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What Are Random Road Trips?

Random Road Trips are monthly Road Trips organised by the Team behind Tara Let’s Go! Asia. Sometime it is an overnight weekend travel adventure to a random place for some stress free fun with like minded travellers. Other times just a regular day trip to an unknown part of the outskirts of Manila.

Our idea for the random road trips is to encourage people to go out of their comfort zone by doing some adventure with the people you will only meet during the road trip. Sometimes it only takes a crazy adventure to bring out the best in us. In these road trips, we usually learn new things about people, culture and neighbouring provinces we visit.

Some of the random things we have experienced are:

1. Have a get-together with Philippine National Artists.
2. Discovering hidden waterfalls just 2 hours away from Manila.
3. Having a kingly feast that is good for 10 people at a local cafe for the price of Php 150.00. Don’t believe us, check out Kata Cafe in Tanay, Rizal. Highly recommended.
4. Videoke nights in local motels.
5. Discovering 20,000 year old Philippine ancient art work at Angono, Rizal.
6. Cave explorations in the middle of a typhoon.
7. Sleeping in haunted houses.
8. Province-hopping. Yes, you got it right. We did not go island hopping. We literally hopped from one province to another on a boat.
9. Slept in a burial ground.
10. Rescued Sea Turtles and got shown on TV for it.
Experiences are countless. Making new friends are priceless.