Around this time of the year, it’s normal to see hustling and bustling streets, cities, and provinces. Summer is truly one of the busiest times of the year. But right now, what we  have are silent and seemingly deserted neighbourhoods, business districts, tourist destinations, etc. Although we are experiencing some sort of “peace and quiet” around us, we might be feeling disheartened, depressed and worried deep inside. So, take some time off from news reports that are not helping our mental and emotional health and immerse ourselves with words we need to hear the most right now.

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What we need during the season of uncertainty

We find ourselves in the season of uncertainty and we have little to no idea what future lies ahead of us. With this, falling into the pits of negativity and depression is easy. We are fighting against something we can’t even see, what could be more difficult than that? As much as we look at and listen to news reports about this pandemic situation, we should also learn how to save ourselves from the mental and emotional burden they come with. Let’s fill our minds and hearts with strength from words that radiate hope and positivity. Doing that is not evading reality, not even being indifferent to it. It’s one way of helping ourselves survive this trying time.


Words we need to hear the most right now

1. “Make the days count”

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Admit it, you and I have probably counted the days approaching the end of the ECQ. But, sorry, it was a false alarm. We ended up counting the days again. Waiting for this season to come to an end is as torturous as waiting for your loved one working abroad to come home for Christmas. Aren’t we all anticipating that moment when this pandemic will finally be over? But, coming across this quote, made me think of something else other than May 16th. We may never have this much time once we start getting busy out there. So, while we’re at it, we should enjoy every bit of it. Trust me, you’ll miss it!

2. “It can’t rain forever”

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Come to think of it, it really can’t rain forever. Even in the Bible, God let the rain pour down for only 40 days. So, while we are experiencing a “stormy” season in the middle of summer, let’s think of it as a test; a test of our patience; a test of our mental and emotional stability; a test of our discipline; a test of our concern for others; most of all, a test of our trust and faith in God. You don’t have to be super religious to believe; knowing that we are at war against something we can’t even see is probably enough to make you believe in HIS plan for the Philippines and the rest of the world.

3. “Things work out, you know”

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Ever been in a situation where you feel like nothings going according to your plan? What did you do then? Did you drown yourself in misery or did you continue living day by day while telling yourself and believing that things will be okay?

This time, it’s not just you, everybody else is stuck in the same ditch and probably feels as troubled as you did. It’s been a month and 21 days since the lockdown and enhanced community quarantine began yet it still feels like things are far from okay. It’s sad but it’s true. And although things might not still be normal after the ECQ is lifted, let’s believe that things will work out and no matter how long it takes, everything will be alright once again.

4. We need to be shaken up to find the way “to the place we are meant to be”

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It is said that bad things aren’t always bad; sometimes they happen to us in order to teach us, save us, and redirect us from what’s ruining us. I’ve read and heard about this a lot as I searched for answers to my own misery. And somewhere in the middle of that, I realised that it’s true. Unfortunate things awaken us from the shitty realities behind the rose coloured glasses we are seeing. Though they may be hurting us, they are also probably paving and leading the way to where we should be. 

Let’s think about this difficult experience as an opportunity for us to become better at handling situations like this, in the future. This pandemic is giving us a chance to learn how to survive with less, but more than that, how to fight this invisible war as one.

5. What’s meant to be, will be

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First it was only until April 30th and now it has been moved to May 15th. Even when the ECQ is lifted, things would still be far from okay. We all have no idea how long it’s going to take for everyone to be back on their feet, for businesses to be running and thriving again, and for the world to be safe enough for to resume traveling. Whatever this tough time will teach and lead us to, we have to think of it as part of God’s greater plan for us. Because if not, we’ll probably drown in negativity and lose hope for a better tomorrow. So, let’s look at the bright side, pray and believe that we will all survive this pandemic and we will get through this together.

What we need the most: faith, hope and pixie dust

We might have been dreaming of a sun-kissed skin and sandy feet, beautiful crowded places and smiling faces. And while this year, summer seems to have turned up-side-down, let’s remember to believe in the power of prayers and the magic of hopes and wishes. We don’t know when and how, but maybe if we all keep on praying and believing, God will surprise us with a better tomorrow.

It might sound childish and all but, let’s sing along to Cinderella’s anthem. Hearing it might make our harsh reality sound like a prelude to a wonderful fairy-tale.


A song we need to hear right now

Stay safe and hopeful everyone!