The 11th Tan-ok ni Ilocano Festival, the province's most important cultural event, will take place on February 16 at the Ferdinand E. Marcos Sports Stadium. Artists from 21 towns and two cities in Ilocos Norte will be showing off their skills. In honor of Adelita R. Bagcal, who was recently named "dallot queen" of the province and winner of the Gawad Manlilikha ng Bayan award for oral traditions, the festival will honor the rich Ilocano oral traditions. Dallot is an old Ilocano custom of chanting that was done at important community events.

Ilocos Norte's local government has always supported its artistic industries because they know how important they are for fostering cultural dialogue, building regional pride and identity, and helping the economy grow. Erwin Suguitan, the municipal tourist officer of Vintar, says that the Tan-ok Festival is becoming an even more important way for choreographers, craftsmen, artists, costume designers, and musicians to make a living.

At this year's Vintar festival, there will be 50 dancers, 40 people acting as props, 96 people who will be handling the props, 15 people who will be managing the event, and more than 30 people who will be working. They have all started planning and practicing months in advance. Even though it only happens once a year, the festival is highly anticipated by local artists because it brings in a lot of money and helps families.

Erwin Suguitan also talked about how the event has helped talented Filipinos find work in places like Cagayan, Ilocos Sur, La Union, and even Central Luzon, which is not their home province. Angel Andres, a makeup artist from Laoag City, talked about his drive to do better at his job. Reden Corales, a laborer from Pagudpud, talked about how thankful he is that the festival gives him work chances that help support his family.

The Ilocos Norte government supports the event by giving PHP300,000 to each participating local government unit. This shows its dedication to preserving the province's cultural heritage and the health of its creative community.