How To Level Up Your Travel Experiences

Bringing travel experiences into the future.

During the period of this global pandemic, traveler needs have changed—and now, travel experiences must change along with them, to bring back customers and regain their excitement in exploring destinations. 

Therefore, Experience Philippines is introducing a much more exciting approach to traveling - Gamified Travel Adventures!

And here is how we can help travelers do that:

We Level Up Your Travel Adventure

Introducing a new way of traveling. Discover destinations by being a travel adventurer. Be the main character of an exciting adventure story that leads to learning about Filipino culture, heritage, traditions and folklore. And it all starts at the Mystery Cafe in Baguio City, our first travel map.

Do Missions, Quests And Challenges

Have a thrilling experience as you do quests, missions and challenges given by locals. These exciting activities will encourage you to take off the beaten path and have an immersive experience. Doing challenges will lead you to go out of your comfort zone. 

Earn Scores, Level Up And Win Rewards

By traveling differently, you will open up to life changing experiences. Interact with locals and discover the beauty of diversity. Create opportunities to make new friends. Have deeper engagement with local communities Get rewarded for trying new things!

Immerse In The Adventure And Be A Legendary Kaladkarin

Be a legendary character of an epic travel story. Allow the story to take you to different provinces in the Philippines. Create lasting friendships you meet along the way. Fall deeply in love with Filipino culture and heritage. Deepen your understanding of the Filipino identity.

So if you are up for a different kind of adventure traveling, come and let us travel differently by creating your adventurer account.