Who said Valentine’s Day isn’t for singles?

It is the day of the hearts and every beating heart deserves to be celebrated, especially the brave and independent ones who dare to sail the turbulent seas alone on rafts because they have no ship − er should I say relationship?

So if you are still reading this despite the pun, you must be in serious need of ideas. Here is a list of things to do on V-day for single people:


1. Gift yourself this special day.

Wake up early, do the morning routine, apply that moisturizer, and eat healthy food. Why not buy yourself a flower and put it on a vase? Write on your journal while drinking tea in a special café. Visit a beautiful place and watch your favorite movie at home by night.

Give yourself the nicest day because you are loved. Love yourself enough that when someone shows up to love you, you will not settle for less.


2. Go and do what you love.

Listen to your favorite songs. Go to your special place, the park, a church, or your parent’s home. Try what you have been rooting to do, paint, dance, or sing. Listening to your passions is one beautiful way of loving yourself.


3. Come out.

Coming out is not only for the LGBT community (but still, this is a good day to “come out”), in fact, everyone has something to clarify or confess. Sometimes we are so locked that our hearts are not known even to ourselves. Take the day to take a step back for a while and ask yourself, “Am I who I want to be?”, “What is stopping me from being who I must be?” If we answer this, we get close to achieving authenticity. By then, we can come out to the world with no reservations and with more acceptance.

Be true to yourself and let yourself be known. Scribe your existence in every mind that matters.


4. Be brave.

It is the day of the hearts and the courageous ones are the ones who will make the most out of it. So seize the day and do what shakes you. Confess to your crush, enroll that course, speak up. Yes, things may not go as you plan it but just by trying, you already won.


5. Volunteer.

Don’t know what to do with all the love you are willing to give? Share it to the people who need it the most! This day is the perfect day to give your heart to whatever cause you believe in. You may help feed street children, visit the elderly, built habitats, or adopt an animal. There are many organizations looking for volunteers on the internet. Reach out and you will be found.


6. Meet new people.

One of the best feelings in the world is meeting people who share the same struggles and joys as you. Visit old friends and meet their new buddies, smile at strangers, be open to communication. Make new friends and who knows? You may even find the one.



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