Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Now, we live in a world where everything is convenient. Food can be delivered to your doorsteps. Drinks can be to-go. Food in groceries is conveniently packed to give it longer shelf life. Toiletries are packaged so that it can be placed in bathrooms. Parents don’t have to worry about washing cloth diapers because there are disposable ones anyway.

You get the picture.

But because it has been so convenient for many of us, we have taken for granted how to properly dispose of these convenient packagings and containers.

To illustrate further, check out the photos below.

This photo was taken in July 2018 off the coast of the beach in Samar Province.

Photo taken along Alabama Beach. Turtle drifts into shore dead.


Protect The Philippine Environment

Here in the Philippines, we are blessed with long stretches of beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and an exciting underwater world teeming with life. This beautiful archipelago offers fantastic sunny days for laying on the sand, super fun surf sessions and some of the most amazing snorkeling experiences.

However, as with anywhere and everywhere in the world, this can all be spoiled by the trash that gets left on beaches or washed up from distant lands. Experience Philippines had noticed the many of our shorelines had started to collect a lot of waste, and we organized a regular beach clean for anyone to get involved. So we decided the partner up with one of the strong environmental advocates – The Plastic Solutions.


The Dangers of Single-Use Plastic

Plastic is not biodegradable and when in the sea, plastics can also adsorb toxic chemicals, and enter the food chain when mistaken for food items by fish, seabirds, marine mammals and other organisms. Over 100,000 marine mammals and over 1 million seabirds die every year from ingestion of and entanglement in marine litter. These facts are shocking and so to be able to make a difference and perhaps save the lives of wildlife made cleaning the beach a very rewarding task.


Surfing, Beach Clean-Up, and The Plastic Solutions

The great thing about beach clean-up is that you can physically see the difference you make. Every piece of trash removed makes a difference.

Bring your family.
Be part of a community.
Learn to Surf.
Laugh and enjoy the sunset with new friends.
Best of it all, make a difference.
Here at Experience Philippines, we couldn’t live without the beaches and oceans and so we love being able to help maintain them for the sake of the environment, the animals that inhabit them and the people that enjoy them.


What Happens In The Camp

When you join the Surf + Beach + Eco Brick Camp, here are the CAMP ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:

- Lectures and Discussion on Plastic Solutions
- Beach Clean Up
- Scavenger Hunt
- Eco Brick Making
- Surfing Lessons
The camp fee is Php 3,500. You can make reservations by signing up on the form below,


- Land transfer to Surf Camp
- Overnight shared accommodations.
- 4 meals (Day 1 lunch to Day 2 lunch) and snacks.
- Lecture presentations and hand-outs.
- Surfing Lessons
- Volunteer and instructor fees.


Make A Difference One Step At A Time

Beach + Eco Brick + Surf Camp is in partnership with The Plastic Solutions headed by Fiona Faukner. The Plastic Solution is an environmental movement that aims to inspire action from individuals that range from young students to big corporations in the Philippines. Our mission is to preserve the lands and waters on while all life depends on by providing lasting solutions to the plastic pollution through the simple act of stuffing loose plastics into a smaller and compact container. We strive to be a well-known initiative that teaches eco-friendly innovations one bottle at a time.