This is a Guest post of our resident Mermaid Instructor, Amarie Tolentino. Amarie has been ocean lover and has mastered the art of free diving in the Philippines. Her passion of making dreams into a reality for women pushed her to start teaching mermaid classes. She started making her own mermaid tails, sewing them by herself. She recreates the underwater fantasy world of mermaids to a living reality.



You are one beautiful Mermaid, but first you gotta believe that yourself.
It might be unusual for others, and at first you might be tagged as weird but hey, what can be more amazing than actually living your own childhood dreams? Mermaids come in all shape and sizes, so don’t let society’s standard of beauty define what you can be. Whether you’re on the skinny side or a plus size, you have zits/freckles or have a porcelain skin, sun-kissed skintone or fair as milk, YOU CAN BE A MERMAID.


We all get inspiration somewhere and that helps to drive us aspire and be something better. YouTube has tons of videos you can binge-watch to keep your creative Mermaid juices flowing. Try to look up Hannah Fraser, Mermaid Melissa, and Mermaid Kariel and get ready to be amazed! You can also get tail, make up and pose inspirations online.


Superheroes have alter-egos so why can’t you? You can definitely adapt a Mersona to which you can pattern your Mermaid top, tail, posing and swimming style. It could be something that reflects your personality, your complete opposite, or just any character that you can think of.
The possibilities are endless, you can even have a different Mersona for different occasions and tails.


Think how wonderful it would be to meet like-minded individuals whom you can explore and experience your Mermaid dreams with, without any judgement. At first it might feel that you’re the lone Mermaid in town, but if you look around enough you might find a whole community of Mermaids and Mermen who just like you are crazy about Mermaids!
Plus, your safety is always a priority so swimming with a buddy should also be on top of your list. Finding your tribe could also mean having reliable consistent swimming partners whenever you feel like dipping in the water.



Now that you’re well in-touch with your inner Mermaid, it’s time to get those fins moving! Learn the basic of Mermaid Swimming, know the Dos and Don’ts and get tips on how you can up your Awra Gaming!
Dont’cha worry! Here at Experience Philippines we gotchu fam!
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Having your own tail means you can transform anytime and anywhere you feel like it. Growing your tail is actually easier than it sounds. There are affordable basic monofins you can order online via Shoppee or Lazada. Then you can ask your neighborhood tailor to stitch you up some Mermaid skin, just make sure you use a swimmable fabric like lycra/spandex or neoprene. With your added creativity you can even give your tail a more fintastic look and draw scales on it using fabric paint.


Swimming with a tail on is not an easy feat, but as they say, practice makes perfect yet no one is perfect, so why practice? Kidding aside, as a Mermaid you have the ability to make Mermaid Swimming look easy and beautiful despite being constrained with limited movements. The only way for you to achieve this, is continuous practice.
So, find an accessible pool where you are comfortable with the depth and never forget to have someone look after you whenever you take your tail for a spin. You can also have someone take videos of you, so you can check which areas you need to work on. Once you’re really comfortable, then you can start exploring our oceans. Just make sure to follow proper marine life interaction etiquette.
You have 7,146 islands to explore, you’ll never run out of places to Mermaid.


We only have one ocean home and without the Ocean there also won’t be Mermaids. So, let’s take care of our habitat and do our part in protecting it, even in our own little ways.
Skip the straws, bring your own eco-bags when shopping, always bring your metal spoon and fork and use them for take outs, participate in clean up drives, and attending marine conservation seminars are just a few of the things you can do. You can also reach out to organizations who initiate bigger scale projects and get involved.
Spread what you know, encourage others and use your tail to share your advocacy.

But most of all, the best way to Rock Mermaid Swimming is to actually to ENJOY IT AND HAVE FUN!