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VIP Sessions: FPV Drone Building

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FPV Drone Build for Drone Racing

In this VIP Session, Jeffrey will be teaching you step-by-step how to build a quad for your very one FPV or First Person View Drone.

He will be going over all of the basics of the parts and how to wire them all up to each other, he will show you some tricks to make sure your build is clean, as well as give you some build tips to make everything easier.

Aside from the actual build, we will be discussing related topics such as:

  1. The basic tools you will be needing
  2. Different kinds of quads you can build, and what difference they have
  3. Consideration for parts and budget
  4. Updating the firmware and setting up the software

 You can simply follow along the build and ask as many questions you want, or you can also build-along during the session.

Knowing how to solder is useful, but I will be showing you how to do it as well if you have never held a soldering iron before.

You are also free to join this VIP session as a newbie even if you don’t know how to fly yet, and just get a controller to practice with on the simulator.

The price of a controller starts at P2,000 for a basic transmitter and goes up to P10,000 for an advanced pro controller.

If you are interested in getting one, send us a message so we can discuss which one is right for you. If you wish to have a VIP session on flying, please sign up on this link and we will notify you when one opens up. 


FPV Advanced: Comes with a quad drone kit except the Goggles and Controller.

*Subject to change depending on availability of parts