don’t have to transfer from one tranpo to the other because of this travel hostel bus, less stress and more fun! This is surely the best way to appreciate and love my own country even more. I know this experience will be one for the books!

  9. Manilyn Tayas

    I would like to experience this AWESOME creation and travel with my family and friends! I would like to feel the comfort, joy and happiness this hostel bus can provide! This will guarantee a hassle-free trip for all interested travelers. Kudos!

  10. Michelle

    I would like to travel with random people who also share the same interest in travelling and meeting and knowing random people.

    1. Hanna

      Hi Michelle. I hope you can still read this. My name is Hanna and i’ve been wanting to do the same. Travel solo and meet new friends along the way while having a great time enjoying magnificent tourist spots. I will do so this coming year and i might do skydiving in pampanga in february. wanna join in? You can email me at ndstine777@gmail.com if ever you find this interesting 🙂

  11. Sherry Santos

    I am not a ‘random’, ‘YOLO’, ‘unplanned’ type of traveler. There’s a little bit of me that’s OCD that’s why I prefer planning ahead. Plus, I’m a full-time employee and a part-time law students thus, you can’t blame me if I prefer traveling or going on a trip with a plan. Given a chance to experience Philippines in a random way will break my record of being so nitty-gritty about traveling. This might make me realize that we really don’t need to plan every single time. It’ll be great, too, if I can travel with people I don’t know together with my best person who’s been willingly helping me to carry my ‘excess baggage’ for two years now (I’m referring to my life partner). ^___^

  12. Syempre ang aking travel biddy na si Tripapips Jong. Walang kasing saya ang experience na ito kapag kasama mo ang kasundo mo sa mga trips! Gusto namin tobg maranasan dahil ito ang pinakauna sa buong bansa at magbibigay usbong sa turismo ng Pilipinas! Oh paano ba yan, may bagong dagdag na namn sa buckelist! 🙂 Mabuhay!

  13. Jel

    I would like to see our country, the Philippines, on a whole other level & perspective! Of course, I would like to meet and be surrounded of people from different walks of life while I’m on it. I’m excited for this!

  14. Jel

    I would like to see our country, the Philippines, on a whole other level & perspective! Of course, I would like to meet and be surrounded by people from different walks of life while I’m on it. I’m excited for this!

  15. Zak Gonzaga

    I wanna travel with the closest people around me. those who have been there with me side-by-side throe good and bad. this is going to be a experience of a life time which will be a good story for the future generation.

  16. G

    the Philippines has a lot to offer and I would love to experience this comfortable and unique way of travelling with my friends and family. Having once experienced a 16 hour bus ride, this hotel bus actually has me excited to spend a long period of time in a bus!

  17. Claudette Soriano

    I would love to share this priceless exprience with my family and friends by exploring the beautiful and amazing places here in our country. Traveling means learning more about our culture. This way i can also take photos and proudly show the world how blessed we are with our people, scenery and heritage,

  18. rochelle canaleja

    I would like to travel with my love, our anniversary is coming soon and I want to surprise him by this. Please make my dream come true

  19. leoren osena

    I would like to experience this with my awesome IG friends — this will be perfectly documented in our instagram feeds!

  20. Margaret

    It’s not everyday that you get to go on vacation or to take a break from the hassles of school and work. Being able to experience this one of a kind first travel hostel bus would be a big check off my bucket list. I have a passion for traveling but due to certain circumstances, I’m unable to travel at my own convenience. I would love to have my mother along, who inspired me to travel more and who deserves to have a break from work as well. I used to be indifferent about traveling, but she opened my mind to its wonderful benefits and effects, to experience and appreciate new cultures, and to put my freedom to good use.

  21. Joshua Manalo

    I would like to travel with my college friends. It has been a year since we have graduated and I want for us to meet up again on a road trip to tell our stories after graduation and what will be our medium and long term plans in life.

    The hostel bus is a one of a kind transportation vehicle in the country. We all know how hassle it can be travelling around the country using the usual means of transportation. Travelling with the hostel bus would provide comfort and convenience every traveller needs while enjoying the journey and the destination.

  22. I’d LOVE to travel on a hostel bus because I’m a HUGE hostel addict, and despite being a crazy introvert it’s only in hostels where I get such a crazy high from the beautiful, genuine feeling of community that any hostel has. And I’m sure this travel bus will have it times a hundred. Plus, I’m absolutely in love traveling, and making interesting stories happen in life. This kind of experience would be an absolute dream.

    I would bring a friend who hasn’t been around the country that much, or who hasn’t really experienced traveling like a backpacker, and give him or her the awesomest baptism-by-fire ever (which, of course, he/she would love.) I would bring someone for whom this will also be a guaranteed new and amazing, perhaps even life-changing experience! I really want to show other people the magic of frills-free, simple and unpretentious travel, and the beauty of taking the path less traveled. This’ll also give me a chance to bond more with that friend, and connect with the other future friends I’m bound to meet on the trip!

    P.S. We would totes provide the singing and craziness for whatever musical activity will happen during the trip.

  23. I would want to travel and experience this with my mother as it would be a great “giving-back” gift to her after all these years of her sacrifices for her children. 🙂

  24. DeeM

    I would loooooove to be part of the First Travel Hostel Bus experience in the Philippines because I love trying new things, I love first times, I love traveling, I love meeting new people and most of all I enjoy helping people as much as I can. I can be of help on this first time experience if you would like. 😉 I have been working too much lately, my 2015 did not start that great but still good, and this first time experience with Travel Hostel Bus would be a great pam-pabawi! If I get the spot! 😀 Cheers!

    ***Oh well, I get it or not, I would still spread the word and would definitely try this with my travel buddies. It would still be better to get the first time spot though. 😉 LOL!

  25. karcy viola

    I may not have enough travelling experience. I have never been to places, to be quite honest. But i think it would really be an awesome experience if i could go out and see the multiple sides of the philippines in the most epic way. And as a travel virgin, this would be a lifetime gift if ever ill be able to experience this. 🙂

  26. jayar

    Would like to travel with this fantastic bus Together with my travel buddies! This would be an awesome experience. Supeeeer unique and fun! 🙂

  27. I would LOVE to travel in this travel hostel bus with my college barkada because ever since, we travel and go on trips altogether. This would be a unique and memorable trip with them if ever!!! 🙂

  28. Clarisse

    I wish to travel my son (12 yrs old) as i want him to experience the beauty of the environment and all the adventures at his young age so he’d be prepared when he goes out of his comfort zone at his right age. Also this is his first time to travel with me outside the outskirts of Manila and nearby provinces. ☺

  29. I would like to travel with Virginia Woolf. I would like to travel on a hotel bus because it’s cool, it’s different, the bus itself is a travel experience. It breathes a new meaning to the old saying, “the journey is the destination”.

  30. I am a traveller by heart and i want to experience this as the first among other passengers how it feels like to travel with this type of a travel and adventure set up. Great feedback and testimonials will be given from those who habe tried it first and so other Filipinos will be interested to try it themselves and until it gets popular not just in our country but to the whole world. Wow Philippines indeed!

  31. Clarisse

    I wish to travel with my son (12 yrs old) as i want him to experience the beauty of the environment and all the adventures at his young age so he’d be prepared when he goes out of his comfort zone at his right age. Also this is OUR FIRST TIME To travel TOGETHER (as mom and son) outside the usual outskirts of Manila and nearby provinces. ☺

  32. Alyanna Maliwanag

    I would love to travel with my bestfriend! We promised to have more adventures this 2015, and this sounds like a really good adventure. I also want him to take a break from all the stress in his life, it’s been overwhelming lately. I really hope we can join a ride! 😀

  33. Koj Lozada

    I wanna go with my barkada. We just passed our licensure exams together and we need this outing badly. 🙂 We stuDIED for 5 years and I think we deserve this awesome vacation. Some of us will leave the PH to work abroad and some will continue in pursuing their med school education .and I think this’ll be the best despedida getaway and will also be the best treat before med school starts. 🙂

  34. As a food and travel blogger, travelling with a this new one-of-a-kind transport system would be a great avenue for me to share to the world an exciting experience that I want everyone to be aware of. I’ve been to a lot of places here in our country and after getting myself a college degree, I’m now more eager to see and be exposed to the hidden treasures of the Philippines!

  35. charissa ustaris

    My boyfriend and I love to travel. We try to go to different places at least once a month. I would love to experience this awesome ride with him. ♥that would be an epic love experience. 🙂

  36. Peds.G

    It’s not just the perk of travelling comfortably around in my own country that I’m after for. The best part is the epic experience and fruitful memories that I will get here, and of course shared with my most awesome adventurous loved ones. 😉

  37. Viveka C. Lopez

    If I would be fortunate enough to embark on this epic journey, I would love to experience it with my closest friends. Traveling has always been my dream in life, I would love to see the world someday but more importantly, I want to see my country first. I want to “see” it in a way that I would know the people, the culture, the place and not just have some touristy memory of merely being there. I believe traveling through this Travel Hostel Bus could give me that experience. Traveling broadens our minds by making us realize there is so much more happening beyond the four walls of our rooms. I cannot wait to widen my horizon, hopefully I can do that by hopping on this interesting bus with the people I love the most.

  38. Please allow me to hitch a ride on that awesome bus with my boyfriend. I’ve always wanted to go on an epic road trip with him. I’d like for him to have this kind of adventure before he has to shy away from the whole world to study his butt off for his comprehensive exams. We’re good company 🙂

  39. Carmie bechayda

    A great and old friend of mine (this is you mariel sandico) just gave me a book about traveling as I am leaving the country for a couple of months to travel with a note that states “something to keep you moving, happy travels!”. She and I share the same passion and love when it comes to traveling, we compare notes, share stories and get all giddy when we are about to go off somewhere. The funny thing though is that we’ve never traveled together after all this years that we have known each other and it’s really about time that we should be able to go off on an adventure riding your bus as it would be something new for us and be amazed again by this beautiful country and people all over again with a new perspective. Mariel sandico I’m calling out to you let’s do this when I get back! And hopefully we win a free trip!

  40. Jason Moss

    i want to travel with my mountaineering friends because we love adventure and try out this new travel concept outfit. It’s interesting and I would like to experience it. The stopovers would probably be outstanding and it would be a perfect gift to share to all my mountaineering friends to celebrate my birthday in!

  41. Beatrice Natalia A. Manlulo

    I would like to get in the first ride and travel with my travel buddy, my dad. We love to travel together and enjoy each other’s company. My dad loves to bring me everywhere despite my disability. He makes sure that I can also do what others can do. So if given a chance, this is gonna something new for my dad and I. New experience, new discoveries, new adventure and most importantly, more bonding time with him.:)

  42. I’d love to climb aboard the travel bus! Ever since I’ve started travelling on my own, meeting and hanging out with locals and gettig to know other travelers over couch surfing, home stays and hostels, I’ve learned that the best life lessons cannot be learned in school or through a book. The funniest and most interesting stories I’ve told others are ones of the unplanned shenanigans in my travels– almost always consisting of strangers and their quirkiness, passions and zest for living. These are the kinds of experiences that couldn’t be possible if I just stayed at home, marathoning TV shows working my 8-5 and never stepping out of my comfort zone.

    I also like doing my part in giving back, and am a big supporter of Eco-friendly and sustainable tourism! (One of my greatest passions: ocean and marine life conservancy.)

    That said, one of my goals this year is to travel more of the Philippines (and have two trips already booked : Donsol & Iloilo), and share the experience through my photos and writing. (Even bought a domain to document my travels just last week! So I could expand our year-old hashtag on Instagram: #mnlbum)

    That said, I am so down to do anything, and am always up for anything. Diving? Hiking? Spelunking? YES to everything!

    I am pretty much ready to travel alone or with 15 other strangers in a bus. But if I really had to pick someone, I’d go with my friend Gill, whom I met over couchsurfing (born Australian, 100% hippie but is now teaching English in Chile.)

    Bring it on!

  43. Bib Gomez

    I would love to go on a hella-crazy adventure trip with my 4 siblings so we could bond more and get to know each other more since time and budget haven’t allowed us to do so ever. This would be the loveliest opportunity, and excuse he he, to take considerable time off from work and school for the 5 of us! And so they could also see and we could all experience my dream of a travel lifestyle 🙂 Just like what Lilo from Lilo&Stitch said, “Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind.” <3 More power to you guys!!! This has definitely given me new ideas on how i/we could travel differently now!

  44. I just recently discovered your website and I am HOOKED! I love how you’re able to travel with different people and not know where you’re going. People tend to over think when travelling, where they have to go, what they have to do at this time and that and I dislike that because where is the fun in not being spontaneous while travelling?

    I would absolutely LOVE to travel with both my parents because we have been spending less time together due to all 3 of us being busy with school and work. I just think it would be a great way to bond with them, make new friends, and create new memories! Also, both my parents are photographers and I’ve only just started learning how to film. I think it would be absolutely amazing if we could take part in this!

  45. Angel

    I’ve always wanted to travel more with my friends, because nothing beats a good road trip with some laughs and stories to share with. We’ve only traveled places that are very accessible and/or near Manila because of the budget (we’re only College students) but if we’ll ever get the chance to experience firsthand this hostel bus (not to mention, it’s organized by the same people who started the random trips) we would gladly take all risks what experience,ph has in store for us. From right now, I can tell it will be a story worth sharing to our grand kids because nothing can define YOLO as experience.ph have in mind.

  46. Nina

    Count me in and my 2 college friends! What I think the best part that the travel hostel bus offers is not just getting to visit lesser known areas of the PH, but also getting to connect with local communities of the different provinces to be visited. There’s no better way to experince culture than from its people. This is why I’d be so ecstatic to journey with fellow travelers who also want to satisfy their wanderlust and connecting with the locals along the way!

  47. Alex

    I find myself a stickler for new experiences. Eating a locale’s cuisine, meeting people from different walks of life, going cliff-diving, and going to exotic new places all tickle my fancy for adventure.

    For this specific experience, I would love to travel with my best friend. He’s a writer and as such doesn’t get out much and I’d love to open his eyes to different things through travel. We both adore the Philippines and would love to fully experience it through the one of a kind opportunity your travel bus can provide. I look forward to the zany hijinks in store when we’re together on this crazy roadtrip.

  48. Paul

    I would travel by myself because I think need it. (Don’t we all?) I think I’m at that point where I need to get away from familiarity and just let life happen, and maybe this trip would be a perfect way to express it.

  49. Cristina

    I want to experience this unique and awesome adventure with my boyfriend! We have been both caught up with heavy work lately and time together has been an expensive luxury. Not only will we rekindle the connection, but we will also get to the travel our homeland, IN STYLE! Also, I can’t help but appreciate that we can get to immerse with the local community, hats off, best idea ever!


    Spending most of my time being surrounded with books and cases, I would like to escape stress for a while and travel with my lawschool friends to a strange but beautiful place where we could just drink coffee in a cold morning, wait until we say hello to Mr. Sun, laugh together while sharing new adventures with each other, appreciate Mother Nature, and finally, savor every restful hour we take in the hostel bus with fun yet relaxing music at the background as we head back to our journey as striving students of law 🙂

  51. Richelle Montero

    I am always busy with my school and org works. I merely have time for my family and close friends. This is why I want to travel with the travel hostel bus with them. I want to spend quality time with them even for a few days. (Especially with my parents who also love to travel) Why the travel hostel bus? Well, I am an adventurous and spontaneous person. I love exploring and trying new things. I am fond of seeing new places. For 19 years now, I have lived in the Philippines but I never quite got to see its beauty. I believe that our country is a very beautiful place and that is why I want to explore it. I can feel that these random roadtrips are for someone like me. I have always dreamed of travelling and I am just waiting for the right time to do it (since i am still in college, i have financial hindrances that get in my way in fulfilling my dreams). This trip is a great opportunity to fulfill that dream earlier than planned. I am a wanderlust. I crave for adventures. The travel hostel bus would really be a great experience for me and my family & friends. I think that it will be full of happiness and unforgettable memories that I will treasure forever. That’s it. My sincere and genuine reason.

  52. Camille

    I want to travel with BTFF (my high school barkada) and my boyfriend! I have labelled my 2015 as a travel year and I am doing everything I can to travel the Philippines. Next in my schedule are La Union and Sagada, which are two quite common but beautiful destinations, so I do hope that the Travel Bus experience will give me a whole new ride of my life! I have always dreamed of being able to see places in my own hometown and hopefully I can make it happen this year with you!

  53. Pauline Silverio

    If there’s a chance that i could join, i want to travel alone. It will be a very nice experience. Getting out of my comfort zone and not having anyone to spoonfeed me. Besides if i really want to make new friends then it will be best if i travel alone. Sometimes it is good to have an alone time for yourself. You can do whatever you want without anyone stopping you.

  54. Vics

    I wanna travel the whole Philippines with my awesome friends! And it will surely be a memorable one. We already have plans on going to different tourist attractions through road tripping but this travel hostel bus will surely make the adventure as crazy and as fun as we imagined it would be. Also, this experience will be our gifts to ourselves as we near the end of our adventure in school and before we enter the real world.

  55. shyram

    I would love to go on a different kind of road trip on this hostel with my travel friends. It’s been a while since we all went together on a trip. 🙂

  56. Jam

    Epic roadtrip? I just want to see the beauty of life and share those moments with my bestest friend for life. A beauty to share and a moment to tresure.

  57. Andyyy

    As random as this trip will be, it will be at its best when I’m with the most random person I know, my bestest friend. And this epic adventure will be the bestest adventure and misadventure of our lifetime.

  58. Like any other person, my life has had its share of highs and lows. Due to my unsuspecting anxiety and depression, I tend to dwell on the lows. What keeps me going are the days I get to spend with my childhood friends who I rarely see due to our college schedules. With their kind of energy and support, I can always look forward to better days. My family is one thing, but my friends know how to have a good time and how to make good memories more lasting. We’ve always planned trips to different islands in the country but they haven’t succeeded. Travelling is food for the soul and I think through all of the difficulties we’ve faced individually we all need a break and there’s nothing I would love more than spending my limited time with them, on the road, making memories, going places, meet new faces and discover more of what this beautiful country has to offer, together. If I could share the Travel Bus experience to the people I love and enjoy being with, then I will be all sorts of happy, grateful and indebted to the Experience PH team 🙂

    Here’s to hoping for your consideration! Much love and support all the way!

    Mika Canto
    Ig: @chikawithmika

  59. Leroy

    I wanna travel with people who can’t travel – people who do not have the opportunity, people who are disadvantaged, people who are taken advantage of, people who are compelled to feel like less than who they really are, people who own this fucking awesome land.

  60. i would love to travel with my family, and some close friends onboard this traveling hostel! Ever since watching Priscila queen of the desert, I’ve dreamt of owning a bus like this.

    I can imagine all sorts of fun on the journey itself and not having to wait until reaching the destination before the fun to begin!

  61. I would love to see more of the world outside the four corners of my office, learn more of life outside the corners of the blackboard, enjoy real happiness and contentment outside the corners of my payslip, share my experience outside my comfort zone!

    Help me fulfill my dreams outside these corners of imaginatio and make it a reality.

  62. I would love to travel with a bunch of my closest college friends. It will definitely be harder to touch base and hang out once we start working, so I would love to have one last hurrah after we graduate. We spent five years together going through a difficult course and what better way to bid college goodbye than to go on one big adventure together!

    Also, in our five years as friends, we’ve only been on ONE out of town trip together. HAHA, give us the chance to make up for it by sending us on an epic road trip! 🙂

  63. Thank, God for people coming up with this. FINALLY! I hate flying. It Bores me. Being on the road and sight seeing makes the trip even more exciting, no mattee how long it is. So I am really excited about this.

    And would definitely share this experience with my married friends who are too busy with work and kids, Or my adventurous colleagues who are up for anything or there’s my family who likes the outdoors and going on trips.

  64. Mary

    I would like to travel with my best friend–who happens to also be my boyfriend. It would be such an amazing escape and adventure from our busy lives here in the city. Taking a breather from all the chaos in the form of travel (especially like this one) with different people would be a very meaningful and one of a kind experience.

  65. ALY

    I would love to travel with my soon-to-be-husband. This will be a unique experience which we both would be looking forward to. Since we will both be leaving the Philippines some time soon, this will be a great opportunity for us to travel in this unique way and at the same time capture memories to share to the world the beauty of this country.

  66. Suzette

    I’ve always wanted to travel all over the Philippines. Of course it’s great to travel with friends but I also don’t mind travelling with other fun and open-minded people. Meeting new people while you travel can be another happy experience unto itself.

  67. Meghan

    I decided to stay here for good seven months ago and I am enjoying my stay! I have been a backpacker for a long time and this concept is really one of a kind. I would love to explore the Philippines and share this amazing experience with fellow travelers and friends from all over the world. Meeting new people is always the best part of traveling and looking forward to experiencing this! I am excited how this goes ;D

  68. Katherine

    I would like to travel with my husband and kids. This would be a rare opportunity for us to explore our country.

  69. I’ve always wanted to travel and explore more of the Philippines and this one will be an opportunity for me. After graduation I want to travel with my close friends and experience this one of a kind. Not only I will meet new people, I will also go to different places. This one will surely be one of the memorable experience I will have in my life!

  70. Karen Decena

    We can rejuvenate our spirit by hitting the road. No matter your age or occupation, everyone could use a little fresh air from time to time. Taking this road trip with my friends and family would be an excellent way to shed some old skin and live a little! This is the best way to de-stress and forget our troubles for a while, and to make some fond memories along the way. We live in a country large enough to make road trips truly exciting. This once in a lifetime road trip is essential so we can truly feel and understand the pulse of our own country.

  71. Nothing jumpstarts a life moreso than new experiences, the best people to travel with would be complete strangers, meeting new people in a constantly changing environment is inspiring and envigorating and a great way to live a life. this is the kind of experience that will open up my heart and mind to my country.

  72. I’d love to take my band on this trip and just cover and create tunes on the fly for everyone to enjoy. It should make for an awesome story for the kids someday. Pack up the harmonica and guitars and go go go 😀

  73. I would really like to travel and ride that one-of-a-kind bus with my lola. Because I’ve been totally busy with school and stuff, I seldom have time to visit her 🙁 Besides that, my lola needs a break from work and my cousins who were left to her to raise. The trip would totally be more awesome if I have my whole family there too! Mom, Dad, Brother, Lola, and I to see the beauty of the Philippines. 🙂

  74. maru

    i want to explore philippines with my family. As im working abroad, every minute with them during my vacation really means alot to me. No money can buy the smiles on their faces that keeps me moving on. Especially, those days that i cant help but cry and planning to resign and just go home with them. Hopefully, we can have an opportunity to enjoy this one of a kind experience.hehe thank you. ooops! and also its my sister’s graduation from college (the fruit ofmy 4 yrs being here).

  75. I would love to travel with my boyfriend. We have been going out for 4 years already and I think its about high time we take our relationship to a different level and explore the beauty of our country in the most unexpected way possible. We’ve both been too busy with work and this would be the best way to not only reconnect with each other, but also with nature.

  76. I would love to travel with my boyfriend. What we have is a long distance relationship for more than a year now. He stays in vietnam and me here in the Philippines. We see each other atleast once a year to a different country and we also met in a life changing cruise. We met while we are traveling actoas ASEAN. i would love to give this to him as a gift as we both love to travel and i would like him to see the beauty of the philippines and show it to the world through his camera lenses. He is a photo journalist and he loves to take good photos during his travels and i want to share those moments with him for us to be able to know each other more, spend more time together and take womderful moments in my home country. I would also love to take this opportunity yo encourage my boyfriend to finally stay with me here in the philippines by making him see the natural beauty of our country and how worth it is to stay in the philippines and by my side for good.

  77. Jan Michael

    I wanna travel with my friends and gIrlfriend. Travelling with them brings out the best and worst of each one of us. The bond gets stronger as we travel together. I hope we get the chance to travel the Philippines on a Bus like this 🙂

  78. I would like to ride this hostel bus along with all different people on board, best way to make new friends with new adventures exploring most of the philippines, i enjoy touring using a bus rather than by plane or boat.

  79. marie fe gregorio

    I would like to travel with my husband and son, as well as our parents. This would be a great way for us to bond and explore the different tourist destinations of our country

  80. This is a definite ‘MUST’ do with the family & friends when we go back to thr Philippines for our vacation.
    I’m sure it will cure my home-sickness.
    ~ Marge Galicia

  81. i love it! i would really want to travel and explore Philippines with my boyfriend and my family. i hope we can have the opportunity to have this AWESOME, COOL and one of a kind experience on board with the
    First Travel Hostel Bus. Thank you in advance! 🙂

  82. Rhiza

    I would LOVE to travel with my bestfriend who I also call my Soulsis because we are so much alike. We always wanted to go backpack traveling around the country. We are such avid readers, so we definitely want to see for ourselves the places we only read on books and articles.
    We have been friends for more than 10 years, but we could only count with our fingers the times that we actually have been together. If we will be blessed with this opportunity, then it would be a great bonding for us! Oh, I could only imagine the long talks, countless pictures, and endless laughs that we’d share!

  83. Would love to go on this road trip with my boyfriend! What better way to explore the world than by starting with the Philippines? 🙂

  84. I’ll definitely choose to travel with my girlfriend. It’s only been a few months since she arrived here and I want us to spend some time together while we explore the Philippines. Through this, she and I will learn how to be dependent with each other making our relationship much stronger.

  85. Cece

    If I would be able to get this once in a lifetime opportunity, i would definitely go with my 4 siblings and my brothers and and sisters from another mother (my highschool buddies), whom i shared my ups and downs. We’ve been working our asses off to save up and be able to travel around the country. We were all wanderlust at heart, dreaming and longing for places weve never been, falling in love with people we havent met.
    Travelling with the ones you love will surely be a great experience. Just the fact that youd be able to see the beauty of the Philippines, understanding more of our history and culture, while learning to know more about myself and create a stronger bond with my love ones would truly be a remarkable memory. Photos may not be enough to explain the possible great moments, but its the feelings, the experiences, the things that youll learn from this journey is what would make this truly awesome!
    Keeping my fingers crossed, tho it might seem like im wishing on a falling star, or i might be dreaming for an impossible dream. But heck yeah, who knows right?! 😉

  86. I would like to travel with my best friend who I haven’t travelled with yet. This travel hostel bus is what happens to be exactly what I wanted. Roadtrip+adventure+new friends=ultimate travel experience. Most of the time we go abroad and I only started to see the other islands of the Philippines last year and I’m hooked! This travel opportunity will be a perfect way to experience more of the PH and see beyond the normal tourist track. I would also love to be able to share this experience through my blog so a lot more people will be enthused to travel around the PH.

  87. Akira Asano


  88. Marvin Andrew M. Marasigan

    i would love to have a roadtrip with my wife angela and my 1 year old son messi… i’m sure it would be one the most coolsome experience we will ever have as a family…. travel is the best way to stimulate all our senses…. 8D

  89. Len

    I would love to travel with my parents. We once took a road trip around North Luzon. We went to 7 different provinces, saw 2 World Heritage Sites, stayed in 4 different hotels and had the best time of our lives. I hope to travel with them again before I get married next year.

  90. Gino

    I’d love to join simply because there’s so much more of the Philippines I have yet to see. And travelling with like-minded people inside a bus would be the best way to see it. 🙂

  91. Marie

    I want to travel with my best bud, my boyfriend. I want him to realize that to travel is the only expense that makes you richer. And this trip will sure make him relax and forget about stress even on the road for hours!!

  92. Tiffy

    I would absolutely love to go on this epic road trip with my two bestfriends, because we all share a passion for travelling to see the world. We have been talking about going on an epic roadtrip around the Philippines forever, and this seems like an excellent way to do just that!

    We’re all graduating soon (in March!!) and this would be the most amazing way to celebrate the end of our academic lives.

  93. TinKy

    I would like to travel in this unusual way with my husband and three boys. I believe that better than books, this will teach my children about the history and culture of the Philippines and will ignite their love for their own country. We have never had an experience like this together, and hope to have one soon! Kudos to you at Experience Philippines! I pray for your continued success in sharing the wonders of our country in this unique way!

  94. Lou Bautista

    I would love to travel with my boyfriend. This will be the perfect birthday gift for him on March 21. He would definitely love to try this since we love going out exploring the Philippines and experiencing a different kind of adventure. Traveling in a hostel bus is like making your dreams come true — waking up in a beautiful place you never thought you’ll be able to go to and becomes more memorable with your special someone beside you 🙂

  95. I really love travelling. As much as possible, I do trips every month. This will definitely be a milestone in my travelling life especially if I could bring my 2 brothers and my GoPro. To rest at night and wake up to a spot is a dream of every traveler; no time is wasted. I hope to be able to have this experience. Thank you very much!

  96. Vanny Roño

    This is just an answered prayer in the making!! I just posted a map last week showing the 16 day IT from luzon to mindanao as I really wanted to experience the ultimate roadtrip here in our country! Sabi ko sa friends ko it has to be by bus para talang backpacker style roadtrip! But we were uncertain if we can ever pull it off. Then came this article!! I hope you can be our answered prayer by choosing me and 4 of best girl friends to experience this once in a lifetime experience!♡ so please please please choose us.♡♡♡

  97. Yvette Dimla

    I would love to travel with my college buddies because my birthday in on March and I would like to spend my special day with them because soon, we will graduate and we won’t see each other that often anymore. So I would like to take this chance, so that we can bond and create memories that will last us a lifetime.

  98. Love Bracks Lucasia

    I would like to travel with my partner in life,so that before he will go abroad to work for us we could spend time together and we can experience the best vacation ever together.. and if we will be lucky to be picked atleadt our 1st year is very unforgetable..

  99. Ange Jo

    I would like to travel with my boyfriend and YOLO buddies since this may be the last quarter of the year I would ever get the chance to experience this kind of traveling in the Philippines. Sad to say, I will be migrating to another country. As a wanderlust, I’ve been wishing for something like this to appear in the Philippines ever since I experienced the sleeper bus while traveling from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. It was such a great convenience! I can just imagine the luxurious sleep we’ve always longed for when traveling at night bound for Baguio. Because we needed all the sleep and rest we could get for a major climb in the early morning upon arrival in the said destination

  100. Mara

    I want to travel with my long-distance boyfriend. We’ve been together for two years and though we’re in the same country, we don’t get a lot of time together because of the nature of our jobs’ schedules (hospital work) and how far away we live from each other. This would help a lot in giving us a chance to learn about each other while we learn about the world and the walks of life of its other inhabitants.

  101. Anjelica

    I would go with my partner. This would help us promote tourism in the Philippines with our #followmeto followers and would love to help you get sponsors. 😉

  102. Marest Alim

    I would definitely love to travel with my sister as we both love to travel but she’s currently busy with her thesis so it’s difficult for us to book trips until she graduates this summer. Traveling on a hostel bus would definitely be one of the best travel experiences we would ever have as the experience in itself is already extraordinary. It’ll literally be a breath of fresh air for us as we don’t usually travel by bus, we always look forward to the amenities of a hotel, and we don’t meet many people when we travel as we always go on trips with our family. Imagine seeing a number of beautiful spots in the Philippines, on a hostel-on-wheels with other people who share the same wanderlust as you. It would surely be one for the books!

  103. Jenica ann

    i would like to travel with my cousin, because we’ve been always planning to go on a trip but it was always canceled because of lack of cheap decent hotels/hostels in some province and how expensive to travel and explore the philippines. If ever we got a chance to be one of the firsts to try the bus that would be awesome because it is truly a one of a kind experience experience way of traveling. Roadtrip + comfy bed + sights + good company = awesome vacation

  104. I would love to travel with my whole family and love ones with this extraordinary hostel bus since we haven’t had a chance to have a reunion for years now. This opportunity, perhaps, will help us gather all together because of this unique experience – roadtrip in a hostel bus!!!!! This would be our best memory of a lifetime!!!

  105. Jun Luna

    I would like to travel with my girl. This will be a great gift to her and for the both of us since we love to travel different places in the Philippines and trying different foods; and were planning to take it to the next level by going farther and father and this is perfect!:D

  106. Lyzette Siazar

    I would like to travel on a hostel bus with my special someone because we love traveling and experiencing new things! 🙂 Also, this trip would help us strengthen our bond! Being a part of the few lucky ones who will get to join the trip + new discoveries + new friends + element of surprise + hassle-free and unique travel experience = one epic road trip that is definitely one for the books! 😀 We are aiming to visit lots of places this year and if given the chance, this one-of-a-kind road trip will indeed be a great way to start satisfying our wanderlust! 🙂

  107. josine

    I would like to travel with my family. We’ve never been complete in a domestic trip before and this would be the perfect opportunity. Somewhat like an rv! 🙂 This would be an awesome way to explore the country and discover its beauty!

  108. I would love to travel with my mom who just turned 50 last November. Since then, she has made it a point to catch up on life by declaring this year her bucket list year! So far she has ridden topload on a jeepney, swung on vines to the falls, jumped a 30 ft cliff, hiked to batad, and done the cave connection in sagada. It would be nice to see more of the Philippines with her on the first ever mobile hostel!

  109. carmina janine lozada

    I would definitely love to have this once in a lifetime experience with my family, especially my mom. She’s a cancer survivor. She stands as our mom and dad in one. She’s been through a lot. All those therapies cured her, sure, but left her with the worst scar a person can have. She’s having trauma almost with everything. We’re supposed to have a family outing last summer in Palawan, she backed out the night before our flight. She can’t even travel for long drive trips. It makes her scared of riding the plane, she’s avoiding long drive but she loves the beach so much. I want to give her the best vacation she deserves for all the things she’s gone through and did for us to live the best life we can have. Im hoping to get the chance to win this and let her travel again with comfort (which i know will be provided with the help of this travel bus. God bless 🙂

  110. Dayne

    Because I need a reason to get out of the four walls of office and school and do and feel something different. With no barriers of expenses, lack of company, geographical dilemmas, and time… getting out of everything will have to take this extraordinary of an experience.

  111. Joy

    It would be really nice go on a long and leisurely trip with the family. It would be a great time for bonding and creating treasured memories that we’ll never get tired of reminiscing. What better way to learn about and appreciate our country and all the good it has to offer than to enjoy the experience with your loved ones.


    I would like to travel the country with my officemate/sister from another mother. She is the introvert type and I am the bubbly one. We may be total opposites but I really want us to join this trip so that I could help her unleash her inner traits. I do not want her to change but to be exposed instead to the different types of people around us. I also would like us to be together in experiencing this wonderful journey since we both love to travel and we both want to be adventurous even just for a few days. We would like to meet new people and be part of a once in a lifetime experience.

  113. john Nicolle Bueno

    I wanna travel with my bestfriend. I am a college instructor majoring in tourism. And as a new teacher, this kind of new experience will help me to see what is beyond the true beauty of the Philippines and share the experience to a lot of people to create awareness and interest in travelling in our country. I love to travel and experience new things and I believe that this one would be the best. I am always proud of the excellent geographical structure of the our country and the rich culture we have, and having an opportunity to experience it first hand will be a perfect way to promote the tourism in the Philippines through word of mouth. Cause I believe that the best way to promote something is through sharing your true great experience with everyone.

  114. Patrice

    I would like to travel with my bestfriend because it’s definitely a blast when I’m with her!! 🙂 I would like to travel on a hostel bus because it’s a totally new and unique way to see the Philippines. This travel hostel bus would definitely step up the game and change everyone’s perspective about traveling and exploring!

  115. Jeanne

    Wow. This is really wow.
    Of course, I would love to travel. And for this type of adventure, I’ll be choosing my friends (1o), where sleepless nights will be awesome cruisin’ with the stars and unlike the kind of nights we’re experiencing nowadays because of thesis.
    Wishing that we’ll be experincing this one of a kind adventure soon! 🙂

  116. My boyfriend is not just the typical boyfriend, he’s a best friend, a brother, someone I’m comfortable being myself with! So I’d choose him to be with me in this once in a lifetime adventure! He made me realize that life has a lot to offer, and this, I’d like to experience with him. This will be one of the best ways to show him how thankful I am for all the love he’s been giving me. Another “legendary” experience with my love!!!

  117. I would like to travel with my ultimate travel buddies — my college friends. It has been a tradition of ours to choose one destination in the philippines every year to explore. What started as a simple after-thesis getaway eventually became a yearly bonding tradition. I would love for us to travel on the Travel Hostel Bus because this will allow us to bring more people in our adventure and for us to explore more islands in the philippines. The idea of having a travel hostel bus will allow us to visit more places in a shorter time compared to our usual hostel, allowing more time for bonding and exploration..

  118. Kevin

    Wow! This is very cool! Of course, If I would be given a chance to travel and have some adventure, i would like to do it together with my family. I would like to give my parents some vacation time since they are always working. A little getaway or adventure will surely give them time to relax and just have fun. Travelling around different places is very fun especially if you are with your loved ones!! 🙂 Just like anyone would say “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

  119. Van Topacio

    I would love to travel with anyone, or even by myself (it’s happened already a couple of times before, first was in Sagada, and the other in Palawan when I just wanted to see the underground river for my birthday at random). As for the Travel Hostel Bus, or Experience Philippines as a whole for that matter, is such a brilliant idea, that if I were to go with my friends, relatives, or a mix of both, It would be a venue for us to bond even more. But what truly captured my interest on this is the randomness of both the destination and the company.

    Bottom line of this is that I really love to travel and experience new things, food, culture etc. and the opportunity to meet other people of similar interests, thus the purpose of the travel hostel bus and experience philippines perfectly matches my needs and that is why I would like to be part of it!

  120. Krisville

    I have been travelling with my friends and sometimes I travel alone but I’ve never really been able to travel with my little sister. One time she was in Singapore with a friend. On their last night there, she called me up. Trying her best not to cry, she kept repeating how she wished I was with her and that on her next trip, we should be travelling together. After that, I promised her that I”ll bring her on my next destination. Since I was a child, i have always dreamed of turning a bus into a home so I could go wherever I want to go. Since I know that dream is not yet possible for now, being able to to experience this would somehow make my not-yet-feasible dream feasible. 🙂

  121. Maria Teresa Salta

    Awesome and only in the Philippines! It will be amazing to experience this before I retire. I’m in my 50’s and looking forward to going around our beautiful country without the hassle of finding and transferring hotels. I’d like to experience this with my travel buddies, Rha, Magsie and Jae

  122. To visit all the bookstore in the Philippines would be my main goal! And I’d love to bring along any willing bookworm with me! For a #readingnation!

  123. Frances Katherine Miraflor-Antonio

    I would really like to travel with my family. The last time all of us went on a vacation was way back when my siblings were still in their elementary years. And that was just a trip to a nearby beach. Now that I’m working and they’re in college and now that we’re living in different cities, not to mention our parents who are not that young anymore (thus, when you say travel, they immediately think of how tiring it would be) we don’t get to travel as a family anymore. As I result, I usually travel with friends. This time, I would like to share with them the wonders of traveling and the fun of seeing new places. As this bus will be providing for all our needs during the trip, my parents would surely enjoy it and won’t feel the hassle. This would really be one epic family vacation for us! 🙂

  124. Mandy

    Being a geologist, I’ve been used to seeing the marvelous landscapes across the Philippines in bumpy, four-wheel drive vehicles. Primarily, we go to different places to study the geology, so appreciating the scenery in a touristy perspective is secondary. I’d love to be able to share a trip with fellow geologist-friends who share the same passion as I have, but in a more laid back mood — not our usual frantic pace of observing as much geological features as we could in a tight schedule. A trip like this one would definitely give us a more spiritual and patriotic appreciation of our country’s natural wonders!

  125. Bien Rubia

    Wow! One of a kind trip and only in the Philippines! I would like to experience this ride anytime soon. Our country has a lot to offer and travelling around would be my greatest pleasure. Please count me in on this Hostel Bus ride 🙂

  126. The moment i saw the picture of this ride, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen.. I would love to travel inside this cozy fabulous bus with the only adventurous person i know, and that would be my bestfriend. A memories that we will make for years. Last thing, I am going to take a lot of pictures, and I need someone who know which side I look best. lol

  127. I would love to travel with my love because it will sure be a lot of fun to travel with him! And to top it, we would have the grandest time, no doubt, in the hostel bus!

  128. Jean

    I want to travel with my soon to be husband. I want US to see the beauty of our country and experience the diversion of our culture in every places this hostel bus will bring us. I believe we will know each other more in this road trip and the joy of traveling together.

  129. I am getting married this year. Been planning it since i got engaged last year. We’ve been thinking about our pre nupt, on where to do it and what to do. We both love travelling with our loved ones. And when i saw this post, i really got excited and wanted to try this. this is it! This is the best pre nupt idea we have. We will be more glad because we will be the first one to try this too. I cant wait! This will also be a good bridal shower/stag party bus 🙂 love it already! 🙂

  130. First of all, this is such an awesome idea! Would love to travel with my best friend because I believe adventures should be shared with the best people and this is definitely one for the books! The Philippines cannot be covered in a month or two but this project helps us do it one kilometer at a time. Our country has too many beautiful places and has so many awesome people so this is definitely a great way to explore the unexplored and to familiarize with our community. More power!

  131. Baby Gervie Bauer

    Knowing that I am about to travel in a hostel bus already makes me sick. Sick in a sense that this will be done for the first time here in the Philippines and being the first is a lasting experience. I can only see that the memories will fly a lifetime.
    Of course, I want to travel with my special someone but since I haven’t found him yet, I am willing to travel with new like minded people, who loves fun, and adventure. In God’s grace, if this hostel bus will become a success, that’s will be a pride of the Filipinos in travel industry and being part of it is such a privilege. Even though I can be a part of this first ride or not, I am wishing this great idea a success, to all those visionaries, that make this come into fruition, kudos to you all, i believe this is just a beginning.

  132. Being an introvert and a busy nurse, I just travel by reading books, watching documentaries, and riding through my imagination. I admit that I’ve never seen life as it is and I wonder the difference of the real world and what it can offer. I would love to share this wonderful road trip with my socially active partner who is very adventurous and energetic to learn everything in life. I know we have differences but despite that we never stop teaching and helping each other on what we can offer. Having this moment with the one you love is the best thing that you can offer to the world and to yourselves. I believe that we will really appreciate God’s wonders and this will be possible because of the travel hostel bus. Travelling from our mind to the real world would be just so exciting and it just brings power back to our lives and it is best when we start our journey from our home country, the Philippines! Thank you!

  133. Irene

    I want to travel with my partner. We’ve been together for 7years but we haven’t had a chance to travel to far places (not even in Baguio or tagaytay). We’d like to take this opportunity to travel and experience the beautiful places in our country cause I know it’s gonna be difficult for us to travel. Thank you.

  134. Wow!!! I love this idea!!! cruising on land onboard a bus that serves as accommodation and tour bus as one?! Amazing!!! As one of the Fun Ambassadors, I look forward trying this First Travel Hostel Bus in the Philippines and share to the world why IT”S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!!! Who shall I tag along? Hmmm… Anyone who’s willing to experience the Philippines onboard the bus! This is sooooo cool!!!

  135. I have a big mole on my left foot. And as the filipino belief says, “a person who has a mole on his/her foot loves to travel…AKA gala!” Yep, that’s me. I have this natural desire to explore and discover new place, meeting and discovering new friends and experiences along the way. I’ve been to some PH destinations with friends. But lately, i’ve been into solo travelling. Why? Because I have full control on my time, and i get to spend less by immersing myself into the culture and daily life in the place i’m visiting,i.e. taking the public transpo, take a ship instead of plane, eating at a carinderia, staying at hostels/homestays, walking along the streets, etc. I also get to meet and talk to some random stranger and meet new friends which I think is the best and most memorable part..Also, a major factor why i prefer to travel solo is because my (current) circle of friends are not that as adventurous as me. They have a sprinkle of wanderlust in their bodies but I have a jar full of wanderlust sprinkies and some in my pocket, bag, socks, etc.!

    SO, to answer the question “who would you like to travel with?”… I can’t specify. I can and I want to travel with anyone who has the same level of adventure cells in the body and who is open-minded to discover and be drowned with the new adventures and moments along the way.

    “why you want to travel on a travel hostel bus?” Astig yan! New way of travelling the country! Parang PBB Bus Edition! The participants will get to discover 2 types of destinations: 1. Destination AKA the place where they are going to(literal na destination); and 2. Destination to your co-traveller’s character and personality (the journey).

  136. Paulette

    I want to discover more of the Philippines with my friends who are just as excited about making learning more and making wonderful memories. This will be the trip of a lifetime and I’d be excited to share with the amazing people in my life 🙂

  137. Charina Tingson

    Traveling is what my mom and I love the most. Even just outside of our house, we feel like that we have already traveled across the country. It would be a great moment of my life to share this experience with my mom.,

  138. Wayne Chalom

    I want to travel with random Pinays and random people! Why? Because bus travelling is awesome and as many people know, the only reason to go from A to B is to see whats inbetween! Ive been travelling for a bit of time and Ive learned that the most random people are the most fun, thats why Id want to travel with anyone!! Im coming back to the Phillippines late Feb/Early March and this seems like the most awesome way to experience areas of the Phillippines and the people! Rock on!

  139. I would love to experience the Hostel Bus with my friends/colleagues in Move Manila. We’re a group who’s super passionate about the street dance culture/hip hop culture here in the Philippines. I personally would love to give and share our passion of dance to our ( travel buddies ) and hopefully to the locals as well 🙂

    I think this is the perfect opportunity for us to do that!

    Oh! And we take awesome videos too! :3

    If ever we get chosen. We’ll make a reaaaaally nice recap of this adventure! 🙂 🙂

    ( we’re funny and we dance a lot. hopefully it brings a different vibe to the adventure haha! )

    – Ayel

  140. I am a travel agent and This is an innovation of for the Philippine Tourism. I would like to join this travel for me (and companions) to experience firsthand and be able to promote it on our list of tour destinations / means of travel. This is a great opportunity to strengthen our tourism, and provide more comfortable ways to travel.. We are promoting the Fun in the Philippines and this idea spells F-U-N. More people will benefit from this like those who really travel to far away provinces and those who just loves the journey. When we travel, we usually do the Sleeping in the seat and its uncomfortable. So to be able to here that something like this comes up, its amazing convenient! Also when we eat, we can sometimes get food on the one beside us, so having a pantry & kitchen will be really helpful. I would love to travel with my partner in life and work, my husband. He shares my travels with me and we love to go places. Other than my husband, I will bring along our Teddy Bear, named TOBI. She is my icon for travel, whom the travel agency’s name was based upon. It will be a good journey and Exciting!

  141. I wanna travel with my bestfriend! 🙂 I am not really fond of traveling, but I would love to travel with her. If given the chance, it would be the best chance to tell her how I truly feel <3

  142. I would love to travel with my bestfriend! I am not really fond of traveling, but she does! I would love to love what she loves! It would also be a great way to maybe tell her how I truly feel! 😉 <3 Khamown!

  143. I would like to try this revolutionary concept with random interesting travelers I have yet to meet and LA Madridejos, my personal travel photographer to capture all the fun that will be!

    I have a personal travelthon mission of ticking off all 80 provinces of the Philippines, and this could be the vehicle, literally and figuratively (that I did not imagine), to achieve that!

    What a wonderful experience to share to all travelers!

    Hope you guys make this happen, and make it sooo great! 😀


  144. I would most definitely like to travel with my Bestfriend to calm our wanderlust hearts. Nothing beats all the crazy adventures we have been through travelling from place to place enjoying, laughing, dying from leg pain from walking, getting lost, eating good food, meeting new people and being thankful to be able to see the beautiful world.

  145. Ana May Lampa

    I’d like to have the chance to experience this unique travel adventure with my partner, Lei as we always consider travelling as our reward for the hardwork we have to put up in 365 days. Well everyone deserve some pampering I agree. So if you are generous enough to give the free trip to a bunch of other people would’nt that be a bonus

  146. Frieda Anne Faeldog

    looks soooo exciting! I’d love to do this with my family, bestfriend and ministry co-workers! ^_^

  147. Rachel

    I want to travel with my best friend. This travel hostel bus is something new to experience and I’m sure we’ll gonna enjoy the whole ride. 🙂

  148. Loreta Lupo

    Me and my husband have been working from home for several years now and we don’t really get to have more time traveling, vacation and all that. This will definitely give us a chance of a lifetime to travel with my daughter and my mother who, because of old age and fall accident, has difficulties travelling. Traveling is one way to bond with her but because of her situation, it makes the whole experience frustrating not only for her but for everyone slse. So this wondeful idea of staying in a mobile hotel is spot-on! It would definitely prove that everybody can travel, even the l as long as you’re on this bus.

  149. Krisel Quitilen

    In less than two months, we will be graduating from college. Our barkada has been always up for adventure and it just makes me tear up a little bit thinking about going our separate ways. Given the chance to experience this bus ride hopefully will not put an end to our bonding but a beginning to our lifelong adventure!

  150. Loreta Lupo

    Me and my husband have been working from home for several years now and we don’t really get to have more time traveling, vacation and all that. This will definitely give us a chance of a lifetime to travel with my daughter and my mother who, because of old age and fall accident, has difficulties travelling. Traveling is one way to bond with her but because of her situation, it makes the whole experience frustrating not only for her but for everyone slse. So this wondeful idea of staying in a mobile hotel is spot-on! It would definitely prove that everybody can travel, even persons with less abilities long as they’re on this bus.

  151. Cha Cabayan

    I want to travel with my best friend and one of my closest travel buddies. I’m not new to travelling the country, but I haven’t travelled with my best friend yet. This will surely be a new experience to her, and a milestone in our looooong friendship!

  152. Jess Alvaro

    i would like to experience this kind of trip with the Best travel buddies of my life and Im pretty sure that this would be a blast, a New experience and a moment that will last forever in our history.

  153. I want to travel with my husband, my daughter, and some of the closest family and friends. It will be a joy to be with the people who were there for us during the days that we were still boyfriend/girlfriend until the day we got married and had a kid. It’s a way of thanking them for being there for us and at the same time making memories about the journey itself and not just the destination.

  154. Having travelled to 37 European cities (in a span of 4 months) 4 years ago, and a quick trip to New York last year, it’s about time my favorite travel buddies (namely Kwi, Renan, Aira, Jia, Sam and cam) and I explore more of our home country this year (as we actually made a pact amongst ourselves to travel local this 2015!)

    Being hard-core backpackers, we’ve experienced sleeping in hostels, buses, trains, and even airports. This travel hostel bus will definitely be perfect for adventures!

  155. I would like to travel with my whole family and my boyfriend. I am the only one in my family who loves to travel, and I want them to get out of their comfort zone – Metro Manila. For my dad, who has worked to hard to provide us with our needs; for my mom, who has been attending to my personal needs since I was born, who has not experience travelling to far places; for my brother, who has an interest in travelling but could not afford it yet (He has only been working for a year); and for my boyfriend, for both of us to enjoy this experience together.

  156. i’d love to do this with my friends and family. i’d love to travel on a hostel bus because it is going to be a new experience for me. and my friends and i are going to document every moment. my friends and i were planning on making a travel series to be posted on youtube.

  157. Jeff Canlas

    I would like to travel with my wife and son. Ever since having our son, we haven’t had much time and opportunity to travel because I have to consider both comfort and safety of my family. Another thing is, as parents would know, having a very young kid in tow during travel isn’t really that fun :p This would be a relaxing way to travel without having to worry about things :).

  158. Carlos B.

    I would to go on an adventure with my 6 friends because I want to discover the diversity of the people in the Philippines. I want to learn from them and I want to share that knowledge with my friends who weren’t able to experience such so that in the future, they would be able to appreciate the things that Filipinos have.

  159. i would love to travel with my travel buddy. Which is my partner 🙂 If i will be given a chance. This is a dream come true. Im starting my journey to travel the entire philippines since 2013. Thats why I created my travel blogsite to encourge both locals and foreigners to travel Philippines. This will help me to promote our country more. Whenever I travel i always make sure that Ill make an impact if needed. My last travel from cebu, I saw how bantayan has been neglected. When it comes to cleaning the sea shore. I even do a clean up every morning to clean the sea area. But i know my efforts arent enough to make a big change. So I immediately coordinate with local goverment, denr and dot my concern. Glady i got a response from dot regional director. That they will check my concerns. Im also devoted my time in answering emails and concerns from foreigners planning to travel to the Philippines. To sum up, i believe this would help me, once given an opportunity to write more about the Philippines and share my experiences worldwide.

  160. Jen

    I hope the creators will give me a chance to travel with my boyfriend Andrew, who is a Russian. Right now we are in Thailand and will go Philippines anytime soon. He really likes to travel in our country and this may be a great opportunity for him if he will travel first time in the Phil in the most exciting way! And it will be more likable if I can bring with me my cousins like we do before.

  161. Rina

    I would like to travel with my boyfriend. We love adventure – hiking, spelunking, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, etc. We’ve been to many different places in the Philippines but this I think would be a new and awesome experience for us. And the concept of going on a RANDOM road trip really excites me! I’m sure he’d love it, too! Plus, we get to meet other backpackers, which would make the trip even cooler.

  162. I would surely love to travel with my family, friends, and travel buddies and this first ever hostel bus in the country would truly be lovely! Such a clever idea actually! On my first trip with this hostel bus, (I know for sure it won`t be the last!) I`d rather be alone and share the experience with other people I`d get to be with on the bus. I have this thing of going out there alone, meet strangers from different walks of life, and after, I`ll be coming back with a new set of friends that I have just met who have taught me a lot and get to be with creating moments along the whole trip. Then I`ll be coming home seeing things more differently. Of which such awesome trip, I would tell my families, friends, travel buddies, and the whole world about. And we`ll all be coming back to ride on that amazing bus again for another adventure worth remembering. It`s really nice because this hostel bus would yet be another good proof that, “It`s not all about the destination we aim for in our lives, sometimes it`s the journey that got us there that we will remember and cherish the most.” The Philippines is a really beautiful country and we Filipinos, deserve to discover and explore that beauty. Salute for such amazing project! All the best! To roadt rips! To adventures! To discovering the Philippines!


  163. Jennalyn De Jesus

    I will be very excited to travel with my family thru this new comfy, sosy road trip idea. Awesome. This is going to be our first travel together if ever Ill be picked. This will serve also as a once in a lifetime experience with my love ones and something that we will be grateful of because we can atlas have the chance to enjoy, relax, laugh, tell stories, experience adventures together. Looking forward.

  164. I have always believed in the beauty of our country. I think that there is so much to explore, talk about, and indulge in. I feel guilty that I haven’t been in many local places but this year, I really commit in taking part of a colorful journey with my country.


  165. I would love to experience the first Philippine’s travel hostel bus with my colleagues in the academe. Every vacation (semestral break and summer), we make it a point to travel, that is to discover the countless beautiful destination this country has to offer. In fact, we’ve been travel buddies for almost three years now. We travel not only to explore but also to learn new things beyond the four corners of the room because we believe that “experience would always be the best teacher.” What a great discussion we have back in class because we are able to engage our students thru our experiences and most of the time sharing them our photographs (created with It’s more fun in the Philippines meme). And later on, would let them participate by doing also their own version of It’s more fun in the Philippines meme showcasing their recent travel adventure. It’s simply our way of promoting Philippines. If given the chance to be on board the first travel hostel bus in the country, this could mean another escapade mixed with fun and learning trip for us, plus the fact that nothing can really replace the unique lifetime experiences travelling has to offer. It’s surely another perfect gateway to promote Philippines.

    Check our for our 70 reasons why it’s more fun in the Philippines with our photo memes here: https://www.facebook.com/shariff.eboy/media_set?set=a.10200738700368953.1073741836.1205373855&type=3

  166. this got me so excited! I’d love to ride this seriously awesome bus with my travel barkada (aka Summer Breakers ehehehe) I love exploring the places this country has to offer and I think with this crazy cool bus traveling would be ten times more fun!

  167. Livy

    This is so insane! What I mean, this is really amazing idea! Of course I want to travel with my newly found partner. I love traveling and I really I want him to experience the life to the fullest and for me this is a great opportunity to really get to know each other! Be your first guest will such an honor and I’m really excited to travel with you guys! See yah! 🙂

  168. This is freaking amazing!! I would love to travel in this bus with my daughter! She is my best friend and we do everything together. It is our dream to have an RV and take roadtrips but that is way too expensive! With the travel bus, we are a step away to fulfilling that dream.

  169. Pocho Espiritu

    I would like to travel on this bus with my best friend. No better way to see the country and its beauty than with your best friend in tow.

  170. RUTH CRUZ

    This has been one of my ultimate dreams…to travel and explore places in our country in a road trip that I will never forget. My friends and I have been daydreaming about traveling one day in an old bus converted into bunk beds. We got the idea from here: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/28569778857798560/ Thanks to you, this dream might become a reality! Kudos to your group for doing this!

  171. Billy

    i want to ride in this bus with my friends and love ones and have the greatest time of my life that i can share to everyone. Also i want to say to the world “this is the beauty of the philippines so why travel to other countries if the beauty of nature you are looking for is here in our own country!”.

  172. margenia Padecio

    wow!astig to for the first time mgkakaroon na ng hostel bus to dito sa pinas!sanasana maka experience nmn kami dyn ng friend ko na si vani!i love travelling around the Philippines isa yan sa mga pangapangarap ko!sana makasama kami sa malaking opurtunidad na yan!

  173. Dayan

    I want to travel with my mother and father just the fact that they haven’t experienced this kind of thing. I want to give them the best things in life in return for all of the things that they have done for me. I want them to have the relaxation and happiness that this tour may bring. As for myself i can still walk and run for miles to have fun and enjoy the beautiful things but my parents can’t, how can they do that when they are old. All i want is for them to relax while looking for the perfect natural landscape of the Philippines

  174. Maki Santos

    Travelling and exploring the Philippines has always been one of my top priorities even if I`m still a student at the University of the Philippines. I`ve been to countless places in the Philippines (popular and not) and being given a chance to be part of the first road trippers using the hostel bus would be another check off my bucketlist. The thought of spending a weekend with a bunch of people I have never met but with the same thirst for adventure excites me so much! I hope to bring my cousin, Nadine who has been my travel buddy since Day 1 to share this experience with me if given a chance. By being part of this, I hope to be able to encourage other people to explore the Philippines and develop the kind of love I have for our country.

  175. Camille

    I’d like to travel with my mom. She’d always tell me that she wants to go to different places, but she just can’t afford it yet because she has to send my siblings to school. My mom and I have different personalities so we don’t get along as much as I would like us to. They say you’d get to know someone better when you travel with them. This would be a good opportunity for me and my mom to bond as well as for her to take a break from all the stress of raising kids.

  176. IsangSZ

    i’m a solo traveler/backpacker. most of my travels are outside of the philippines and i always stay in hostels. i would like to see more of the philippines. with this travel hostel bus, it would be a total package in which i can see the philippines with the hostel experience while on the road 🙂

  177. Jay

    I would travel with my crazy travel buddies. It would be fun traveling with people who are not afraid to try new and crazy things, eat foods/delicacies/a specialty of a certain place, and learn new dialect and culture from another tribe. We once explored Basilan and Zamboanga together but if given the chance to travel on a bus hostel around the country, it would be crazy fun!

  178. I’d love to travel with my partner who got me to go with him on a roadtrip to La Union and back–my first backpacking trip and it was the best! We had such good food. He knew where to go because he used to live there. I’d also love to go around with a bunch of good-spirited strangers, get to each other and ourselves better as the trip progresses. I’d love to share the experience with someone I know and am close to and with people I’m not, but have the chance to get to know and make connections. I love the idea of a hostel on wheels and how it’s gone the extra mile (haha) and is all for supporting grassroots economies, something very important (and often under-appreciated) for local tourism and development.

  179. Jemina Avriya

    I want to travel with my #LLLL (High school barkada) and my younger sister because when the time comes we were old and gray we’ll have something to tell our grand children about our good old days and a proof that indeed, high school friends are for keeps.

  180. Patricia Almeda

    I have always wanted to explore the world and witness the beauty of nature and different cultures combined. The end of the year opened my life to new and better adventures (having graduated on time and having passed the licensure examinations). Last December 30, I found out I won a painting entitled ‘Flight’. I took it as a sign and promised myself that in the incoming year, I would to that painting justice. This is why I’d like to try this new travel experience with the guy who’s been supporting me from day 1. 🙂

  181. Gretchel

    I’d like to travel with anyone who plans to go into Philippine national politics one day. It doesn’t matter whether I know that person or not. What better way to know the country you plan to help rule one day than by seeing every corner of it and knowing what life is like for all Filipinos. As for why I’d like to travel in a travel hostel bus, well, it would give me some sense of permanence even though I’d be perpetually mobile. And it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. But, question, wouldn’t it help local economies more if the van travelers actually patronize some of the local hotels? It would be god for local business.

  182. Madeline Mina

    I would love to experience travelling aboard the Travel Hostel Bus with my parents, my brother who is a special child and my travel buddy – my boyfriend. My parents and my brother are having a hard time to travel for long hours but with the Travel Hostel Bus, I have no doubt that they will enjoy the entire ride.

  183. Shanine Frances Lesaca

    I would love to travel on this hostel bus with my bestfriend. We’ve been through a lot of travels together, and a year doesn’t pass by without us doing a bit of “soul searching”. Time to get away from the city, workloads, and from boyfriends! I’ve missed her ever since she had one. I know my reason sounds childish but I hope to get this chance of a lifetime with my travel buddy. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  184. Dourcas

    I would love to travel with my mom and partner. My mom is a workaholic and has never traveled for leisure. It’s also been a year since my partner and I went out of town. Travelling on a travel hostel bus is an experience we’ll surely cherish, especially my mom who just survived cancer.

  185. Rother

    I’d like to travel with my life partner Ian. We want to experience the real thrill of travelling by travelling by land. Seeing every step of the way. Like what I believe in, the journey is more important than the destination. The long journey by land makes this trip extra special and we’ll never know what we’ll encounter in between destinations which makes this more exciting. Being able to sense every minute details of the journey is an enriching experience. We want to travel on a travel hostel bus to experience the journey, not just to reach the destination.

  186. Luzille

    I would love to travel with my family! We used to go on land trips often. We even went to Ormoc from Manila(took us 3 days!) and that was a blast!. Last one was 2012 and i think that was it. Mom got sick, spinal tuberculosis, and she’s not comfortable sitting for long hours anymore. Dad too, with kidney stones 🙁 I would love to give them a chance to do what they love and travel again… that’s why I want to travel with the Hostel Bus. With the beds, toilets and all.. This way they could get to travel AGAIN without getting too ‘stressed’. Im sure they’re gonna treasure it forever! 🙂

  187. Desiree

    Philippines has many undiscovered places and I wanna see it before my eyes with my travel buddies from We are Funtastic Philippines. This will really help our advocacy to promote Philippine tourism and to show the world that its still more FUN in the Philippine!

  188. RUTH

    I would love to be part of this innovation in traveling! I used to travel in a few occasions with my friends; but when I had my children, travel became a luxury. It would be really great if my family and I could try this random trip, so together, we could see the beauty of our country and experience a great adventure with other travelers as well. Great job for putting up an awesome project!

  189. I want to try the travel hostel bus with my best friend Jonah! Whenever I travel, I feel like much of the time is wasted on sleeping in hotels and travelling from point A to point B just to explore what the city can offer. And now I think I’ve found the answer to this problem with the travel hostel bus! You save time by mixing travelling with sleeping or simply relaxing while enjoying the view so you can spend much of your precious free hours exploring the country, immersing yourself in the culture, meeting new people, and finding hidden treasures. It’s lovely, really. Plus it’s such a rad idea to revive the RV concept and enjoy travelling the 60’s hippie style.

    Looking forward to travelling with you guys! <3

  190. alia bangui

    My travel Addikkks friends, we’ve been travelling together every year every holyweek since 1998. We are all lovers and followers of Joey de Leon’s TITE philosophy…Trabaho, Ipon, Travel, Enjoy. Work our asses off, save then come holyweek we travel and enjoy and yes on the cheapest possible adventure we can afford on. We are backpackers, we are adventurers, we love off the beaten paths. We’d die just to experience this…..

  191. shaun

    I have never explored the Philippines yet! it will be great to see sights and experience the ultimate adventure ever!

  192. anonymous

    All my days, I’ve spent cooped up in my office working to get paid and attempt to reach my own dreams. but at the same time unmotivated to move, or do my own work given my social interactions with the office. Which is why, I really wish that I could get a chance to experience something new, something unimaginable. I wish that I could experience this event wherein I could break boundaries and all the while escape the confines of my usual days. For me, the thrill, the adventure would be a good way to relax and find myself once again, I’d bring either my dad, whose still hurting from the annulment, or my mother, who is slowly getting back on her feet. My brothers, or maybe even my boyfriend as thanks for sticking by me no matter what kind of shit I become or get into. I like the fact that this opportunity gives us a chance to enjoy the journey itself, other than the destination. I hope that I get picked, for it’ll give me a chance to live out an “ideal” life, a life that’s enjoyed every step of the way until that time when we care not about the destination but only the moment itself.

  193. Aila

    I would like to travel with my sister. We’ve been planning a lot to go to different places but we always end up not going. I’m hoping if we ever got the chance to be chosen this will be our first EPIC Travel Experience. Hooray! Just imagine meeting new people and travelling equals learning from them and learning from the travel experience itself. & I always believed that ‘we should invest in life experiences rather than on material things’ 🙂 Wohooo! 🙂

  194. Jade Tadeo

    I want to travel woth my favorite travel buddies. We want to experience this one hella ride! This is our dream, the way we imagine our future roadtrips!

  195. susana tanierla

    I would love to travel with my friends..we are a public school high school teachers that love to travel every time we have an opportunity to travel..it will be very relaxing for us if u will let us experience that kind of tour.Thanks, hope we can hear from u…God bless…

  196. jerre

    I would like to travel with random people. I may get the worst kind of roadtrip buddies, but there might just be that someone who I can find a connection with, and what’s more fun than travelling around the country but finding new friends.

  197. pilar torres

    i want to travel with my 2 sisters. i cannot afford to finance it so i am taking chances here. this will be a great bonding for us and great memories will be created too.

  198. Miki

    I would love to travel with my friends! Especially my thesismates! Definitely an escape to our mindwrecking school works!! I would definitely want to experience this! Because it is definitely something new and worth trying. Something that is out of our daily routine, a breath of fresh air, a thrilling adventure, wonderful sights, and the most awesome transportation yet! Due to some of our financial issues, i wasnt able to go on our last school tour, but if i ever do win, this would be the biggest reward for all the hard work in our thesis and the most wonderful graduation gift!! I cant wait to spread the word to everyone about the best experience i might get if i ever win!

  199. Eira Ortega

    I want to travel with my love so that we could be part of this travel revolution! We’re in it for the change of returning home completely different because of the experience we’ll get from visiting unconventional Philippine destinations and from riding (and temporarily living) in the hostel bus.. What a joyride that would be!

  200. Kat Goesaert

    My mom would most definitely love this and I certainly don’t mind accompanying her. We once traveled from Singapore to Thailand by bus and she really had a blast. Her idea of traveling is road trips and this is like the ultimate!

  201. Kaez Arcilla

    I love adventures! Something like this only came to mind in my dreams to travel Europe. But why travel Europe when I can travel in the Philippines 🙂 This would be a great adventure with my hiking buddies 🙂

  202. Zarah

    I would love to travel with my kumpare Richard in a this once-in-a-lifetime adventure! We used to travel in a very carefully-planned way that we, sometimes, unconsciously hinder ourselves from discovering new things. This time, we’ll take the dare: to get out of our comfort zones and just go with the flow! And it’s even more exciting knowing that we’ll be sharing this experience with new people! Can’t wait to meet you guys!

  203. Ava

    This is the coolest idea ever! I would definitely take this trip with our college classmates and their significant others ! Our group of friends is a mixture of professionals, marrieds w/o kids, marrieds with kids, and singles…so travel is our bonding thing. In fact, we’re heading to Coron next month for the weekend, taking the ship there and back, just so we can hang out with one another, haha! Taking a road trip like this would be just awesome! Kudos to the bright minds behind this venture. Hope to join you someday!

  204. The whole idea itself was simply AMAZING!! Being able to travel the Philippines with a bus that serves you the convenience of home. if I will be given the chance to try this AMAZING thing, the people who I would love to be with in this wholesome experience is my family and my friends, the people who are close to my heart.. traveling is also capturing every moment, every memory. traveling alone may be fun at some point, but being able to travel with the persons close to your heart, its like they are being a part of your life that you will forever cherish, and having them along the trip will indeed makes you realize that life is indeed worth living for. Philippines is the country that would be worth traveling with, God has indeed blessed Philippines with such great and lots of travel destinations. just hearing the idea itself excites me and makes me love traveling in the Philippines more.

  205. Denja

    Syempre, gusto ko mag-travel for ‘ experience’. Sayang yung pagkakataon kung mapagbibigyan. Gusto ko din na matuto at ma-appreciate pa kung ano pang meron sa bansa natin, maganda man o di masyado ka-aya aya. At syempre mas ma-eenjoy ko to kasama ang college friends ko whom I can best discuss with during the trip, on the destination’s stories, atbp. A travel hostel bus should be best for groups like us, mas madali magtravel at lahat ng facilities would come in handy. Also, it is travelling while feeling cozy and comfy. You get the feeling of relaxation inside the hostel bus while having the real adventure at your sight, the combination no one would get on a normal vacation/trip.

  206. Verge Layno

    I want to join this adventure! I want to see the beautiful Philippines, it slopes and plains, its people and varied creatures, its history and culture, and be able to share it to everyone 🙂

  207. Iana

    Aside from my dream to bring my family anywhere in the Philippines, it’s also my dream to travel alone. Not “alone” alone, but alone with the people who you just met. Aint it a wonderful experience to hop on to the very first hostel bus in the Philippines and you get to be with most random people, and enjoy the beauty of our own country? I have been drooling over the beauty of the Philippines through pictures in the internet, but now I want to experience it myself, in the most exciting way, with the awesomest people, who share the same passion in experiencing nature. It’s not just about being able to taste the comfort that the hostel bus will bring, but the formation of new relationships and experiences that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

  208. Catherine Ann S. Reyes

    This idea is pretty awesome especially in the Philippines. I’d love to try it out with my collega buds and our families because it will be a great way to catch up now that we all have our own families. My college group always loved to travel and explore the Philippines so this will be the best and most unique way to do it. We could reminisce about college and update each other with our family lives plus it will be a great way for our kids and significant others to get close to each other. I love the idea of this bus! Cant wait to try it out <3

  209. EJ

    I would love to go road tripping in this groovy bus with my girlfriend. Now that we are both about to finish our graduate studies, this would be a nice way to reward ourselves. We’ve been travelling together for a year already, visiting different parts of the country and meeting people from the cities, towns, and mountains that we go to. She now maintains a blog that documents some of our travels from the past years and her recent adventures. Surely, this would make an excellent addition to stories we can share with our friends and family that could encourage them to see the many beautiful and captivating places in the Philippines.

    Here’s to getting picked! 🙂

  210. Karla

    Random trip for a random person like me! I want to experience this road trip with a bunch of strangers, to get out of my comfort zone and to meet new people. I actually made a promise to myself that this year, I’m going to start doing all the stuffs on my travel bucketlist alone. Not alone that I’m only with myself, but alone, meaning I am with new people, strangers maybe a t first but I know, we’ll have fun and become friends.

  211. Cate Aquino

    Been itching for a getaway with my doctor boyfriend for months now. We’ve been so pretty occupied with work that this would be a lovely gift for his birthday in April And celebrating our first anniversary as well! Oh this will be a perfect gift I just know it! Hope we win! 🙂

  212. Kendrick Piros

    I want to travel to a lot of places with my boyfriend because we can only be young once. He’s my travel buddy and my partner for life (I’m claiming this though same sex marriage is not legal here yet). We just want to take our time growing old and appreciating the world around us and I think the best way to do that is through this travel bus. If given the chance, we would probably bring some friends along as well. 🙂

  213. Zsa Sunga

    I would like to travel with my 3 female cousins. Although we don’t see each other that often because I’m already working and the 3 of them are in college, when we get a chance to be together, it’s like we never left eacho ther’s side. I also want to travel with them because the youngest just had an amnesia August of 2014 and I don’t want her to be sad about what she forgot, I want her to look forward to what can happen in the future.

    Hopefully your team can pick us!

    Thank you!

    (Super great idea btw) 🙂

  214. I would love to travel with my best friends. I’m an experience and adventure seeker who loves to immortalize these things on my blog. I am a firm believer that life is best spent making wonderful memories with people you love while meeting new friends! <3 Going on the first travel hostel bus would definitely be one unforgettable experience!

  215. I would like to travel with my partner. Simply because this is surely one of the most sought after adventure, and i am sure, as a Travel Specialist (Travel Agency), experiencing this first-hand would really means greater promotion. Hope you could pick us and will look forward sharing this adventure with the geniuses team behind this and all other random people joining. Hep! 🙂

  216. Ana


    I want to travel alone, to be truly open and able to submit myself to all the wonders of the world: landscapes, seascapes and the escape I find in genuinely getting to know a person. I want to travel with and for others–with people I have yet to meet and for people, the masses, that will change our country. This, in the hopes of maybe finding myself in the context of the world we are put into.

    As a kid, I grew up living for road trips. There is just something about being with people for a hours at a time that creates an unmistakable bond. To be able to do this with people I have yet to know would be truly amazing!

  217. Erielle Pineda

    Would love to travel with my closest friends from college! We’ve been to mountains and beaches here and abroad together and this would be another milestone in our travels! We’ve been eye-ing doing a roadtrip for some time now but can’t finalize yet where we’re going and how long we’ll be away but I guess this is a sign!

  218. Gale A

    I would definitely loooove to travel with my boyfriend, friends, and cousins! (I already have a list of 16 people :p). I believe seeing other places is just one part of travelling but surviving the long drives, stopping at pitsops, and admiring the moving sceneries with the the people you enjoy being with makes the trip more fun, enjoyable, unique, and special altogether.

  219. WOW!!! I love the concept of this venture, the first thing that entered my mind when i was reading the article was “GENIUS” whoever conceptualized this idea is a “GENIUS”. It will surely give this a shot and I think a lot of foreigners will love this, Philippine tourist might even get an uptick of this. Anyways, keep up the good work “GENIUS”.

  220. JANE

    I would love to fly back to the Philippines with my fiance (hopefully by then :-)) Daniel. I am an OFW and being away from home is something that I have to get through everyday. We are both working in a foreign land and he loved his first visit to the Philippines. I would love to show him the rest of the 7,107 islands in the Philippines as he loved the first isald he visited-Boracay 🙂 He said it wasn’t a bad idea to turn into a Filipino after all, and I want to prove him right 🙂

  221. Gale A

    I would definitely loooove to travel with my boyfriend, friends, and cousins (I already have a list of my 15 people I’ll go with :p). I believe seeing and experiencing new places and things is just one part of travelling. Surviving the long drives, stopping at pit stops, taking turns in napping, and admiring the moving landscapes with the people you enjoy being with makes the trip more fun, unique, and extra special ! 🙂

  222. I want to travel with the friends I met in Laboracay! 🙂 Travelling has always been my passion. I get inspiration from different destinations I’ve visited and the people I’ve met around the world. Someday (hopefully in the near future), I’ll use what I have learned to contribute to our country’s tourism. I’m glad that EXPERIENCE PHILIPPINES has started making one of my dreams for the Philippines into reality. I want to be one of the first to try this. If given the chance, I’ll definitely share the experience to all my friends (in and out of the country) so that they, too, would try it for themselves.

  223. I would love to go on a trip with my best buddy simply because we love life, we love people, we love traveling, and we feel that this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us! 🙂 xx

  224. Kevin Bruce Que

    I want to go on this trip with my highschool friend that are currently all over the world, to let them and the world.know how beautiful and fun the Philippines really is.

  225. Kris

    I would love to do this with my brother and my dad.
    My brother is getting married in April and we want an all boys vacation for the last time.
    The only thing that stops us from traveling far by land is the hassle. My father’s eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, and to be honest me and my brother are too lazy to take turns for very long drives (and seriously, how can we bond if there’s just three of us, one driving and one sleeping, waiting for his turn). If only traveling by land public transpo could also provide us the comfortability and space we need to bond, I am very sure that we would have traveled by land a lot. We believe that in having vacations, getting there and going back should also be enjoyable. And this is ride is our opportunity to be able to enjoy the whole ride, to have more time to talk and bond with each other, while discovering the rest of the Philippines.

  226. Jobelle Tupaz

    I would like to embark on this journey with my mom, cousins and boyfriend. Its gonna be a great experience for my mom whose being asking me to take her in a vacation. Her simple request is to see the beautiful places of Ilocos Norte. But with the hostel bus, she’ll get to see the whole Philippines! This will also serve as a bonding experience before I leave for Australia to work.

  227. Bry

    If I’d be given the opportunity to ride this awesome way of exploring our beautiful country, I’d love to take my family and loved ones with me for us to have a few days off, disconnected in all the distractions to reconnect our hearts thru this unique, fun, and excellent way of traveling. Such distance traveled will surely be an instrument for our hearts to bridge the gaps/barriers between us.

  228. erika

    Yes, I would love to travel this way with my husband and two pre-teen daughters. We really save up for travelling so that when our kids grow up, they will remember the fun times we had as a family. And because of the wonderful experience of travelling, hopefully, they also get to share the beauty of the Philippines with their families.

  229. Hi! If I will be given a chance do be part of the first roadtrip of this first travel hostel bus in the Philippines, I want to share this experience and explore the Philippines with my mom and my brother. We rarely have family time/ bonding together since I’m living in the city and they are living in the province. This travel roadtrip will be a perfect way for my mom to see various places as she is not getting any younger and I want to fulfill her childhood dream through this. 🙂

  230. I would like to travel with no one in particular. I would like to be surprised with a set of travelers who will be joining the Bus Tour for The Random Tour. If I’ll be given an opportunity to experience Philippines through this site, i will surely share my past experiences to other participants from my travel and other escapades. I would love to share them how passionate I am on my craft as a blogger, foodie, runner, traveller and independent film enthusiast. I love to meet people from different walks of life and to know more of them through their stories.

    Let the travel begins!

  231. Arthur Catabona

    I want to travel with my two workmates who were also my law school classmate and high school classmate. They were so competitive they forced me to do this and make a comment. We want to be part of this travel since we really don’t make plans when we go on a trip. We feel this bus is made for us. This bus caters our need to travel in a unique and crazy way. We want to explore places that really belong to us and which are on their natural state. We want the world to know that we have these exquisite hidden pieces of paradise.

    It is not really the place or the trip that makes the experience extraordinary but it’s the people that we travel with and the memories you make together. And for us, we will try our best to be the most fun travel buddies you’ll ever encounter in your life.

    We are really desperate to win slots from this trip and we would be very thankful if you choose us.

  232. Aanabelledece

    I would love to travel with my significant other and capture moments of us being together. Im gonna use it as a pre-nup thingie.. I wanted it to be real and not staged.

  233. I am an introvert.. and I have this fear of the unexplored and uncertainty, Once I saw your page, I felt that I need to conquer my fear and try one of your random trips! This will be a challenge for me and if you chose me, I think this is a sign for me not to be scared anymore. I just need a little push. Get out of the box and explore more with my boyfriend holding my left hand and my camera on the right.

  234. Roma Danielle M. Magpili

    I’d like to travel by myself and just meet new people. The trip would be a nice break from all the chaos here in manila and the stress from school. It would be amazing to travel our own country with people you barely know. Nothing binds friendship other than adventures, much less people who you’ll be sleeping in the same place with haha.

  235. IMrtnz

    Finally someone made this dream a reality.

    I would want to travel with myself – who I am now, and God knows, I might come back a new person. 🙂

  236. debbie

    as a single parent i would like to travel with my daughter and with my nephews so that they will be able to know more about their country and the beauty that envelop with it. and i what to experience this with them if i may be chosen.

  237. Jamie Tiu

    I would love to travel with 15 other strangers, hahaha! I want to join because I’ve been planning to travel alone to start a blog about my simple adventures and this would absolutely be the perfect opportunity “pang-buena-mano”! Getting a chance to join this trip already feels like competing for the ultimate dream escapade…

  238. Rinno Adam Mendoza

    I would love to travel with my girlfriend and my family. Me and my girlfriend really love travelling and exploring but we can’t because of a tight budget.

  239. This is a brilliant idea! I once told myself that if I would not need to work and if money would not be an issue, I would go to every place in the Philippines! I haven’t tried backpacking and being on a moving hostel seems like a looot of fun fun fun! I would bring my family with me so they would get to experience what I would and for us to be able to build a stronger bond! However, if it would be impossible to bring them along, I would like to try to be alone and gain more friends and make better relationships.

  240. I would like travel with my whole family, with my 2 daughters, husband, sister and 2 moms. I want to see and visit all the places here in Philippines. It would be a great and unforgettable experience when you’re with the people you love most.

  241. Chai Dublin

    I believe that we are not meant to live in one place alone. So with that being said, I would like to visit more of the islands of the Philippines via the travel hostel bus with my travel buddies at work, my dear sisters and my long time friends from my old workplace.

  242. Traveling is the best way to educate one’s self about diverse cultures (and traditions) so I think the best way I’d enjoy something like this is to do it with 15 random people with different backgrounds but has respect for other people’s cultures (this might be hard lol), A few days may not be enough to learn everything but it’s a good start.

  243. Paula Racho

    This is amazing! I would love to travel with my friend who is waiting for results of the bar exam he took last year. I think this would be an unforgettable experience for the both of us before he starts working.

  244. I’d like to travel with strangers because meeting new people from different backgrounds is a surefire way of getting yourself to start thinking out of the box.

    Travelling anywhere teaches you more than you’d ever be able to learn in a classroom, and travelling around the Philippines would give me the chance to learn things about my own country and culture that will give me a new perspective about what it is to be Filipino.

  245. Charles Difuntorum

    But my girlfriend loves it, so I want to know why she does. I love being spontaneous but I don’t like being hassled on anything, so reading this article makes me curious if this can change my outlook. I’m really busy when it comes to work and it would really help me(specially my girlfriend) if I can have some vacation with here. I don’t know if this is a pitch to experience this but there’s nothing wrong in trying.

  246. Gerick G

    I’d love to go on this with my girlfriend and family! It would be a nice trip to see the different places in the nation we grew up in and a good time to test out my photography!

  247. I love travels! Being part of it is taking on new experiences and creating my own adventure. With this new experience of a special road trip, i would love to try it! It’s definitely must try with my special loved ones. It’s going to be a big adventurous break out of my busy schedule.

  248. SIENNA

    I have been searching where to go for my birthday this February 14, I wanted to discover the unexplored places in the Philippines and I happen to stumble upon this website! This will be perfect for my birthday!! 🙂 Thank you in advance!! 🙂

  249. Karina Alvaera

    I would love to travel with my ultimate travel buddy, my husband, This would be the perfect chance for us to get back to our pre-parental selves. Since having a baby, we’ve mostly been busy being parents to our wondeful boy than being individuals. fingers crossed!

  250. Would love to be one of the first few people to experience this. Id love to share memories with my partner in life, Mark. Would also love to blog this. Ahhh cuddos to people behind this idea/project!!

  251. Travelling with my bestfriend-boyfriend in a hostel bus would be a great pampering for us since we don’t see often because of the nature of his work as a seafarer. Practically he had gone to around the world since he is in a cruise ship however, only a few places here in the Philippines he had been to. This would be a great experience for him while we are enjoying our moments together.

  252. Emilie Del Rosario

    My hubby and I have been to other places in and out of the country….we already experienced traveling by ship, plane, car, motorcycle, bus…..but never been with this kind of bus…..a hostel…..therefore it will be one of a kind experience being on board to a hostel bus……we really really love it…..so excited ….

  253. Chriz

    Travel buddy? Kuya Shane is number one priority.

    Transportation? By any means. But by a travel hostel bus would be a blast!

  254. Kim Tammy Abo

    If I will be given a chance to part of the first ride. I will travel with my families. Yes with my families! 🙂 As a tourism student, I always travel with my friends/classmates. But now I’m gonna travel with my family. It very quite experience to have a ride with them. Also another adventure for us. I choose my family because sometimes I have no time to be with them. When i came from school I always do my tasks and sleep after that. But then I love my family ♥. This will be a great and exciting adventure for us.

  255. Nikki

    this is what I’ve been wanting to do, I’ve been so busy both at work & at home multitasking my responsibilities as a parent to my 2 young kids at the same time working 24/7. I need a break, a relaxing time not just for myself but I want to travel & share this exciting adventure with my husband or with my girlfriends!

  256. Fervic De Leon

    I’m poor, never been on these places, It’s my birthday (does it count?), my fiance’ is beautiful she has to see this.

  257. Dana Lim

    I would love to get my colleagues/close friends and loved ones off their butts cos we’re all stuck in our offices dreaming of traveling together. This would be a great opportunity for us to travel, bond and have fun together. I hope we all get the chance to experience a road trip that would take us from Northern most Luzon, Manila (a home away from home for me) and my hometown of Zamboanga City!!!

  258. ANA

    I am a college student with big dreams. One of them is to take my mom on a tour someday with my own hardwork. I want her to see the beauty of our country. I want her to have the best memories of her life, traveling, with her daughter. As of now, I can;t afford just yet to accomplish this dream. So I am taking this opportunity to join and wish to have a good chance of getting picked.

  259. I’d love to go with my closest friends in college. There’s so much to see, and so much to be proud of, but there’s also so much to be done. Being able to join the trip would help us uncover all those that we need to do as we advocate for responsible mountaineering, and, by extension, responsible tourism.

  260. Wes

    I have always considered myself to be a person having a heart hungry and ready for adventure. Hungry, indeed, because I haven’t had the chance to travel (because of school). Sooo, having graduated and having a taste of freedom, I want to celebrate it by traveling randomly with strangers with the same wanderlust level as mine. I know that not only will the experience positively change me, but also the stories, laughters, and relationships that will be shared during the whole trip. If given the opportunity, this experience will definitely be the best first of my life!

  261. I’m gonna travel with my parents (Well, I’ve got no choice being the only child of the family)! Anyway, I’d love to travel in a hostel bus like the one you guys have because #1 there’s no such thing yet in the Philippines (unless hindi lang ako na-inform), so YOLO! #2 I would definitely take photos of it plus the experience to add among our family travel photos/memoirs and #3 I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be an awesome experience for me and my family. Can’t wait to bond with them on a kind of trip that’s pretty unique here in the Philippines <3

  262. Catherine R. Banta

    I started conducting an Annual Faculty Educational trip in our school almost 10 years ago. I have brought our teachers to different parts of the Philippines and Asia. 10 years is not enough to see the Philippines alone.

    I am doing this because I believe a teacher who has travelled a lot can be a more effective and credible teacher. Travelling teaches one things not found in books or even the Internet. Therefore if I do get the chance to bring people around the country, I will bring my family (who goes with us in our faculty trips because family is allowed) and our teachers so that they can inspire and share with their students the beauty of this country through firsthand experience.

  263. Michelle Tamula

    I would love to exprience this travel bus with my co-teachers! We deserve a mini vacay from the hustle and bustle of preschool teaching. We want to take a break from waking up early in the morning already! aaaahhh! We want to travel around the philippines this summer to relax and unwind.

  264. JessicaN

    This is super awesome! I would love to travel with strangers. 🙂 Because I wanna meet new people – diverse cool peeps from any age/locality. I am currently looking for a great travel destination for this year, well I think this is it! travel all over the PHILIPPINES!!! I bet this is going to be an amazing experience. Thanks #ExperiencePhilippines! Woooh!

  265. Maria Anna Katrina Paz

    I would like to travel with my husband and son and with our second family, our CFC-FFL Music Ministry Group. It has been years since we last traveled together out of town and this travel hostel bus would be perfect for our group … with nothing else to worry about like itinerary, transport, accommodation, and food, all we have to do is bring ourselves and sit and enjoy 🙂

  266. I am a seafarer and have travelled on most part of the countries but haven’t been in any part of the Philippines tourist spot. This would surely be an exciting event for me and my familiy. If given the chance I would want to see my parents hometown in Legaspi City on a Hostel Bus.

  267. HERK

    The Travel Bus would have such a trip with me and my 6-year old football superstar. I’m a single mom for his entire lifetime, and assuming the role of provider and nurturer leaves very little resources of money and time for me and my boy.

    I started travelling on my own in Europe as a teenager and no sooner after my college degree, I had a baby. I have been meaning to explore the Philippines, however the situation rendered difficulty.

    My son has since seen and lived in Europe as well (Germany) to visit his sickly grandfather who passed away but I wish to explore the Philippines with him so he would learn the culture and perhaps ride a carabao as I once did or drink from a well of frogs as I would never anymore do. We both like adventures. That would be fun.

  268. Rachelle

    Soon i will move to Canada, but before moving to a foreign country, i would like to explore the Philippines. I want friends and family to go on a final road trip with me. It will be a great and memorable despedida to experience the Philippines one last time.

  269. I would love to experience this wonderful adventure with my husband..And see how beautiful our home country as we both love travel,leisure,food and trying different things to explore, as this will surely last on our memory together with same interest travel buddies in a one nice ride adventure and let our grand children in the future listen to all the fun stuffed/thrilled stories behind this once in a lifetime experience.

  270. Roselyn

    I would like to travel with my parents and give them a wonderful memory. It feels like going on this trip and travelling on your own comfort while exploring the beautiful places in our country.

  271. Rachel Go

    Love your own! There are lots of opportunities going overseas just to travel but I’d rather explore my own country first. To start the adventure, riding a hostel bus would be fun & exciting together with the love of my life


    i would like to travel and experience the beauty of the Philippines wt my family and to meet other people who also passionate about traveling. So whenever I travel overseas I can share my experiences and encourage my family and friends to see and
    Discover why they shouldnt be a foreigner in their own country.

  273. Yang Banzuela

    I just want to spend time and reconnect with my old 3 college friends and meet friends that we havent met yet. This is a really cool way to do that.

    1. And oh, why? To explore all of Philippines! My family’s actually been planning to go on a road trip, (the intention is to send home our car from Manila to Lanao del Norte, so might as well make the most out of it) but our vehicle is too “limited.” Whoever thought of this is a genius! Thank you!

  274. Mariz

    Travelling the Philippines helps me stay convinced that there is still a lot to love in this country. I greatly appreciate spending time off my daily space with strangers who are equally passionate about the beauty of the Philippines and who are into having spontaneous fun. This form of tourism can be a strong campaign for environmental protection and I’d love to be part of that.

  275. I would like to travel with my mom so that we can strengthen our bond through memorable travels within the country. It’s like traveling via cruise where you can meet a lot of people and learn from their experiences.

  276. Experiencing first with my big brother! A great way for him to have some time to relax, enjoy beauty of life and experience happiness with the first hostel bus in the country. Please pick us please! Thank you very much! This gonna be an awesome and epic journey! 24/7 overloaded happiness with this unique wheels! WOOOAAAH! Ic an’t wait! Hopefully I am the chosen one!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 <3

  277. Tam

    This is awesome! And this deserves to experience by awesome people 😉

    I would like to bring my 4 other travel buddies to experience this kind of roadtrip. Definitely one for the books!

    Tried hiking, mountain climbing, water rafting, surfing, camping…. BUT this would be great for my bucket list. Roadtrips, explore and take photos and the bondings…. EXCITING!

  278. dea

    i like this idea and this makes an anventure really fun. i wanna travel anywhere and this is a dream come true. 😀 im looking forward for this thing to happen. 😀 its more fun in the PHILIPPINES

  279. I wanna travel with my Grandma and of course with the rest of the gang! My family and my barkada really like to travel a lot. I’m sure it would be fun to experience this kind of trip.

  280. arion Stacy Lanante

    I have a thirst for new experiences and this post upped my excitement. I would love to travel with my family and a few of my closest friends! To travel the Philippines on one of the first hostel bus would be “LEGENDARY”!(haha..as quoted by Barney of HIMYM) Sharing this experience with my loved ones would make this a more memorable ride! 🙂

  281. Czarlene De Leon

    I want to travel to the great north, Launion, Laog, Vigan, Pagudpod, Ilocos.:) With my family and friends. It’s been so long since we ride a bus going for a road trip and Ilocos is somewhere weve never went together.

  282. With this bus, it is now possible to make my dream roadtrip, together with my friends and travel buddies we can now explore the countryside and the far flung provinces. A tour that stretches from up north of Claveria, Cagayan traversing Luzon, the islands of the Visayas and all the way to the Mati, Davao Oriental. We would like to nickname this tour as Tour Pilipinas.

  283. I’m gonna travel with my MOM….I want to bond with my mom since I’am an OFW. She is my mentor, my strength, my best friend and my everything….We have the same passion, to TRAVEL, meeting PEOPLE and NATURE trippings….

  284. Paolo Pareja

    If given the chance, I’ll definitely bring my #WeekendCrew with me – A small band of friends that met and bonded last Laboracay 2014. From a simple summer getaway, we have strengthen our bond through various travels appreciating the food, people and anything that our destinations had to offer. This will definitely be the perfect road trip for us! You may search #WeekendCrew in IG to see our adventures since last year… 🙂

  285. Isay

    I would like to travel with this guy I just started dating. I was told that if I wanted to really get to know someone, I should travel with him. I think a trip like this would be a great opportunity to get to know him better, and to meet new friends, too. I also think an experience like this would make great inspiration for a book I’m currently writing.

  286. Jana

    I have insatiable wanderlust! It has always been my dream to see and explore the world but before I do that, I’ve promised myself to get to know the wonders of my motherland first before flying off to some foreign land. The Philippines is full of wonders and unique getaways, but up until now, the farthest I’ve been to was Baguio only, With this opportunity, I get to go to farther places and explore every nook and cranny!

  287. Aj

    I’m gonna go with my 3 hipster travel buddies. Traveling is not about the destination alone, its about the journey and the people you meet. Your hostel bus is simply the perfect travel experience we are longing and looking for!

  288. hazel

    i want to travel with my buddy and just go with the flow and enjoy your IT. the unexpected, unplanned and ramdom travels are the most memorable ones (:

  289. Cristiane guintu

    i would like to travel in this travel bus with my one and only love my boyfriend because this will give us a chance to see the beautiful island of the philippines and this will be a way for us to experience and this is the first of us two to travel together just the two of us! Excitinf! Adventure!

  290. Cristina Plata

    This is really a great idea!!! I would like to travel and see the beauty of our country with my family of course, and my partner’s too. It’s been maybe more than a decade since my family traveled together. Transpo was a problem since we already have kids and we wont fit a car. Plus my new family.. budget was also a major prob since I cant handle all the expenses on my own. At least with this, i have no problems with the rooms to stay in.. 😀 This would really help us bond together and get our hearts more closer, leaving all the heartaches or troubles from the past. Please let us be on the first ride! It would be really great for my 9 month old and 5 year old boys to see the beauty with their own eyes and not just on the pictures! Looking forward for the ride! 😀

  291. jacklyn

    well first off .. I’m an introvert i don’t really like going out. I don’t hate seeing a lot of people but i tend to get nervous meeting new faces. I’d love to use this opportunity to travel with my friends/family to places surely i haven’t been before. One of the reason why i seldom travel it’s because i’m not comfortable with the fact that i have to leave my house. I can’t explain to all of you that feeling of being outside my house((Social anxiety?) What i love with the idea of hotel + bus travel is that feeling of still being inside your comfortable house with your love ones yet still being able to experience travelling at the same time. As an introvert that is a BIG deal for me. I don’t have that many friends but they are important to me. My only wish to have that one memory that we are all together which we can remember and cherish for the rest of our life.

  292. Warren co

    I love my family. I love my friends. I love traveling. My family and friends loves traveling. Through the hostel bus, my friends for 3 decades can share our passion with the second generation! Going places, friends bonding, our children bonding and at the same time learning all about our beloved Philippines.

  293. I’m always the control freak. For once, I just want to be spontaneous, random and experience real fun with real friends. Plus, it’s part of my bucket list, so why not? 🙂

  294. Kathleen Rose Ang

    I’m travelling with my long-time travel buddies – the Pinas Flashpackers – of course! 🙂

    We have been together through thick and thin in travel, in the country and out, and the Travel Bus will be a GREAT way for us to share new experiences together.

    Long live travel! 🙂

  295. Russelle anne

    Would love to travel with my boyfriend, this could be our 2015 annual out of town trip. It’s our tradition as bf-gf ever since we got together in 2009 to go out of town yearly and visit different parts of PH before going out of the country.
    Joining the first ever hostel bus is a new experience for us, i believe we’ll get to cover more locations as we get to travel at night.
    This is really an excellent idea, i’m very sure of it. A very long road trip indeed! 😀

  296. Noriz Aveeme Navalta

    If given a chance, I would love to share this new and exciting experience with my love of my life, a very workaholic man, Aljun, my boyfriend. I want him to have a break, of course not our relationship but a break that will refresh him, make him realize that there should be time for unwinding and lastly to give us “you and me” time. This would be our best experience in the Philippines, absolutely perfect! We will

  297. cesar santos reyes

    i will definitely take a tour on this Travel Bus with my family and friends whether i get selected or not …

  298. Julius Carilla

    masaya ang road trip kapag kasama ang mga kaibigan. why would i want to travel this way? well it’s new! and who doesn’t want adventure? 🙂

  299. Anne Gonzalez

    I want to travel with adventure seekers I don’t know, and make new friends! Traveling on a hostel bus is a great opportunity for me to meet new people. I just finished my medical training last December, and I’ve been meaning to travel and see the sights that our beautiful country has to offer. Please consider me! 🙂

  300. Dowell

    I want to travel with my buddies from the music scene in the Philippines and create music while traveling! Hope to get on this trip!

  301. Samsara Pagaduan

    I want to travel alone, so I could prove to those who do not believe in me that I can be responsible enough to do solo backpacking. I want to find new friends and find time alone away from the stresses of the city life.

  302. Jones Collado

    I would like to travel in this bus with my husband Reg. We used to travel before we got married, but we didn’t really have a honeymoon experience due to several conflicts. And now as new parents, we don’t really have time to travel, sometimes even just to the park! This would be great experience for us especially on a hostel bus since we would be able to visit lots of places on a single road trip. Saves us the time but not on memories 🙂

  303. I want to experience this road trip and take pictures with my film camera of the places and people i’ll meet.. Surely this trip will be fun!! the people,places, and the journey itself. I like to travel with my best friends, and other people as well from different provinces,races, professionals, student,everyone!!.. . so we can grow our circle, connections, and just t be more united with different people with different culture and ideals. I like to travel in a hostel bus, because thats what rockstar do!!haha! Im not a rockstar, but i want that experience! and that would be a special experience for me, and to everyone aboard! cheers!!

  304. Lizelle Lazo

    I would like to share this with my hubby Mark. Exploring the beautiful and undiscovered places in the Philippines with the hostel bus will be a great experience.. Meeting other travellers.and the people in each place that will be visited is great way to broaden my horizon. I am ready to be a part of this awesome adventure.

  305. bem baret

    i want to travel with my 2 kids.i always tell my children that education is not confined at the 4 walls of their classroom.They have to go out and see the real world through travelling for them to grow up as a better person.

  306. Margaret Ignacio

    I want to travel with my boyfriend. Before, I really love travelling alone. But now that I met him, I want to experience this new adventure with him 🙂

  307. It’ll be an honor to share this experience with my Filipino & international friends! Philippines is a gem on its own, and I believe it’s about time already to share and discover its beauty with the rest of the world!

    Panahon na para hindi maging banyaga sa ating sariling bansa! #travelPH #visitPH

  308. Michael

    I would really love to travel alone kaso may kasama palang ibang tao, 15 pa or more kasama ang crew. Well, the more, the merrier. This will definitely be an adventure-packed experience which will leave wonderful memories. Definitely, a must-try!

  309. How amazing it would be to go on a roadtrip of a lifetime with my longtime grade school friends Raffy Villanueva, Cedric Labasan, Jaime Asturias, and Pach Santos! The travel hostel bus is such a timely pioneering idea (in the Philippines) especially for the growing number of millenials today who simply want to get in touch with their younger selves amidst the growing demands of adulthood.

  310. GLADZ

    This will be a perfect birthday treat for my lil’boyfee. I’ve been visiting most of the Philippine provinces for the past 5 years, meeting other people and knowing different cultures. But I got limited time to travel after giving birth. I know that this kind of trip will be a perfect one for those who need a staycation like adventure while on the road ^_^

  311. Kresta Apostol

    My 4 year old would love this. It’s her “wish to ride in a real camper van with a bed”

    To be honest, I don’t like travelling much because of the long drives. I get carsick/motion sickness really fast. But I do love reaching the destination. There is a certain relief that comes with solid, unmoving ground.

    I don’t really want the trip for myself, nor do I want to freeload a trip around the country, I just want the chance to make one of my baby’s wishes come true: to sleep in a camper van.

  312. Dit

    I would love to travel in this hostel bus with my family or close friends on my 41st birthday this March. I’ve been traveling to places since I was small in different modes of transportation (bicycle, motorcycle, tricycle, jeepney, van, car, bus, boat, ship, helicopter, and airplane) and stayed in different kinds of accommodations (dorms, tents, shacks, hostels, 3-5 star hotels, and guesthouses). The hostel bus is a fusion of transportation and luxurious accommodation and to be able to experience both while in a road trip with people I love would truly be a once-in-a-lifetime, unique, and unforgettable birthday present.

  313. Samantha H

    Who wouldn’t like to travel on an awesome hostel bus and discover new places in the Philippines?

    If I get a chance to experience this epic road trip, I would definitely bring my cousin with me. Since our young age, we’ve always been together and share everything but since my family migrated abroad, I only get the chance to see my cousin (who is like my ate/nanay) once a year when I go back to Manila. It would be an amazing lifetime experience for the both of us if we get a chance to join this road trip not only to discover a new place and different aspects of the filipino culture but also to create stories with ramdom people who will surely becomes our new friends.

  314. Athena

    I could travel with anyone! 🙂 I have learned that traveling is a means to share a part of yourself and letting other people touch your life the same that you have done them. Exploring the country is a beautiful way to learn about us as a nation; the similarities of different cultures, the peculiarities of tradition, and the amazing resource that abounds our country. Moving around in wheels will provide the opportunity (and time) to taste our food, see beautiful landscapes, listen to the local stories, smell the sea, and feel the warmth of our people.

  315. roy

    I want to travel and experience this with my wife and son. Explore the whole country through this unique and epic way of travelling.

  316. Bryan

    1 month and 2 weeks bed sitting and taking care my dad and uncle in the hospital… I guess this is my treat to myself exploring the beautiful places of the philippines.. I dont mind travelling with other people. I love interacting with new different faces and learning their different values and cultures with them… I love travelling! Hugs to everyone! Cheers!!

  317. eminemski

    I would like to travel with my husband and eldest son. We’d like to travel and experience different destinations, culture and fun. Travelling on the bus like this is something different. I’d like my eldest to experience something different on his summer vacation this year. Before he goes on high school, we wanted to have some time with him on this travel. 🙂

  318. I would love to travel with my family and experience this first travel hostel bus Philippines. Explore and experience this one in a lifetime uniquely and in a cool way. This might be a First Ride that we will never forget.

  319. Madel Manansala

    I would like to experience this travel bus with my husband and 2 kids. I just thought that it’s going to be great experience and memory as a family to be able to ride this kind of trips adventure. Looking forward to ride on that bus 🙂

  320. Joan Calderon-Cambaliza

    There’s a song called “Halika, byahe tayo” that was once popular when I was still in college. Me and my friends (who I refer to as my Wow Philippines friends”) made a pact on it that we all have to fulfill everything that was stated in its lyrics before we can even travel abroad. Fast forward and it’s been 10 yrs since then, only 2 friends out of 7 were able to complete the deal (some may have even forgotten about it) and I’m about to migrate to Canada, with fulfilling not even half of the stuff stated in the lyrics.

    It would be such a dream, such a nuclear-level, extremely mind-blowing dream, should i be able to accomplish this before I leave and it would be oh! So! Surreal! if you’d let us be the first to experience your super hip travel hostel bus.

  321. salve beleo

    i would like to travel with my two kids (they’re already grown ups, one 25 y/o, while my daughter is 17, but they are still baby for my eyes) anyways, why i’d like to travel with them? because they are my treasure and whatever experience i will have from this travel, i’d like to share it with them. since my ultimate dream in life is to travel, first around my my beloved country, and if God will allow it, the world, before i leave this earth hahaha i already started traveling through budget promos.

  322. Anne Porley

    I would like to travel with my parents and my 3 siblings. Honestly wala pa kaming travel as a whole family, yung travel talaga ha. We’ve been doing some picnic which is samin din lang sa quezon, sa tabing dagat magswimming. I want to treat them a travel, a family travel kaso I am the breadwinner ng family kaya mas dapat unahin yung pang tuition fee ng two younger siblings ko kaya tight yung budget. I hope I am one of the lucky na makasama sa travel na’to! Philippines Tara Libutin naten and sariling atin 😉

  323. I want to travel with the girl i love (charisse aser aquino) but she doesn’t love me but even still to have a chance to get to know her more and for her to get to know me as well.. Cause i view myself marrying her but it seems impossible.. So please even just a good memory that we could create upon riding here for us. Thank u.

  324. Jam

    if I can share my experiences to anybody, it would be my family first. We all want to travel together but financial problems get into us. I want to experience every firsts travel with them while we are still whole and my parents can still make it. To be in this first hostel bus, it would be a great honor for us to be the first to experience the future of travel world new mode of transport. This we’ll all never forget in our hearts.

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