To anyone who might be going through something, these are some words you might need to hear right now.

“Life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” And there’s nothing more true than this. Did you ever imagine the world being hit by a virus with no cure in this modern day and age? I never did! Probably, nobody ever did. But, it happened anyway and there’s nothing left to do but go through it. 

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See? Life is a surprise, it could be good or bad; happy or sad; lively or boring. The only thing we can be sure of is that it constantly changes. The struggles we go through are not permanent. It’s not always the same. But, no matter how it changes, remember to see it as a whole. Without the bad moments, we will never know how to appreciate and value the days that make life beautiful.

1. Don’t quit. Believe me, you’re going to thank yourself for it later on.

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Life happens and it can be tough. As we live out every single day of our lives, there will come a point where we’d feel like the universe is conspiring against us. Rejections here, failures there, missed chances and wrong timings —we get upset, feel sad, overthink, etc. It’s normal and it’s okay. However, no matter how hard life gets, I hope you don’t think about quitting. 

A moment, a day, a week, a month or a year, the bad seasons are only a part of our stories; they won’t last a lifetime. Think about how beautiful life can be once you overcome your struggles and your failures. We’ll never get to know what our happily ever after looks like if we won’t go through it all. Just keep going and later on, you will reap the fruits of your patience, persistence and endurance. Only then will you see that the struggles you went through were actually preparing you for something better. So, “when things go wrong as they sometimes will, REST IF YOU MUST, BUT DON’T YOU QUIT.

2. A sincere prayer goes a long way


There are so many things that we maybe worrying about, especially during this time. Our jobs, finances, health, families, businesses, etc. I’m sure, each of us have our own set of worries that bring extra stress in our lives. Sometimes, these things become burdens too heavy for us but we try to carry them anyway. It is in those times and situations when we should ask for help, God’s help, because He’s the only one who will willingly lift what’s weighing us down. 

If ever you find yourself stuck and cornered, even when you don’t, pray about everything. Tell God about your fears, secret battles, dilemmas, victorious moments, random thoughts, etc. Although it might not go away one hundred percent, you might find your worries slowly dissipating when you start praying. Keep in mind that our sincere prayers and our God is stronger than the things we’re worrying about. 

3.  Nothing is impossible with God.

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When we start praying and asking God for help, many times we do not get the answers we want right away. It’s not that He didn’t listen, but because it’s not His plan for you just yet. Keep going and stay faithful because He will not forsake us. He can make anything possible, even turning around your seemingly hopeless life. 

In His time, things will start falling into place. You will see the magic of God by giving you something better than what you have planned or wished for yourself. So, believe, trust and have faith.

4. It’s hard to let go. But, the pain of holding on to what you lost is harder.

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A few months back, I still kept holding on to the things I lost and ended up feeling like I was being stabbed a hundred times over. I wanted the pain and the horrible memories to stop. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried, they never did. Not until, I decided to let them go. Accepting the fact that those things, which were once precious to me are gone, is difficult. However, living with the pain they come along with is the worst. 

Finding ourselves in the midst of our failures, heartbreaks and losses, we tend to forget how blessed we are. We get too preoccupied with our pain and our struggles that we overlook the good things around us. Sometimes the negative things make it almost impossible for us to look forward to what’s coming next. If we don’t learn how to let go of what’s gone, we will never be able to see the beauty that still remains and the future that is yet to unfold.

5. You define your own happiness.

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We all have our own standards and ideas of happiness. Especially in times of great distress, we have the tendency to go for things that will make us feel even just a tiny bit better. Some might say you’re escaping or deceiving yourself. But don’t bother with those people who will say that to you because being in a depressing or challenging situation is not a joke. 

So, whatever form of happiness you think will help you feel more at ease despite the situation you’re in, go for it! Whether it’s a glass of beer, an extra large milk tea, or a K-drama overdose, I hope it melts your sadness, drives away your fears and helps you see that life isn’t over just yet. 


Don’t let the bad moments bring you down

If you’re going through something difficult right now, remember that it’s okay to not be okay. Life happens and sometimes it gets tough. There’s nothing wrong with being disappointed, frustrated, sad, depressed, etc. But, do keep in mind that your struggles aren’t everything life has in store for you. How the rest of our days will unfold is not all up to fate; the way we respond to life’s surprises partly determines the kind of ending we will get. 

Whenever life gets too tough, “rest if you must but, don’t you quit.” Remember not to let the bad moments bring you down. Keep fighting, praying and living. Having a bad day or season “doesn’t mean it’s a bad life.” There will come a time when things will start to turn around and become better.

Sending you some good vibes

Hang in there, buddy.