How To Start Your Gamified Adventure With Experience Philippines

Hello Adventurer!

Are you hungry for once-in-a-life time adventure?  Do you like to explore unknown destinations?  Do you like challenges and surprise rewards? Are you curious about the legends and lore of the Philippines?

If you answered YES, then welcome to Experience Philippines where we show you a new and exciting way to quench your adventurous travel spirit!

When you become an ADVENTURE PLAYER:

✅  Your travel adventures will be in the form of quests, missions, and challenges.

✅  You can choose to adventure in the real world or in the virtual world.

✅  You have an opportunity to choose the kind of adventure you like based on your interest, preference, or demographic.

✅  You will connect with locals and their communities.

✅   You will earn points, level up and be deserving of jaw-dropping benefits.

✅   You will be given juicy rewards for every successful quest.

How To Get Started?

Step 1. Register A Player Adventurer Account

  • Open this web link to register and create your adventurer account:
  • Input your relevant player information. 
  • Once you have inputed your registration details, you can now access your adventurer tab on the left side of your device. Level up status, scores, wallet points and challenges badges will now be available.

Step 1A - Experience Philippines Player Registration

Step 1B - Experience Philippines Player Registration

Step 1C - Experience Philippines Player Registration  

Step 2. Check Out The Travel Quest Board

 When you are done with your player registration, go ahead and check out the Quest Board to choose the quests you like to do.

Step 2A - Check Out The Experience Philippines Quest Board

2B Experience Philippines Quest Board

You have an options to choose the type of Quests - Real Life or Virtual Quests.

2C - Experience Philippines Quest Board

Step 3. Do Quests. And Unlock The Epic Travel Story.

As you select different type of quests. You have the opportunity:

✅  To connect with locals and their communities.

✅  To make new friends.

✅  To try new things and learn about Filipino legends, culture, traditions and heritage.

✅   To earn points, level up and win exciting rewards.

3A - Experience Philippines Quest

Ultimately, your journey will end by becoming the LEGENDARY KALADKARIN!

Be The Experience Philippines Legendary Kaladkarin