Random Road Trips

Why Join A Random Road Trip?

Random Road Trips are regular road trips where the DESTINATION is a SECRET and the ACTIVITIES are a SURPRISE. Sometimes it is an overnight weekend travel adventure to a random place for some stress free fun with like minded travelers. Other times just a regular day trip to an unknown part of the outskirts of Manila. But what is common, YOU DO NOT KNOW where to go until you join us.

Our idea for the Random Road Trips is to encourage people to go out of their comfort zone by doing some adventure with the people you will only meet during the road trip. Sometimes it only takes a crazy adventure to bring out the best in us. In these road trips, we usually learn new things about people, culture and neighboring provinces we visit.

Going on a random trip with strangers may not be the popular choice when it comes to travelling but those who dare will find themselves surrounded by like-minded crazy people experiencing an out-of-the-box and authentic adventure.

“The Random Road Trip was random in every sense of the word but I wouldn’t have it any other way. “

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