1st week of February

Inaul Festival – Buluan, Maguindanao

8th of February

The Inaul Festivals is a celebration of Maguindanao’s heritage and culture. The term “Inaul” is a Maguindanaoan word which means “weaved”. Maguindanaoan women weaves the textile by hand. The textile is used traditionally as “malong”. Aside from that it was once a symbol of status and worn with pride and respect. Inaul is also considered as “Bara-bangsa” which is attributed to words royalty and nobility.

Inaul festival served as a masterpiece in the tourism of ARMM.Sagayan Festival was its name before it was named “Inaul”.


2nd week of February

Budbod Festival – Catmon, Cebu

10th of February

Delicacy is a towns identity. Budbod Kabog is the delicacy of Catmon, Cebu for that reason residents of the town celebrate a festival inspired by their delicacy every 10th of February.

Budbod Kabog is made up of a small cereal plant (known as millet ), the favorite food of the bats (locally known as Kabog) in the area even more, it is first sold in the tollbooths of Naghalin Bridge in Catmon, Cebu.. The celebration is accompanied with a dancing competition. The participants may present any dance that they wish as long as it incorporated the 8 basic steps (Kabhig, Bigaw, Kayog, Gi-ok, Asod, Alib-ig, Pasiko, and Kilikiti) in making the delicacy. Apart from the dance competition, there is also a beauty pageant and grand patikim program right after the dance competition.

Aside from featuring Budbod Kabog, another reason for the celebration is to give thanks to the patron saint of the town, San Guillermo de Aquintania.


Ullalim Festival – Kalinga

14th of February

Ullalim Festival celebrates the founding anniversary of the province and the peace acts called Bodong through a festival.

The provinve of Kalinga celebrates their love for literature during the Ullalim Festival every 14th of January. Yes, February 14 is more than just hearts and love in the air. The residents of Kalinga holds a festival of poetic expression of heroic adventures, romance, joy, success stories as well as tribulations and the ways of life of Kalinga people from birth to death. Their native products such as their World Class tasting coffee is also featured during the said festival.


3rd week of February

Paraw Regatta Festival- Villa de Arevalo, Iloilo

3rd week of February

Paraw Regatta festival is the celebration of Iloilo’s seamanship and craftsmanship.

Paraw Regatta is the oldest traditional event in Asia. In addition of the the seamanship and craftsmanship as the reason of celebration, Paraw regatta was launched with the aim of developing the tourism of Iloilo. Celebrating the Paraw Regatta festival is also a way to preserve the Paraw which has an essential relevance in the earliest period of Ilonggo’s history. Paraw is a small sailboat with 2 stabilizers, which in the 1200’s is believed to be used for travel and trade.

The festival hold a race competition among seafarers on colorful sailboats between Guimaras Island and Iloilo City. The race on the festival originated way back on 1973 with the aim to conserve the archival importance of Paraw.


Tinabangay Festival-Socorro, Surigao del Norte

The town of Socorro in Surigao del Norte celebrates the practice of Bayanihan every 22nd of February.

The tradition of celebrating the practice of “Bayanihan” in Socorro, Surigao del Norte dates back on the 1960’s. The celebration aims to preserve the country’s legacy of being helpful to other people by depicting the kindness of Filipino. The celebration does not only relives the “trademark trait” of Filipino people of being helpful but honors it as well through the celebration of the festival.


4th week of February

Ragragsak Ti Guimba- Guimba, Nueva Ecija

20th of February

Ragragsak is an Ilocano word which mean “Kasiyahan”. Ragragsak Ti Guimba means “Kasiyahan sa Bayan ng Guimba”. The festival is first launched on 2002 and is celebrated every 20th of February up until March. The celebration involves the following events: A parade of Carabaos carrying different products form different barangays, Cultural dance competition, a Trade fair, a sports competition, Motor shows and a lot more.


Nagtipunan Penenkakasisit Festival- Nagtipunan, Quirino
22nd of February

The reason for the celebration of the Festival is quite similar to Kaamulan’s. The town of Nagtipunan in Quirino Province celebrates the indigeneous tribe “Ilonggots” who are the first settlers of the town. The Penenkakasisit Festival is celebrated every 22nd of February. The celebration includes the portrayal of primitive cultural practices such as Padong (war dance) and Taguem (portrayal from courtship to wedding).