1st week of March

Abrenian Kawayan- Abra
1st week of March

Like most Festivals, Abrenian Kawayan Festival is a festival that celebrates the town’s founding anniversary but aside from that the festival is also about the town’s abundant and versatile product- Kawayan (Bamboo). The festival is also a venue where Ilocanos and Itnegs are united to celebrate Abrenian’s identity. The town was first inhabited by Ilocanos and several sub tribes who are abundant in tradition and practices as welll as handicrafts and that is one reason as to why the event is not only filled with fun but full of cultural presentations as well.


AniBina Bulawanon- Davao del Norte
March 1-8

Compostella Valley is said to be the heart of Davao region, the town is also rich in ethnicity and heritage. Every 1st to 8th of March, the residents of Nabunturan, Compostella Valley celebrates its founding anniversary, aside from that, the festival is also a celebration of the town’s abundant gold harvest. Compostella Valley is remarkable for its rich gold deposits.


2nd week of March

Panagtabu Festival- Tagum, Davao del Norte
March 16

Panagtagbu is a word which means “meeting”, the festival is celebrated annually whereas the residents of Tagum from different walks of life gather to celebrate the town’s diversity. The first residents of the town came from different parts of the island, aside from that, Tagum is the juncture of business in Mindanao and that is why the diversity of the town is emphasized in the said festival. The festival is also accompanied with inter-city competitions


Homonhon Landing- Eastern Samar
March 16

Eastern Samar is a town with rich historical background. The Homonhon Landing Festival celebrated every 16th of March is a tribute to Ferdinand Magellan who is said to be the one who “discovered” the Philippines and recognized the Philippines as a country with rich natural resources and hospitable people.


3rd week of March

Kulambo Festival- Palawan
March 18

The town of El Nido is one of Palawan’s pride for its unique and outstanding island. Residents of the town gathers every 15th to 18th of March to watch how the participants creatively utilize Kulambo and parades around the town. The festival is accompanied with street dancing, singing, and presentation of different delicacies from different town.


Saginyogan Festival- Romblon
March 19-21

The town of Alcantara holds a festival that is inspired for the thanksgiving of the town’s rich agricultural resources. The festival is celebrated every 19th to 20th of March, the celebration features Alcantara’s most versatile and most produced farm product- Saging (Banana) and Niyog (Coconut). During the event, the creativity of each participant is challenged by thinking of ways on how to use the different parts of the said products. Saginyogan festival is a 2-day joyful celebration where participants wear vibrant costumes out of indigenous materials from Saging and Niyog. The cause of celebration is to showcase the town of Alcantara’s main produce which are the Saging (Banana) and Niyog (Coconut).

Tabak Festival- Tabaco City, Albay
March 21-26

Residents of Tabaco City, Albay celebrates the town’s founding anniversary every 3rd week of March. The festival is filled with street dancing and trade fairs that features the towns very own products.


4th week of March

Kariton Festival- Licab, Nueva Ecija
March 28

Kariton Festival is an event to celebrate the founding anniversary of the town but aside from that there is a deeper cause ofor the celebration. Kariton was once considered as a mode of transportation, it is a rig-cart carried by a Carabao- and it is also considered as an important Farming equipment, but it does not end there, Kariton plays an important role in the history of the town of Licab, Nueva Ecija, because the founding father of Licab, Don Dalmacio Esguerra, used Kariton when he left San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte until he found the town of Licab where he finally settled. The festival is celebrated with a parade if colorfully decorated Karitons. It is held annually every Last Saturday of March.