2015 Road Trip Schedule (Updated Aug 3)

Announcing the 2nd half of 2015 Experience Philippines Road Trip Schedule. Let’s plan out our leaves! Sabihan na ang mga BOSS para makafile ng leave! Click the link below to reserve a slot!


Random Road Trip

  • August 7-9:             Random Road Trip #18            (P4,500)
  • August 14-16:         Random Road Trip #19            (P3,200)
  • August 19-24:         Random Road Trip #20            (P7,000)
  • August 28-31:         Random Road Trip #21             (P7,000)
  • September 4-6:      Random Road Trip #22             (P4.500)
  • September 11-13:   Random Road Trip #23             (P4.500)
  • September 18-20:  Random Road Trip #24              (P4.500)
  • October 2-4:           Random Road Trip #25              (P6.500)
  • October 9-11:         Random Road Trip #26              (P5.500)
  • October 16-18:       Random Road Trip #27              (P5.500)
  • October 23-25:      Random Road Trip #28              (P5.500)
  • November 6-8:      Random Road Trip #29              (P5.500)
  • November 13-15:   Random Road Trip #30              (P5.500)
  • November 20-22: Random Road Trip #31               (P5.500)
  • December 4-6:      Random Road Trip #32               (P5.500)

Singles Road Trip  (For all the singles out there!)

  • August 19-24:          Singles Road Trip #4         (P6,500)
  • August 28-31:         Singles Road Trip #5         (P6,500)
  • October 16-18:        Singles Road Trip #6          (P5,000)
  • November 27-30:  Singles Road Trip #7          (P6,000)

Special Road Trips

Luna Sea: A Ran:dom Road Trip Full Moon Party (Para sa mahilig mag party at gumala)

  • September 25-27:         LUNA SEA Full Moon Party #2      (P6,500)
  • December 26-27:          LUNA SEA Full Moon Party #3       (P6,500)

Haunted Road Trip: A Halloween Spooky Road Trip (Para sa mga gusto ng scary adventure)

  • October 30- November 1:       Haunted Road Trip                 (P3,200)

Super Mega Awesome Random Road Trip: A 9 Day Road Trip with Travel Bus Betsy (Para sa tunay na Kaladkarin – Beach, Rivers, Lakes, Volcanoes, Moutains, Caves, stargazing, bonfires, karaoke nights, food trip… let’s do it all!)

  • December 26- January 3, 2016:       SMARRT #1        (P18,000) 
  • Note: Luna Sea Full Moon Party is included in the Travel Fee and save P6,500! Yahoo!
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A non-conformist who is setting his own rules by living his legend and helping others find theirs. Founded Tara Let's Go! Asia because he believes anyone can travel. Whether you are a student, a teacher, a freelancer, a 9-5 working professional, a janitor, a saleslady, a jeepney driver, a taxi driver — you can travel the world. You can make it happen. And you can make a difference.
30 Responses
    1. ExperiencePH

      Hi Loah, thanks for asking. But we normally do not announce what destination these trips would go. 🙂 But who knows? We might organize an announce trip to the Coastal part of Isabela.

    2. Jeffrey Lui

      Loah, as one of the people who have been on some of the previous trips, trust me when I say it’s better to roll the dice and go to a random destination, even if you don’t get to go to Isabela. 😉

    1. ExperiencePH

      Hi Vianne, the Valentine Edition Romantic Road Trip is Php 4,500. 2 full days of love and adventure. Inclusive of transport, accommodation, meals and other exciting activities.:)

    1. ExperiencePH

      Hi Rachel, we will be announcing it soon. We are just finalizing the details of the trip. Thanks! 🙂

  1. Joyce

    Please consider a random road trip for persons with disability. I am wondering if your bus has access for people using wheelchairs or if there are people who could assist PWDs. This is an interesting concept. Thanks!

  2. Nikki

    I think you should check on the dates on April 9-8 trip, the dates go backwards (you might want to change it to April 8-9) 🙂
    I am planning on going there after finishing my OJT so i want to confirm the correct dates if ever

  3. Dianne

    This is greeeeat! In fact I am planning to join you guys already.Just checking the dates and my sched first.Is the travel bus on the go already?is it the one being used for random travel outings?tnx looking forward to join u guys

  4. Rolan

    This is so cool. and the fact that the destination is unknown makes the whole trip even more exciting 😀 Looking forward to join you guys in one or more of these random trips. April 9-12 looks promising.

  5. Jerome Tabernilla

    Super cool nung Singles Road Trip (Valentines Edition)! Sayaaaang, kung wala lang concert akong aatendan sa 14. Next time! Hope to join other singles road trip. Cool concept! Kudos to you guys! 🙂

  6. Sef

    I have to join u guys soon. This looks great. I love traveling with random people. :-). Is there a page where i can keep myself updated aside from the website? I have several trips booked already. Just in case i still have free weekend this summer. 🙂

  7. Kai

    Why is the price for random roadtrip different from that of the singles roadtrip? Parehas nmn silang 2days. 🙂 thanks. 🙂

  8. Norie

    Hi Everyone,
    I would like to ask if you have a random road trip on June 27-June 29 and how much the package would cost? thanks…

  9. Lisa

    Hi! Is the price posted per person? How many people could Betsy acommodate in a trip? Because we are planning to go as one big family.

  10. Madel Manansala

    Hi, hm would it costs to travel 4 people? My husband and I and our 2 boys. Their ages are 10 and 11. Thanks.

  11. haymi

    okay lang ba sumama kung di marunong magswimming? feeling ko kasi isa akong malaking kj kung may water activity tapos di ako sasali. okay lang naman sakin magtampisaw sa tabi. haha

  12. Aileen

    Hi guys☺️my friend and I are interested to join in your road trip, do u have the scheduled list for 2016? Do let me know please✌️

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