Wondering where to venture next?

Look no further than Bolinao, a seaside haven that promises every traveler's dream come true.

From golden shores to enigmatic caves, Bolinao isn't just a destination—it's an adventure waiting to be discovered. Here are 10 reasons why Bolinao should top your travel list:

  1. Patar Beach: Step onto the soft, golden sands and immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters. With free entry (parking fees from P10 to P100, cottage rentals P300 to P500), it's a paradise accessible to all.
  2. Cape Bolinao Lighthouse: Experience breathtaking views from new heights, with no entry or parking fees required.
  3. Enchanted Cave: Dive into a subterranean magical world, with entry fees ranging from P200 to P250, and a P40 user fee valid for four days.
  4. Wonderful Cave: Uncover the secrets of this hidden gem, with an entry fee of P100 and cottage rental at the same price.
  5. Cindy’s Cave: Explore the mysterious beauty and storied rocks of Cindy's Cave.
  6. Bolinao Falls: A nature lover's paradise, this majestic waterfall is nestled in a serene forest (P100 entry, P200 cottage rental).
  7. Saint James the Great Parish: A historic and cultural marvel with free entry and P20 parking.
  8. Rockview Sunset Beach Resort: Marvel at the natural rock formations and enjoy amenities (entry fee P50 to P150, cottage rental P500).
  9. Camp Puor: For a unique camping experience that suits all tastes, with a P40 user fee valid for four days.
  10. Local Delicacies: Indulge in Bamboo Rice Cake, Danggit (Dried Fish), and a Seafood Extravaganza, showcasing Bolinao's culinary wonders.


Bolinao is more than just a place to visit; it offers a collection of extraordinary experiences and delectable tastes. Prepare your camera and bags, and embark on a journey to discover the wonders of Bolinao. 🚗✈️ Discover the stories of Bolinao, your next chapter in Region 1.