For those reading this, I am sure you have been in situations where you got out at night in a remote location and saw an incredibly beautiful night sky with millions of stars shining right at you, with patches of stars in a “cloudy” formation that are a part of the Milky Way.

And you ask yourself, “Ano ba ang purpose ko sa buhay.” ???Tapos sabay hirit..

“How I wish I know how to take a photo of the beautiful night sky…. para may post ako sa Facebook and Instagram.”

Here will do our best to give a Step by Step guide to start capturing the stars and the night sky on your next travel adventure.

1. Part 1 – Setting up
2. Part 2- Camera Settings
3. Part 3 – Post Production
4. Part 4 – Constellations
5. Part 5 – The Power of SmartPhones
6. Part 6 – Magical Places to Capture The Milky Way by Famous Photographers
7. Part 7 – How To Turn Astrophotography Into A Romantic Getaway

Here is the Third Part of the Series: