Luna Sea: A Random Full Moon Party

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What do you get when you combine all the thrill of a Random Road Trip, a beautiful beach, overflowing drinks, great music, and a full moon to top it all of? Well, you get…

Luna Sea: A Random Full Moon Party

Luna n. 1. The name of the Earth’s moon. 2. In Roman mythology, the goddess of the moon
Lunacy n. insanity. “It has been suggested that originality demands a degree of lunacy”


What is Luna Sea?

Luna Sea is party unlike any other! It’s a bold claim that we can be proud of, because we are the only ones doing this in the whole world! Just imagine…it’s a Random Road Trip, a beach party, a pub crawl, all rolled into one unforgettable evening under the light of the moon!


Normally, beach parties are just outside or perhaps hosted by a beach-side restaurant or bar, maybe throw in a DJ or a live band and some lighting too. But too often you’re just partying with the group of 4 or 5 friends you already came with in the first place. Kinda bitin if you ask me.


Instead, what if you take 50 people comprised of different barakadas, put them all inside a bus, get them to know each and everyone on the bus by taking them on a Random Road Trip, set them off on an adventure to 2 to 3 random destinations with different activities both in and outside the bus, and then finally at the end of the day have them all party at our secret beach destination decked out with a great sunset, great music, overflowing drinks, and a full moon just rising from the horizon, and at the end of the evening you get to rest at our in prepared accommodations so you can be ready for the next morning’s light adventure? Sounds better, doesn’t it? And that is what Luna Sea is.


What can I expect when I join Luna Sea?

Luna Sea Full Moon Party

  • 50 people
  • 3 secret Random Road Trip destinations
  • 2 action packed days
  • 1 awesome experience

Not only that, you can also expect the following:

  • Transportation included
  • Lots of BBQ!!! (Whats summer without these babies! 😛 )
  • Overflowing Drinks Buckets
  • Live music and performances
  • Open camp grounds
  • Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast and an awesome Seafood Lunch
  • A beautiful sunset
  • A bright shining full moon
  • and many random surprises!!

What kind of accommodations will be provided?

The Luna Sea comes with all the adventurous flavors of our signature Random Road Trips, which also goes for the accomodation. As this is a beach party, we usually prepare a lot of tents so you can sleep on the sand, near the sea, underneath the stars. We also prepare some large rooms to accommodate those with special needs but these are limited in capacity. If you are expecting air-conditioning or hotel rooms, our trips and events are most likely not for you anyway. 😉

How much does Luna Sea cost?

Tickets for Luna Sea starts at P5,500 and varies between each Luna Sea , as we change the secret beach destination, the Road Trip activities, and the theme of each Luna Sea. Please visit the trip page of the Luna Sea you wish to join for exact pricing.

What is included?

It’s all-inclusive, meaning once you hop on our van/bus/jeep/plane whatever with us, we got all bases covered from lodging, transport, food, environmental fees, equipment, the works! The only time you’re gonna be needing your wallet is for the occasional snack (snacks are included, but in case you have a big appetite) or souvenirs.

What do I need to bring?

As each trip is different, we will be sending all registered paid participants what they need to bring. But we do require you bring LOTS OF JOKES and a SENSE OF HUMOR! :)

When and where is the meetup point?

Venue and time of meet up will also be sent upon successful paid reservation.

Where are we going?

Like our signature Random Road Trips, we don’t tell you where we’re going. We want people to focus on the people they’ll be meeting and the experiences they’ll be having instead of focusing on the destination.

We are a large group. Can we get a discount?

Definitely! Get discounts when you come as a group of 4 or more. Please visit the trip page of the Luna Sea you wish to join for exact pricing.

When will the next Luna Sea be?

We organize at least 1 Luna Sea every year. Please check our 2017 Calendar for the next Luna Sea.

Can my company be a sponsor for Luna Sea?

 We love collaborating with other companies to create a really awesome experience. Please email us at [email protected] so we can get in touch with you to discuss sponsorship options.

I am interested. How do I sign up?

You can visit the trip page of the Luna Sea you wish to join below and click the Book Now button from there.

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