75 days later

We’re still in quarantine and the number of people testing positive continues to increase as the days go by. We probably have forgotten how to differentiate the days. We might not remember the hustle and bustle of preparing for work or school anymore. Most of all, we already lost the chance to spend summer somewhere nice this year. 

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We can no longer do anything to get back the moments, days and seasons we’ve lost so far. But, we can still do something to make the days to come meaningful and purposeful. And, the first step is asking yourself, “how are you, really?” Think about your overall condition. Be honest to yourself about how you feel, your fears, your thoughts, etc. While you’re at it, we’re here to keep you company. Here are some comforting words we might need to hear right now.

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Words We Need To Hear Right Now

1. Our happiness is determined not just by our victories but also by our thoughts

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We come across happy, victorious, sad, tragic or routine-like moments as we live out each day. Regardless of what we have, who we are and where we’re at, life happens, whether we like it or not. There would be times when we would feel as if the universe is conspiring against us, just like our situation right now. But, there’s more to life than the bad happenings, only if we would just “look beyond what we see.”

We need to see way past the hurdles and difficulties and think of if it as an opportunity to rest, to reflect, to improve, to change and to be better. I’m not going tell you to think and be positive all the time because that’s so idealistic. But, I would tell you that what and how we think greatly influences the life we live. So, keep thinking of reasons to love life despite the situation you’re in because “the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”


2. Be grateful

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We don’t always wake up on the right side of the bed. That’s normal and it’s fine. However, what is the first thing you’re preoccupied with? Workload? Traffic? You’re going to be late already? Bills? Cleaning up after your pet? Well, this is what living the city life has made us used to. But, what if we start each day thinking about and being grateful for the good things, the blessings or for simply being able to wake up again? 

The workload, the traffic, the mess in the house, the unpaid bills, etc. will still be there.  However, if we start our day right, we can face the stressful things with a light and peaceful heart and mind. That might just take the stress out of the equation, don’t you think? Be grateful and life will be beautiful. 

3. Let’s use this time to change for the better

Quote from https://www.awakenthegreatnesswithin.com/35-inspirational-quotes-on-transformation/

As I’ve mentioned earlier, life happens whether we like it or not, but, we can choose how we see and respond to it. And that makes a big difference. We are the ones who will decide if we want to be transformed into a better self and have a better life or waste our days drowning in stress and negativity.

Feelings are valid but don’t let yourself and your life be consumed by it. So, despite how depressing our current situation is, do everything that it takes to survive this pandemic and come out stronger than ever. 


4. “There is beauty in waiting.”

Quote from https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/7844747-trust-the-wait-embrace-the-uncertainty-enjoy-the-beauty-of

Have you ever waited for something and trusted the universe that it will happen to you, someday? Whether it’s waiting for your crush to like your post, waiting for a call from your LDR loved one or waiting for an online shopping delivery, we have all waited for something at least once in our lives. 

Some things take more time, just like this uncertainty we are faced with. No one knows exactly when this pandemic will end. We all have no idea what future awaits us. But, we have to trust the universe and embrace the beauty there is in waiting. While we’re in this situation, let’s enjoy the little good things that happen amidst all the negativity around us. “Nothing is certain” just yet so let’s keep hoping that this pandemic is leading us to something better. 


5. Learn how to enjoy even when sh*t happens

Quote from https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/437270-life-may-not-be-the-party-we-hoped-for-but

I’m pretty sure that no one ever wished for COVID-19 to disrupt our lives. Nobody wants to be in a troubling and depressing situation like this. But you know what, there’s little to nothing we can do about it. “While we’re here, we should dance” because there’s no use in fighting against something we can’t even see.

We can sulk and drown in negativity.  On the other hand, we can also choose to enjoy life despite everything else that’s going on. Doing this doesn’t mean we’re pretending to be fine; we are simply living each day dancing to the beat of the drum even if it’s out of tune.

Make Magic Out of Tragic Stories

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Who would’ve known that we’d be making history? Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Floods, we can predict them and do something to save ourselves from it. But, with COVID-19, how are we supposed to handle this when it’s our first time experiencing a pandemic? 

Look at how it has affected everything around us; it’s quite tragic. It’s not easy being in this difficult, stressful and depressing situation. With everything seemingly paralysed, how do we get through this? The answer is, life happens and there’s no way to stop it. But, we can do something to make magic out of a tragic story like this. Because we can choose how we see things, that will enable us to look beyond the negativity surrounding us. There is hope and opportunity that can be found in situations like this. Let’s trust the wait, keep the faith and do something worthwhile during this tough time.

Before this day ends, ask yourself this: Would you settle for a tragic story that you would want to forget or would you rather make your own magical ending that you’d want to remember forever?

Sending you some good vibes. Stay safe and sane.