GetG0 Rewards by Cebu Pacific partners with Experience Philippines

We are very proud to announce the partnership between Experience Philippines and GetGo Rewards by Cebu Pacific. For those who love traveling and free flights, well this lifestyle reward might be the one for you!

Starting this August 24, 2017, all the road trips organized by Experience Philippines allows you to earn GetGo points which you may use to book a flight with Cebu Pacific. Yes, you heard it right. Travel with us and you can fly with Cebu Pacific airlines for free. That is like hitting two birds with one stone, you get to experience a unique kind of trip and you are rewarded for it by giving you the opportunity to fly for free with Cebu Pacific! How amazing is that?!

What is GetGo?

GetGo allows you to accumulate points with your everyday spend – groceries, utilities, gasoline, etc. and redeem these points for a free flight to any Cebu Pacific destination.

How many points do I earn?

Good question! For every 100 pesos spent on a road trip, GetGo members get 10 points! So, it’s 100 pesos = 10 GetGo Points! For example, if you join a Random Road Trip worth 6,500 pesos, YOU EARN 650 GETGO POINTS!! That’s a lot of points!

How does it work?

It is very easy as 1-2-3!

When you book a Road Trip with Experience Philippines, you will be asked for your GetGo Number. You just need to fill out the GetGo Number field and when you are successful registrant (i.e. paid road tripper and joined the road trip), you will be awarded your points on your GetGo account.
GetGo will email you the number of points credited within fifteen (15) working days after the trip.
After GetGo emails your point earnings, you can easily redeem it at the GetGo website. Please LOG IN to your GetGo account and click on Redeem points or click here.

But I don’t have a GetGo Number?

No GetGo number? Don’t worry. When you BOOK a road trip on the website, on the section which asks “What is your GetGo number?”, just type “I WANT GETGO”. And we will provide you with your own GetGo Number FOR FREE*.And once you have registered and paid for the road trip, we will automatically credit your GetGo number the points you earned. In addition, GetGo will send you an email to let you know how many points you have earned.

*Note: If Experience Philippines issues your GetGo number, it will be as a VIRTUAL CARD and NO PHYSICAL CARD will be given to you.

Do you want a GetGo Number? Just follow these steps:

1. Book a Road Trip with Experience Philippines.
2. Write “I WANT A GETGO NUMBER” on the field asking for a GETGO Number.
3. After a successful registration, i.e. after payment receipt, Experience Philippines will send you an email of your Virtual GetGo Number.
4. Upon receipt of the GETGO NUMBER, please register your number on the GETGO Website. See link here.
5. Confirmation email will be sent right after activation on the GetGo website while points will be credited within fifteen (15) working days after the trip

What are you waiting for? Join an Experience Philippines’ road trip today and experience the thrill of flying for free!