Experience Philippines and Nokia HERE – Adventure Never Ends.

We are so stoked to land in Nokia’s International Publication. HERE Philippines and Experience Philippines entered into a partnership where we collaborate with HERE Philippines to map out unchartered destinations of the country. The the information we generate, we can help improve the access to information about various destinations in the Philippines.

Here is a brief snippet about the article:

Experience Philippines (ExPH) is an Experience Startup whose goal is to explore the uncharted areas of the country. They hold random road trips to different destinations using a travel bus/hostel that they christened as Betsy. Participants in the trips have no idea where they will be heading, hence the name.

HERE Philippines’s partnership with ExPH entails the use of various equipment to map out these places, focusing primarily on places of note as well as outdoor trails (hiking, animal,and ferry routes) and uncharted roads. The value of their collections lies in the inaccessibility of these destinations using the company’s current field methodology.

Experience Philippines travels to far-flung areas accessible only by local transport modes (motorcycles, fishing vessels, charter planes, ATV’s, etc.) or by foot, after getting off of the bus. This makes them an invaluable addition to our current roster of communities.

In line with this, they will be prioritizing the collection of tourist routes and attractions that they’ll encounter along the road.

Read the original article HERE –> https://sway.com/TXGVlGz7rXLmolqQ