Tucked away from the beaten path lies Mingay Cove, a majestic natural wonder located in the quaint village of San Julian, Sta. Praxedes, Cagayan. This hidden gem is unique in that it serves as both a recreational haven and an economic hub for the local fishing community. Here, the lush forest meets the open sea, creating a breathtaking landscape that captivates both locals and visitors alike.

Recognizing the cove's immense potential for eco-tourism, the local government unit of Sta. Praxedes, led by Mayor Esterlina Aguinaldo, has recently decided to offer overnight stays for visitors seeking a respite from the distractions of modern life. Nestled in this serene paradise, visitors can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city, immersing themselves in the tranquility of nature without the intrusion of electricity or the internet.

"Mingay is indeed a true gem that can be handed over from generations," said Aguinaldo, urging everyone to promote responsible travel practices while nurturing the local community and the environment.

To accommodate overnight guests, the area boasts at least three solar-powered teepee houses equipped with basic amenities. Additionally, the local government has set up picnic tables, tents for rent, showers, restrooms, and swings, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

However, pre-booking is a must for overnight stays, as walk-in accommodations are not available to ensure the safety and security of guests, as stated on the Santa Praxedes Tourism Facebook page.

How to Get There

Santa Praxedes is the farthest northwestern town in Cagayan, and it's the gateway to the Ilocos Region. It is a three-hour drive from Tuguegarao City.

From the municipal hall of Santa Praxedes, two options exist to reach Mingay Beach.

For those seeking an extra adventure, trekking via Barangay San Juan in Santa Praxedes is recommended. From the drop-off point in Sitio Mingay, it will take tourists around 30 to 40 minutes to trek downhill before reaching the cove.

"It took us 30 minutes with a lot of pit stops until we reached the coastline. In hindsight, I realized that the rainforest has great potential for eco-agrotourism development like the one in Subic. It would also be a hit with foreign nationals who want extreme adventure and sports like ziplines and rock climbing," Aguinaldo shared during her first trekking visit to Mingay Beach.

The second option is a 30–40-minute boat ride via barangay Taggat in Claveria, Santa Praxedes' nearby municipality. A boat ride fee of P1,500 is pegged for five people.

A Wealth of Adventures

For the safety and convenience of visitors, Villamin Lizardo Jr., a member of the Sta. Praxedes rescue team, encourages guests to plan their travel and discover the various adventures Mingay has to offer.

"Aside from the Mingay Beach, which is divided into small and big coves, there are other beaches such as Nanaplaan and Kimmansir Beach that visitors may consider visiting," Lizardo said, noting that these beaches are comparable to the renowned beaches of Palawan.

Beautiful rock formations and waterfalls also beckon adventurers for swimming, diving, and underwater exploration, adding to the allure of this natural wonderland.

"Going to Mingay is an experience of a lifetime. It gives me reasons to love the Philippines even more," said Aileen Rambaud, a visitor from Pinili, Ilocos Norte, who recently experienced the thrill of trekking downhill to reach Mingay last weekend.