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Why Join A Retro Road TRip Road Trip

A Road Trip For The 55 Years Old and Above!

Experience Philippines is coming out with craziest travel project yet – The Retro Road Trip. Who says only young people can have fun and do crazy stunts? Similar to the Random Road Trips, it is going to be on a Random Destination with Random people for some Random Fun and Adventure. Only difference is NO YOUNG ONES ALLOWED (except for the organizers of course).

The Destination Is A Secret

Road Trip -1

We view travel as an experience. We focus on experience over the destination. Most travelers are familiar with the common and popular, but we will take you to the off-the-beaten path, to those secret places that we have found in our travels.

And The Activities A Surprise

Sometimes we will take you swimming beneath majestic waterfalls, or we will hike through lush forests, and we will even encourage you to do cliff diving. But, whatever it may be, we will guarantee you will have lots of fun.

Travel With People You Don’t Know

The most memorable connections are often made with like-minded people, and, when all of you are strangers in new places, you get to make even deeper friendships.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Road Trip-4

Challenge yourself. Do what you never thought you could do. It is one of the most rewarding feeling ever. Trust us on that!

Take A Leap Of Faith

Join the more than 600 people who have already “survived” one of our Random Road Trips. It is one of the best experiences you can give yourself.

Discover more about yourself, about others and about the beautiful country called the Philippines. Book your Experience with us now.

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  • T-1    
    Danne Marie Realuyo
    Quick Getaway #3
  • T-10
    A. D.
    Random Outing
  • T-9
    Archieval Mariano
    Quick Getaway
  • T-5
    Ritz Anne de Guzman
    Random Road Trip
  • T4
    Honey Bautista
    Random Road Trip
  • T-8
    EY Baira
    Singles Road Trip
  • T-7
    Nitu Bhogal
    Random Road Trip
  • T-6
    Adriann Vasquez
    Singles Road Trip #10
  • T-3
    Hueng Monarba
    Singles Road Trip #9
  • T-2
    Honey Fugaban
    Singles Road Trip #9
  • T-11
    Isabel Linatoc
    Random Road Trip