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Most people have certain preconceived notions about what Parkour is. They have seen it on YouTube and assume it is about physicality, danger and risk. But it is not only about developing physical prowess. It is about developing a psychological mindset that helps you move through life more effectively.” — Forrest Mahop, Parkour instructor in East London.


Parkour can be defined as the practice of moving logically and creatively through a – typically – urban setting to get from a start point to an end point as quickly as possible. To others, they perceive the sport as dangerous and a criminal act but yet, every sport is always related to risks; hiking, Gymnastics, Football, Boxing, Wrestling, etc.

Little do they know that the center of Parkour though intense, visceral and creative, it’s a way of feeling the city or the environment in whole different way. Seeing the environment in a whole new perspective; creating connection to those who are around us.


“one of the most striking differences between parkour and other so-called ‘extreme’ sports – it is not concerned solely with the acquisition of physical skills, but also with the improvement of one’s mental and spiritual well-being. Ensuring that physical progress is not at the expense of mental progress is one of the main aims of a good traceur” (cited in Jones n.d., para. 22).”


Traceurs experts perceive their practice as overcoming their fears and inhibitions and pushing their selves beyond what they thought was their limitation. Parkour will push you physically and mentally.

It may be hard at the beginning but with time, you will master strength and coordination as you conquer obstacles along your way and gain courage and boldness as you walk through life.



You will learn:

  • “Constant Flow”
    • Combination of Skills in one flow and speed.
  • “Urban Tarzan”
    • Mastering the Quadrupedal Movements with obstacles.
  • “Tips for Flips”
    • Experience the flips/Challenge your flips.
  • “Parkour Techs”
    • In-depth techniques of each skill in Parkour.
  • “Parkour Conditioning”
    • Mental and Physical exercises to boost your movements.

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