Break free from conventional do-it-your-own travel planning.

Do you want to travel but no idea where? Are you looking to do something exciting but do not want the headache of planning? Planning to give someone a travel gift but you want it kept a secret?

A perfect way to celebrate:
Couple Anniversary
Letting go and Moving on Independence
Just Because...


A Good Time To Explore Travel Alternatives

If you want to some “me time” to spend with yourself, your partner or because you just want to get away from it all AND your schedule only allows you to travel on weekdays like Sunday – Monday or Tuesday – Wednesday. Ugh.

Then the Experience Philippines BOOK A SURPRISE might be a good alternative to your much-needed “me time” of rest and relaxation.


What is Book A Surprise?

BOOK A SURPRISE is a surprise mystery travel where the destination is a secret and the activities is a surprise. We help create a unique, mission based travel adventure that will certainly push you out of your comfort zone and make you fall in love with our beautiful Philippines.

You can travel on your own (or with someone).
You can choose the date of your travel. It starts with a 3 day surprise adventure.
You RECEIVE a MYSTERY TRAVEL BOX that contains your long-awaited destination, your personalized itinerary, and some fantastic gifts from us and our partners. (Check out our Instagram Stories for some live action –

OUR GOAL is to rekindle the joy of traveling by keeping the destination unknown until you are at the airport, bus or boat terminal, or meet up point by removing all preconceived (mis)conceptions of travel. You get to dive right into the spontaneity by embracing the journey, the experiences more than the destination.

By allowing travelers to step out of their comfort zone of conventional trip planning or traditional set tours, we opened up a new dimension to travel. YOU now learn…

To let go of control.
To have a better understanding what they can and can not do.
To make new friends from once strangers.
To appreciate the unexplored and non-touristy.
To enjoy unique transports like tricycles, habal-habal, jeepneys, lampitaws, RORO, etc.


So…How Does It Work?

Step 1. Book Your Adventure Here

You answer a few quick questions. We’ll need to know:

Your budget per person (travel + accommodation)
Travel dates
Some travel preferences
Traveler information

Step 2. Planning

Based on your budget and all the information we get, we will customize a Travel Adventure for you.

You can include special requests
Or your reason for traveling like birthday, anniversary, moving on, heartbreak, stressed at work, mental issues, etc.
We will do what we can to make your travel as memorable and happy as possible.

Step 3. Receive An Email

A week before your adventure, you receive an email from us. The email contains the following:

The exact location of the meet up point or the point of departure (airport, bus terminal, boat terminal, etc)
What to bring on your surprise adventure.
The contact details of your Experience Concierge.

Step 4. The arrival of the Mystery Surprise Adventure Box (3 Days before your departure)

Three days before your trip, you receive a Mystery Surprise Adventure Box in the mail or hand delivered if in Metro Manila, which you do NOT open just yet. The Mystery Surprise Adventure Box contains the long-awaited destination, the customized itinerary, and some special gifts from us and our Brand Partners. We promise to make your Surprise Adventure happy and memorable.

For BEST EXPERIENCE, open the envelop and box on the day you are departing. 🙂

Step 5. It’s Adventure Time!


Time to head to your point of departure and OPEN the MYSTERY SURPRISE ADVENTURE BOX! We are with you all the way. Have the peace of mind with your personal EXPERIENCE CONCIERGE who you can call or text anytime to assist in whatever you need.