It’s summer time and there are so many beautiful places to visit but, we have no choice but to stay home. Having to stay at home 24/7 for weeks also means we won’t have any new travel photo to update our feeds with. But hey, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that we can’t post throwback photos! Stroll down memory lane, go through your photos and come join the Experience Philippines team for our Throwback Thursday session. 


TBT Session: April 2

Each of us picked the top destinations we are looking forward to visit again real soon. Share with us your awesome travel experiences too and let us know that one thing that makes you want to keep coming back to your favourite destination.


That One Place and That One Thing


“Best adventure for me. Life there is so simple; you feel the freedom. And the food is amazing!”

Beach with trees at the side and boat by the shore
Area with curtains and hammocks


“First EXPH road trip ko to and [especially the] food. Hindi ako kumakain ng gulay, pero napakain talaga ako nang madaming Laing!”

Lighthouse beside a stone house


“[I want] to experience the AMAZING BATANES again. Hindi pwedeng one thing lang hahah! Lahat talaga memorable.”

light blue sea and a sand bar in the middle


“First time ko makaexperience ng sand bar and unli seafood c/o our host and isa pa yung nasa sea ka tapos nagseset yung sun tas sa kabila ung moon naman makikita.”

neon signs in a busy street


“Shoe shopping [and the] huge discounts when you buy in bulk.”

ATV at the foot of the hill


“Riding an ATV while exploring the Chocolate Hills.”

underwater photo of whaleshark


“Swimming with the whale sharks.”

rice terraces girl travelling
sagada mountain province


“I really want to go back here and explore it differently. This place is so beautiful, I like the weather, I love going to mountain areas kasi lumaki ako sa bundok. 🤣 But my first time going to Sagada, feeling ko, di ko talaga sya na fully- experience. Di ko masyado na try yung local cuisine and sobrang touristy nung pinuntahan namin. The next time I visit the place, I’d spend more time with the locals and learn more of Sagada’s rich history and culture. 😊”

ancestral houses


“I want to come back here because of some precious memories of my youth and the one I miss the most. Perfect place to reminisce.”


“I sooo love their public transport system and the food! But really, I went to this place and felt like it’s alright to be lost and just explore without a plan. Of all the places I’ve been to, first time kong nakaramdam ng ganoon. That made me want to keep on coming back.”


“Sobrang amazed ako sa ganda ng Underground River. Bawal buksan ang bibig pero can’t help it! Ang ganda talaga. Hindi naging maganda ang weather that day pero thank God, hindi cancelled ang Tour.”

Have something to look forward to

We may be limited to the spaces our homes have to offer and the pictures of places we’ve already been to right now, but let’s keep hoping and praying for this pandemic to end real soon. Just prepare your travel bag so when all this enhanced quarantine is over, ready, set, go! Wag nang magpatumpik-tumpik pa, tara mag-explore tayo guys!