Mermaid is an aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. They are also known to be one of the beautiful creatures under water! Do you like to be one of them? Here are some ways to be a catnip of the gang!


1. Style Yourself Like a Mermaid

Grow your hair longer because mermaids are known to have alluring long hair! Style it with wavy and beach waves to achieve a mermaid hair! You can add or put some accessories that can make your mermaid-inspired hair more realistic. If you want to, add light make-ups preferably blue, green, pink or purple or if you don’t like to, just have your skin care routine that will make your fresh more than ever.

2. Dress Like a Mermaid

You should have a mermaid-ish outfit or have a mermaid tail. It is available on some online stores, it can add style on the way you swim! Put up accessories that will not harm other sea creatures when lost or broken. Avoid plastic accessories because mermaids don’t wear plastics!


3. Practice Your Swimming Skills

A real mermaid knows how to swim and more comfortable in water than on land. Here are some tips to perfect your mermaid style swimming:

- When you swim, put your legs and feet together as though you’re wearing a
single fin. If you’ve purchased a tail, you can also try training with the tail.
- Think of moving like a dolphin, and use your core muscles to propel your body
forward underwater.
- Since mermaids can breathe underwater, work on your underwater breathing
skills, and see if you can train yourself to stay underwater without air for longer
periods of time.
If you are really committed to be a mermaid, apply on swimming classes that focused on teaching the art of being a mermaid. Experience Philippines got your back! Join the Experience Philippines Mermaid Swimming Experience

At Experience Philippines, we want to make your fantasy dreams come true. Join the MERMAID SWIMMING EXPERIENCE and learn from well-trained AIDA Free Divers.

In the mermaid classes, you will get to learn the following:

- An introduction to the mermaid experience
- Education tail safety and care
- Safety briefing
- Basic swim strokes and breathing techniques
- Freestyle session – a chance to practice your new skills
- A personalized mermaid teacher


Don’t be afraid to show who you are, if it fits you, it’s the real you!