Yung akala mo matatapos na, kaso lang, hindi pa pala.

We probably thought we’d already be able to go out and about after April 30th but then, here goes another round of extended quarantine. It maybe disappointing. But, consider being safe at home for now than be sorry later when catch the virus because it’s not as good as dead yet. We can’t do anything but wait and see if things will get better and we’ll finally be able to step out of our homes once again. So, just think of it as an extended mandatory leave and enjoy yourselves at home. To save ourselves from boredom during this ECQ, here are some of the trendy things you can consider trying.


Trendy Things to You Can Do this ECQ

Practice your Barista Skills

Back when everything was normal, coffee shops might have been our go-to place. We must have enjoyed a good cup of coffee prepared by skilled baristas. Coffee sure tastes better when someone else makes it for you, right? However, because of our current situation, we might be missing our favourite handcrafted beverages already. But, why don’t we try to be make it ourselves? It may be challenging, but it can be an awesome experience to be your own barista.

Don’t worry there’s an overload of trending coffee recipes right available on social media right now. Forget the espresso machine because a lot of them make use of instant coffee and other uncomplicated ingredients. So, check them out, give it a try and you just might discover your hidden talent as a barista!

Here are some ideas you can start with:

Bring Out the Master Chef in You

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This quarantine season is pushing many people to explore their kitchens, not just to eat but to also try cooking. Some of them were creative enough to use canned goods or “ECQ ingredients” as the main star of their dishes. Guess what? Some even made the effort to plate their meals just like the ones you see at fancy restaurants! If you haven’t tried cooking yet, don’t worry,  you have two more weeks to practice. It’s not only a trendy thing right now, but also a shining moment for people who were not really into cooking before this pandemic happened.

Bust a Move on TikTok

If there’s anything I noticed these days, it’s probably how much confidence we unleash online because we can’t go out of the house. A lot of people, have been showing it on TikTok. Using that app these days is indeed trendy and well, kills time and boredom. So, if you think you can dance, go ahead; don’t be shy and bust a move! Don’t forget to share it to the world! You’ll never know, baka madiscover ka! 

Give Your Mind Something to Digest

While most of us are spending our days at home, we might be forgetting to feed our brain. Let’s not forget to keep our mind up and running, not with worries, but with new things to think about. Make use of this precious abundance of time to update your knowledge either by reading books you’ve just been hoarding or by taking free online classes. If you don’t want to read, you can also pick-up new knowledge through podcasts.

Information is now just a click away. Whether you want to learn something about business, fashion, language or just about anything under the sun, I’m sure you can find it online. 

Here are some websites that offer free classes: 

Stay Fit with Workout Routines Online

Sitting on the couch and eating to our hearts content while binge watching on Netflix is easier compared to working out. I bet a lot of people can relate to this. Don’t worry, so do I! But then, the thought of not fitting into my jeans after the quarantine terrorises me. So, think about that and try to spare and hour or two, twice or thrice a week for a workout session.

Staying fit without the help of a gym or a personal trainer can be challenging. Thanks to the internet and social media, we can find various kinds of exercise tutorials on Pinterest, Google, YouTube, etc. In case you feel like working out is a chore we hate, look for some inspiration that can motivate you to stay fit. If fitting into your pants won’t work, I bet these eye candies would be a perfect source of motivation! Enjoy! 😉

In case you’re not into that kind of workout routines, here are some other options you can try:


Unleash the Vlogger in You

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It’s hard to keep our sanity without talking to other people. When you’re already tired of talking to your family and friends on Messenger, Viber, Zoom, etc., you might want to try vlogging. It’s a good way to keep you preoccupied, entertained and probably sane. Aside from that, you can show off your hidden talents every time you post your vlogs on social media. Whether it’s a skincare regimen; a make-up tutorial; a cooking video; a Q&A session; a song or a dance cover, go ahead and share it. 

Some Vlog Inspirations:

Do Something for the Frontliners 

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While most of us are staying at the comfort of our homes, there are people who risk their lives fighting this COVID-19 pandemic. We have to realise that if we find staying at home difficult, what about the Frontliners who are helping and trying to save infected people at the expense of their own safety? By now, they must be exhausted and homesick but they still can’t go home. Now, that’s just on a different level of difficulty and we have to appreciate them and their efforts as much as we can. Aside from doing our part, which is staying home, making sure the Frontliners feel valued is also one thing we can do. They need our moral support as much as they are needed by their patients. So, whether we create appreciation photos, videos, tarpaulins, etc. or we prepare and send them warm meals, we have to do something for them

Stay positive and entertained during this extended ECQ

We have to stay home longer. But that doesn’t mean we’re stuck with boredom because there are still so many things we can do to keep ourselves entertained. You can always try those trendy things I mentioned but you can always do what you know will best keep your patience and sanity intact. As a bonus, you can try playing these party games as a preparation for the next big gathering you will have after this pandemic is over. Have fun!